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Yoga is said to be an art of healing the mind, body and soul. It also increases body flexibility tremendously. It is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual activities, which was originated in India. The ultimate benefit of yoga is that one will be able to control his body and mind through continuous yoga practice. This complete body-mind exercise with a lot of stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques help you to burn out calories and shape muscles. Few benefits of practicing regular yoga are listed below:

  • Makes you flexible: Practicing regular yoga will make your body more flexible. At the initial stage, you may feel some difficulties in performing some asana, but you will get used to it within 2-3 weeks of practice. Body of a regular yoga performer will be always flexible like that of gymnasts.
  • Helps to breathe easily: Yoga improves your respiration process because it includes lots of breathing exercises and asanas. It also increases the body’s energy level and vitality by maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Builds muscle strength: Regular yoga helps you to build strong muscles and keeps you away from conditions like arthritis and back pain.
  • Improves your posture: Yoga helps to balance your body postures. It strengthen your entire body and improves body postures.
  • Protects your spine: Our spine disk acts like shock absorbers between vertebrae and nerves. Practicing a lot of asanas with backbends, forward bends, twists and turns will help you to keep your spine disks stay strong.
  • Blood flow control: The relaxation exercises in yoga using the hands and feet makes your blood circulation smooth.
  • Balances your heart rate: The chances of getting heart attack can be reduced with regular practice of yoga. It helps in maximum oxygen intake and keeps your mood swings in control.
  • Reduces body weight: Yoga helps you to reduce your body weight but not in a quick way compared to other exercises. Moreover, you need to change or control your food habits. Try to avoid all kinds of processed foods and add more healthy dishes to your menu.
  • Controls blood pressure & sugar levels:  Many of us are facing the problem of high or low blood pressure and sugar levels. Studies shows that ‘savasana’ is very helpful in reducing the BP level. Researches had proved that regular practice of yoga helps to lower the blood sugar level even in diabetic patients.
  • Builds inner strength & confidence: Yoga helps you to control your mind and overcome the negative energy. It increases your confidence level and makes you strong enough to face all challenges.
  • Guarantees deep sleep: Normally, yoga helps to control certain emotions likes anger, frustration, fear etc. and thus reduces mental stress. A stress free mind guarantees deep sleep.

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