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Aerobic Lessons

HIIT benefits
Hi, let me tell some workout secrets about (HIIT) which means HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING.  Here are a few other benefits from HIIT. Combing high intensity with interval trainingresults...

Vijay Anand | 24 Sep

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Nikul Desai | 19 Nov

Hi, Piyush, You may think over my suggestion as below, You are also welcome to comment please on my suggestions . 1. it is a mind game to reduce the weight, means you should make up your mind first. 2. If U may change your lifestyle a little , like go to bed 10 to 5 in the night . 3. Do pranayama & YOG asanas under the supervision of any Yog instructor please . pranayamas are like (1.) Chandra bhedi , for determination , (2) meditation or dhyan it will be much easier to get your mind in meditation , after omkar . + what ever your Yog instructor suggests You, depending on Your Nature ( Prakriti). asnas - Flexibility first, gradually sun salutation. 3. Do take Luke warm water through out the day, Green tea, three times in a day. make Sure that the saliva from your mouth , should go to your stomach, in every liquid & solid food, or water. you take. Do drink water in seating condition & not standing. This is a little lengthy subject, You are always welcome to e mail me, on Urban Pro . Thanks., Regards. Nikul Desai Amdavad. Gujarat, Bharat


Rahul Meda | 25 Nov

Hi Piyush, Per W.H.O there are 4 pillars of optimal health 1. Sleep 2. Positive Mental Attitude 3. Nutritional Diet 4. Physical Exercise I'll give a glimpse about each: 1. Sleep:- if you are a working professional you need 7- 8 hrs of continuous sleep is must if you are a student 6 hrs minimum is recommended. 2. Positive Mental Attitude:- As someone already mentioned losing weight is a mind game and not just that maintaining health is as well. I recommend this book to read "Loose your weight not your mind". 3. Nutritional Diet: It's not how much you eat it's what you eat and when you eat and then comes how much. A strict time table needs to be followed. 4. Physical Exercise:- Do what you like. Of you don't like gym don't go. If you like swimming do it. Rather stressing your brains by doing not what you like better you burn your calories by doing what you like. And before all this it's a must for you to know about your body. These things are recommended to get a clear picture: 1. Visceral Fat. 2. Muscle mass and Fat mass. 3. BMR. 4. Muscle and Fat control. 5. Body Fat mass.


I am looking for aerobics trainer in old Madras Rd. Bangalore.

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Gaurav Sharma | 29 Aug

Mam contact me on my no. ??

Sivashankari.s | 03 Sep

Ya sure pls call I'll explain u


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Raja Ram | 04 Feb

The best way to learn aerobic, through good trainer rather than with your own by videos. Get one good class/Gym, chose good trainer and learn.

Chandna Malhotra | 18 May

Just have a open mind and smile on your face with shoes n training attire buckled up

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Riyaz Khan | 27 May

Yes, Aerobic exercise like Zumba, Running, Swimming, Jogging or organised Aerobic Classes help in reducing weight. Intensive aerobic activity can help you burn 300-400 calories per hour. Can help you lose upto 2-3 kgs in two months. So go ahead with Aerobics. Its good for your heart and good for health and very good for losing weight.

Avneet Kaur | 15 Jun

Definately aerobivs will help in weight loss. but inspite of aerobics you have to pay attention towards your diet as well.!! You must not starve yourself while doing aerobics in order to lose more weight. It would lead ypu to gain weight. You must follow a properdiet chart provided by your trainer.!!

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Srinivas Raparthi | 04/08/2015

It mainly increases cardiovascular endurance like running jogging and walking etc but not effective like those.but in long term doing so (aerobics) it leads to weight loss(muscle loss), aerobics is the one of the component in fitness. Every one should have all fitness components to get proper fitness level for further details consult me.

Aanchal Taneja | 08/10/2015

Aerobics keeps you fit and energetic..I personally in a favour of aerobics you feel so relaxed and fresh after doing it.

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