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Mean By Crossfit......!!
Crossfit is nothing but you will get- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance Stamina Strength Flexibility Power Speed Coordination Agility Balance Accuracy Be Fit.

Prakash S | 3 days ago

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Build muscle
If you would like to build muscle,The secret to gaining muscle is to get stronger. The stronger you get, meaning the more weight your can lift in the gym, the more muscular you’ll be. Go to any gym...

Guruprasad S | 12 Jan

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Hello Everyone,When it comes to dieting, everyone wants to be a loser. But only 10 percent of people who manage to drop pounds also manage never to see them again. When it comes to dieting, everyone wants...

Guruprasad S | 26/12/2016

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Ayyappan Jayavel | 16 Mar

Yes, they can do. Do full crunch if it is too tough go with modified.

Akshay Danaveni | 17 Mar

Anyone can do ab crunches irrespective of their gender but the actual question would be why you want to do ab crunches, is it for building your abs or making your core strong or to lose belly fat? if you want to build and to make your core strong then you have do 3 to 4 sets of 10-15 explosive ab crunches (rectus abdominals are made up of type II muscle fibers) of 2 to 3 sessions in a week as like any other muscles in the body they need some time to recover as well and TO lose fat around the belly with this work DO some strategical dietary changes to lose fat and maintain an optimal metabolic rate.


Hi can I choose my personal trainer from the entire list instead of just suggested?

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M-Fitness pro | 28 Jan

Yes, We suggest go with cardio workouts. Cardio is very effective and its increase your fitness level ASAP.


Abhijeet Sharma | 29 Jan

Yes, you can choose your personal trainer from the entire list.


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Sri Rama Prasad Jeyaraj | 25 Jan

Try LCHF diet, it is working out for me. You need to visit doctor and dietician who can subscribe above diet.

Nazish | 15 Mar

Daily one hour of yoga. Start from warm up then suryanamaskara 15 to 20 times. Along with asanas holding 30 sec. follow proper diet control. Stop eating White rice and nonveg for five days a week. Drink 4 litres of water. After dinner walk for 20 min. Avoid eating after 8 pm at night.


i don't have basic knowledge on c,c++, so how many days it takes to learn php?

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Sivashankari.s | 15/07/2016

Its very easy to learn both the c c++ and it can take 1month for learning the language. If u have more doubts about it pls make call

Gaurav -- Personal Trainer -- | 16/07/2016

I am a fitness trainer and no knowledge of c++


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Sridhar Uppal | 16/03/2016

Rajat.. Go naturally is good, its possible only when you reach your nutrients requirement per day as per your fitness goals. Supplement is the other option, if you will not reach your nutrients as per your body requirement per day. I was 85 kg over weighted, I reduce my fat as well weight by naturally. Now, I am 63 kg which is perfect as compare to my height.

Gaurav -- Personal Trainer -- | 03/07/2016

who is stopping u den???

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