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Spirituality and Mind

Spirituality and Mind

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Answered on 30/12/2017 Health and Fitness/Yoga/Yoga Meditation Spirituality and Mind/Meditation

Can meditation help heal a person from sickness?

Tanvi M

Highly Qualified Trainer

Yes. Meditation is a pure source of wellness. One must meditate regularly.

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Lesson Posted on 27/10/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Spiritual Workshop IT Courses/Computer Course

Lasya Infotech Kompalli ............

Lasya Infotech

Lasya Infotech was started with a mission to provide state of the art training to aspiring students,...

Emerging technologies are technologies that are perceived as capable of changing the status quo. ... Emerging...

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Answered on 25/09/2017 Spirituality and Mind

What is OPT?

Disha Thakkar


Simply start up with the breathing exercise n later do "JOY MEDITATION" And enjoy the Nature. Have almost...

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Lesson Posted on 16/09/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Meditation

Sadhak Anshit Lesson 1 - Anapanasati Meditation

Sadhak Anshit

He created the Student and Youth Welfare Association organization even though he had kept the youth in...

Practicing Anapanasati meditation according to the spiritual experiences and spiritual knowledge of the...

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Lesson Posted on 26/08/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Meditation

MIndfulness - What is it and how it helps you?

Dhaval Raja

I provide Meditation classes.

What is Mindfulness? Do you hear a voice in your head. Yes, the same voice that tells you "You're late",...

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Lesson Posted on 24/08/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Art of Living

Lesson Of Life


I can teach each and every topics very easily and make it stronger for the students.

1. We all are living in a world which is full of happiness, sorrow, miseries, laughter, pain, suppression,...

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Lesson Posted on 14/08/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Meditation

Why Should We Meditate?

Powerurmind Skill Development Centre

Powerurmind is an Institute of Behavioral science and Brain Training, working to improve life skills,...

The basic nature of human beings is happiness. We are born happy. As we grow, we receive millions of...

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Lesson Posted on 28/07/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Spiritual Workshop

Past Life Healing heals And Saves Present Life

Madhukar Mg

I am in to Holistic Healing and Spiritual practices from past 5 years. I give services on Photo Reading,...

Through Divine Guidance we have experienced and solved different kinds of issues that our clients had...

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Lesson Posted on 17/07/2017 Spirituality and Mind/Meditation

Meditation At A Shopping Mall

Subramani Sarode

I changed my track from B.E.(E&C) that is Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) to...

Spirituality in essence is to know the self and relating to other selves! Meditation helps one to stay...

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Answered on 28/04/2016 Spirituality and Mind/Meditation Stress Management Training

Can anyone suggest how to reduce stress? i am thinking that i should go for meditation that helpful?

Ashutosh Jha

Doorstep services for Reiki Healing & Training in Delhi/NCR.

Meditation is a good choice to reduce stress,but the question is what kind of stress you have?? reason...

Answers 25 Comments
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