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Foreign Language Broadens Career Opportunities.
When you write in your bio-data that you know a foreign language, it immediately becomes weighty. Learning a foreign language is not easy. It requires intelligence, flexibility, acceptance of other cultures...

Nikhil Kulkarni | 06 Jun

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Why Learn A Language?
The question that might stare most of the readers of this blog is what is the purpose of learning a language. Well it has been a philosophers say that ' learning a new language is like leaving a new life'.When...

Nikhil Kulkarni | 06 Jun

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Spanish Tips : Plurals
Spanish Plural Words:

Suraina J. | 25 Mar

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Deepika Gupta | 19/11/2016

Stick to HR executive, its slow but steady and future is good. Being translator is good but no future growth as you will remain translator.

Ritu Singh | 20/11/2016

Hi Preethi, there is lot of scope of foreign languages in India too. And being a translator is very wise decision if have interest and command over two languages one foreign and one Indian. There are many job prospects and opportunities for bilingual people. You can join embassy, MNC's, Indian defence services, NGO's like UN, UNICEF, etc. Skilled translators are highly valued in many private and public sectors.


Want to swedish language

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Vikas Yadav | 05/09/2016

I guess u should learn french

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Intraword | 01/09/2016

same word in different language

The Mentoring Hub Llp | 03/09/2016

original = the first, as opposed to the reproduction/copy which came later (the original painting, an original idea, etc) originel = related to the origins, the very beginning (original sin, the original habitat of a species, etc.)

whats are basic utilities of learning so-called foreign languages ? ?

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Rahul Semwal | 05/07/2016

The basic utility of these "so called" foreign languages is to test your ability to learn other than your mother language as human. Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so, and a language is any specific example of such a system. The scientific study of language is called linguistics. Once learners realize how a foreign language works and how things are conceptualized in foreign culture, they may see their native language and culture in a different light because they realize that there are different words and ways to talk about & deal with certain topics.Thus, via the alienating effect of realizing how the foreign language or culture works, one may also arrive at a more realistic view of one's own language or culture.


Hi All, I have completed my BCA (regular) & IT in Correspondence.I work in MNC. I am not satisfied with my current financial situation. I am interested to do some personal business or teaching side (not on studies department). Interested in some other sector (extra curricular activities). So, Which is best course to learn (Any foreign Language), or which field I have to choose for more pay. I m Interested to live with low work pressure environment.Any ideas Pls welcome ... Pls dont make funny

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Sanjeev Tripurari | 03/07/2016

You can create your profile here on UrbanPro as a tutor, and check what are the coaching you can give. This is very helpful portal, and you might be helpful for others. For foreign language, you should take some certification course and then do the training. If you can teach check there are many intitutions which has BCA course, see if you can take some subjects, as you also did MSc in IT, may be you can do more effectively.

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