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Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. There is a broad variety of Yoga schools, practices, and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, and...

Guruprasad S | 03 Apr

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Breathing during Yoga Asanas
The breathings during the practices of Yoga Asanas, play a great role in the well-being through Yoga. Deep inhalations and exhalations are very helpful to increase the stamina, strength and flexbility...

Yogi Anand | 28/11/2016

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Practice for Perfection
In order to learn and be perfect in anything you need to be thorough with that thing. And if you use that daily in your life it becomes easy for you to absorb that. Hence whatever you want to learn , try to practice a bit of that everyday.

Priyanka Z. | 25/10/2016

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It's 8 months after my delivery and I still have lot of belly fat and loose skin. Will doing yoga benefit me now? What type of yoga should I practice?

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Sanjeev Kumar | 17 May

Hello Vani ma'am, Yes yoga can help you in restore your belly, like your before pregnancy. You can adopt Ashtanga or iyyangar yoga Traditions for your issue. This two tradtions will help in all common health issues.


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Aziz Sheliya | 17 Feb

I only provide personal training @ home.

Sanjeev Kumar | 17 May

Hello Netra, 1st you should decide which is best according to your needs (requirments). According to time you mentioned above, both are suitable in this busy life. Best option is yoga why because, Yoga will be having body workouts(warm up's) and body stretchings (Asanas), Its also give you great relaxation and Energy flow to your mind by various relaxations asanas pranayama, chanting & medutation, etc. Yoga make you strong in physically and mentally.


What is best yoga to increase the stamina?

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Harshad J Salla | 28/11/2016

Have faith in what ever you are practicing that will work. But if you have no faith and keep hopping from one to another it is no good. So have faith in your own self, your yogic practice and sincerely practice you will definetly increase your stamina by any practice you have chosen. Good luck.

Sanjeev Kumar | 17 May

All Indian yoga traditions will help you. I suggest you Iyyangar yoga under Experienced Yoga trainer.


How to maintain a healthy body and mind....as well as improve your self confidence levels?

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Sanjeev Kumar | 16/11/2016

Healthy Body and mind =Physical workout ( Yoga Asanas, Fitness, Games and sports ), Meditation (pranayama)+ Balanced diet. Confidence level = Watch the world.

Harshad J Salla | 17/11/2016

To maintain a healthy body and mind, it starts from your base (basic) . First is your Aahaar (food) the food that you eat will effect your body and mind. If you eat junk food, fast food, Non-vegetarian that will have negative impact on your body and soul. So as they say in yoga, satvic diet, Rajsic diet, and Tamasic diet. The first is very you eat pure food, milk, honey, ghee, pulses,fruits, dry fruits this is satvic diet. Rajsic is where you eat onion, garlic, pungent, spicy. And Tamasic is where you eat non-vegetarian, alcohol, unclean. So first is you improve diet. You can eat onion garlic they have good agents to fight diseases. Second Early to Bed and Early to Rise. Sleep early and get up early. Third three days you go for your walks early morning. Five minutes warm up forty five minutes non stop brisk walk, ( if you are doing first time walking , have any medical issues consult your family physician) then walk for twenty minutes. Other wise 45 minutes. Five minutes cool down. Fourth Do Yog abhaayas under a good teacher who understands your needs and helps you attiain your goal. Five If you time, finance and facility engage in good sport of your choice. It can be swimming, dancing, tennis, Martial arts, billiards, snooker, golf, Running, cycling, Squash. Six Read good books, positive thinking, Seven Laugh a lot Eight Avoid bad company, cheap reading entertainment. Nine Try to help with the resources you have. Ten Pray not for asking but for thanking you got beautiful Life Eleven Any queries please connect with me. Namaste.


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Prashant Parmar | 12/10/2016

Go to your Profile > Edit> classes > unsubscribe

Ashok Kumar Mittal | 14/10/2016

Don't pay subscription for next month.

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