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Workout Injuries: Prevention and Treatment
A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. Even walking can cause an injury. But you can significantly cut your risk of getting hurt by following certain workout...

Anand S | 23 Feb

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The Ultimate 4 Minute Training For Better Endurance.
While searching in the web we come across verious articles, where people advice us to jog daily or to runs tens of kilometeres or to join swimming classes to enhance our physical endurance. But in this...

Uchass Paul | 17 Feb

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How To Choose Your Trainer?
1) Identify specific types of training you're interested in. 2) Know your price limits. 3) Ask about his experience as a personal trainer. 4) Ask him/her to trail Section. 5) Bring up any health condits...

Prakash S | 12 Jan

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How can I reduce my weight faster?

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Dinesh Mehra | 21/12/2016

You can reduce your weight faster but will not be the right or healthy way, the weight loss can be done with any fat burner or any suggested steroid but this can be harmful to your inner body such as lungs, kidneys, lever, etc. it can be harmful to your skin and hormones as well. As a experienced fitness trainer I can suggest you to take consultation from any dietitian or fitness trainer.

Sandeep Patel | 14 Mar

By doing Exercise and taking care of your Nutrition.


What is the best certificate fitness course available in India except K11 as cost of K11 course is 40000 which I cannot afford.

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Kumaran S | 13/03/2016

i would suggest GGU basic and advance certificate fitness course which is less than 30000.. Conducted by Gold's Gym University.


How to gain height

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Shantibhai Patel | 13/02/2016

Please personally meet me and your Question Answer

Vijay Tripathi | 13/02/2016

Basically it is said that by tadasana height can be increased but if we talk scientifically yoga than the asana which put effect on pituitary gland and thyroid gland they can give benifites to increase height .


What career option after MA yoga.

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Mahesh Chandnani | 08/08/2015


Shashi Kumar | 19/11/2015

Gain some experience teaching yoga and after that you can open your own centre or teach anywhere in the world depending on your reputation. People like and need good teachers.


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Ashtad Rustomji | 19/11/2015

No, but it is a choice. Everyone has something that pushes their buttons, i.e. stresses them out, but it's on us whether we let the stress take us over or we overcome it. Stress is just a physical and chemical reaction to a difficult situation an individual faces. We can choose whether we want to let that reaction continue or control it and overcome it. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either.

Avneet Kaur | 15/06/2016

Netraa nowadays so many students are facing stress issues, depressions, anxiety problems, suicidal issues and much more. Stress is the only reason for all these problems.!! Stress is not only to older people but to everyone. The fact is that some people are good enough to ignore their problems and live. And the old aged person is not able to ignore. The way to ignore the situation for old aged person is by doing something that makes them relax and healthy. not like children they play and get the exam monster out of their heads. but older people can go for a walk meditate for some time do some chores that make them feel good and most importantly go out in some areas where they can find other aged persons as their company.!! definately it would help them in getting rid of stress to some extent

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