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HR Challenges for Indian Industry Today - UrbanPro

[Admin Note: K.R.Krishna Mohan is a guest blogger on ]

In spite of vast abominable development of information technology, the Indian Industry, in fact any Indian Industry as on date is not well versed with the most successful manpower implementation scientific and appropriate strategic methodology.

HR ManagementThe main characteristics of the manpower management can be broadly divided in to 5 categories viz:

1) Communication Skills

In detail if we discuss there are only two aspects in the world that dominate all the business markets to-day. Those two are: Communication Skills and Marketing.

Of these two even, Marketing requires the communication skills as the major aspect of success.

Communication skills further contain the following typical features for defining/making the communication successful. They are

  • Source and destination
  • Language
  • Media
  • Empathy, and
  • Feedback.

In nut shell communication can be defined as the “transfer of information”, or more technically, transfer of information from source to destination in a desired/proper language through a proper media/channel under appropriate empathy with correct feedback.

Every word can be explained for an hour each, for making a complete understanding of the communications. Once this process is successfully completed, the aspirations. Business needs and goals of any organization successfully can be reached and understood. The employees/executives of any organization  of any organization must be freely allowed to think, plan and adopt new applicable strategies for reaching the goals set   This enable the involvement more effective and more participation  which will certainly yield better results. This is what can be put to as the strategic exploitation of talent and intelligence.

2) Human Relations

Management of the human relations within the organization is the most essential concept which alone leads to success of any industry. These things consist of   inter personnel and intra personnel relations ships, utility resources and placement techniques.  This also consists of leading the industry from the front by the executive body offering readiness, responsibility and inspiring leadership, which is a rare combination of success.

3) Business Etiquette (administration and profit planning):

This consists of organization knowledge, internal discipline, product awareness,

global presentation, marketing skills and profit planning. It should be always enlightened that growth of any organization should never be truncated and the business always grows only with the ambition and the intention of limit less growth and expansion.

4) Leadership:

A Leader is a person who leads the front/team from the front accepting the risk and responsibility providing inspiration of leadership to the members of the team to improve their efficiency with innovative ideas, expressing / presenting themselves freely for the improvement and development of activities/business/welfare etc.

The talent of every being differs from the other as RW Emerson’s Fable, irrespective size, capacity, cadre etc., An intelligent executive is a basic observer and silent listener and prospective decision maker, who makes himself a part of the organization by deciding the correct placement, proper assignment and correct attitude finder, and these qualities are seldom observed in the present days’ Executives.  This task is also termed as talent placement now days, which is of prime importance in the present days of cut throat competition existing to-day.

4) Pressure handling:

The pressure has become a part of life at every stage and age of the society, right from the school going child to the top most Industrialist/official/executive of any Industry.

The pressure can be handled successfully only with confidence and capabilities. Essentially here comes the power of man-power planning.  When once the employee feels secured gets the confidence, they attains success.  For this, the managements or executive bodies have to take the responsibility and extract the work intentionally by motivating and encouraging them with appropriate plans and strategies and leading them from the front in case of any difficulty.  The organization/industry should be lead by inspiring the employee by becoming a part of the work, but never creating fear/pressure/irritation and annoyance and unnecessary morale affecting interference.

If all the above factors are handled properly then any organization can easily flourish, meeting their HR challenges to which the Indian Industry is being exposed today.

~K.R.Krishna Mohan

[ Admin note: K.R.Krishna Mohan has 20 years of experience in HR Training and English. To enroll for his classes, you can refer to his profile here.

If you don’t live in Hyderabad and want to pursue a career in HR Management, you can post your HR training requirement here.]

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