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Yoga can be described as a practice that helps to increase your body flexibility, confidence, peace and will power. Today, yoga has became very popular that even foreign universities holds research centers for yoga. Regular practice of yoga will not only make your body fit, but also helps you to nurture your mind. There are many asanas or poses in yoga, which helps to improve your mental and physical health. Some of the important asanas and their benefits are explained below:

  • Padmasana: Padmasana is actually done in sitting position, which resembles the Lotus flower. It helps to increase our confidence level and makes the mind more relaxed. It is important that, you need to close your eyes and must concentrate on breathing while doing padmasana.

  • Vajrasana: Vajrasana is normally considered as the basic pose for many other asanas. Vajrasana is basically a relaxation method and it helps to relax your knee muscles, kneecaps, angles and feet. It helps to improve the process of digestion and reduces your stomach irritation, if it is performed 10 minutes after the meals. While doing vajrasana, remember not to sit on your ankles.

  • Sukhasana: Sukhasana simply means a more relaxing and simple sitting position. It helps to reduce your inner pressure and improves concentration. Moreover, it can make you more relaxed throughout the day by reducing the stress and anxiety. But one thing you need to keep in mind while doing sukhasana is that, try to stay away from sukhasana if you are suffering from any severe knee, hip injury or inflammations.

  • Anuloma Viloma: It is basically a breathing technique in which you take breath through one nostril, hold the breath, and exhale through the other nostril. Anuloma Viloma is an excellent way to calm your nervous system and increase the functioning of both the hemispheres of brain. Since the exhalations are lengthier than breathing, it supports the removal of toxins during respiration.
  • Savasana: It is considered as the concluding asana or the last pose after any yoga session. Savasana is also called as mrita-asana because while doing this asana, you need to lie on the ground like a dead body. Staying conscious and awaken is the most difficult part during savasana because many people will fall asleep during this relaxation technique. Savasana provide great relaxation to your body and makes your mind calm.

  • Dandasana: There are many asanas in the sitting posture, but dandasana is the most simplest among them. It is a perfect asana to relax your body and mind whenever you feel exhausted.

  • Swastikasana: It is another simple asana in the sitting position. Swastikasana increases courage and concentration power. It also helps to maintain our body temperature in normal level and tones abdominal muscles.

  • Taala Asana: It is also called as Taada Asana because during this asana your arm is stretched upwards, which looks like a palm tree. Regular practice of Taala Asana helps to increase your height and strengthens one’s spine. It also reduces your weight by burning out the fat content around your buttocks and abdomen.

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