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Santosh Jayaraman

Visual Author

Banaswadi, Bangalore, India- 560043.

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Have been pursuing photography as a hobby since my childhood and Year 2006 was the point when the hobby turned into serious passion. I have dwelled in various genres of photography, experimenting, practicing and fine tuning my skills. My favorites being portraiture and landscape and floral close ups. I love to share not only my vast practical knowledge on Photography but also my extensive field experiences with my Photography Gear. UrbanPro has offered a perfect platform for me to teach (everyone says I am good at..) Photography. Join me on various customized courses, prepared with great care, keeping your specific experience levels, interests, and camera systems in mind. Each category focuses on course plans designed to give you comprehensive exposure to photography concepts, introduces you to various genres of photography and gives you deep insights into your creative side and also your camera gear. Class room sessions embedded with practical discussions makes it a wholesome experience for you and inspires you to go out and make photos. I strongly recommend and teach the Art of Visualization which positively effects your creative pursuit. Do checkout the reviews from my students, on my UrbanPro account and website, to get a hang of the feedback, satisfaction, and assurance of the quality of knowledge imparted in my classes.

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5.0 from 40 reviews


- by Vineet Chauhan

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 13 Dec, 2018

"I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Santosh on my photography skills through his preset module. The charm of our interaction was in the fact that I totally was able deviate him from his topics and skip hope to something else. Although, that was planned for a later stage, he captured my interest and without a blink would successfully cultivate the topic of my interest. He holds vast experience and his mentoring (teaching) methodology consists of his own work. That brings confidence in the mentee (learner) of being able to achieve those skills too. Learning at the comfort of his home does not give you the feeling of a class rather a family. You become part of them. The beauty is 1: 1 where his sole attention is on you and your needs & interest rather than a curriculum driven learning. I strongly recommend Santosh as he goes out of the way and improvises on his contents and methods based on learner's aptitude. His learning material is customized to your assets and just generic photography kits. He collected all the details of my camera, lenses and accessories to be able to tell when and how to use what. Thank you Santosh for all the learning and becoming my go-to person for all photography needs. From equipment to tricks and traits. "

Reply by Santosh

We had a great time discussing photography..thats how our sessions turned out to be. Many interesting and indepth interactions. We will surely be in touch..Thanks..


- by Sanjoy

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 26 Nov, 2018

"The best part of Santosh is his teaching methodology. It's a perfect blend of art and technology. His way of teaching opens up the eye of looking things from a different perspective, which I feel a must for a photographer. It also helps to raise one's urge to learn about photography. Once this is done, the technicalities of photography can be learnt easily, and this is why Santosh 's teaching style is unique and exciting. He also shares his experiences while clicking some photos and that helps a lot for understanding real life issues. Moreover he is extremely friendly and listens to his students with lot of patience and responds accordingly. I personally feel that my passion of photography took an effective turn after having his classes. He helps to play within the complete photography world starting from learning to selecting the gears. I consider Santosh as a real mentor than a professional teacher. I strongly recommend his session if someone wants to learn photography and also wish Santosh a best of luck for his upcoming days. "

Reply by Santosh

Thanks Sanjoy, for the detailed feedback. We will continue to collobrate on many photography opportunities in the future. All the best for your photography endeavors..


- by Tom Sebastian


posted on 06 Nov, 2018

"The Photography class with Santhosh sir was very informative at the same time enjoyable. He has indepth knowledge in various areas of photography, the photographic gears and how to use them effectively. He shares his knowledge with enthusiasm. His passion about photography is tangible in his classes. I got to learn a lot from him in a short span of time. He shared theoretical know how of subject selection, observation methods,use of lens ,guidelines for composition, histogram, macro, product photography and so on. His expert guidance helped me in perfecting camera settings get best pictures. Attending his class has motivated me to unearth more and more in the field of photography. I am really grateful to Mr.Santhosh for his patience to help me and motivate me. "

Reply by Santosh

Thanks Tom, we had an indepth brainstorming session within the time we had. Best wishes in your photography endeavors..


- by Rashmi Ranjan

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 21 Oct, 2018

"Santosh was really knowledgeable person, sharp in concepts. Got lot of ideas regarding my future kit and the path I should take from here after finishing the course. "

Reply by Santosh

Thanks for the feedback. The course has completed but the learning continues..hope we collaborate in the future..all the best.. Santosh J


- by Anand manger

attended Photography

posted on 24 Sep, 2018

"It was a wonderful experience with you sir. Such a great mentor and a good human being as well. I am from sikkim so I didn't have much time in Bangalore but you taught me so well within this short period of time. You explained every little things so well and the best thing is you are very friendly which made me feel more comfortable. Thank you for everything sir and I am looking forward to make it out of what i've learned from you in future. I Suggest everyone who wants to learn essentials of photography please go for it without second thoughts. Thank you santosh jayaram."

Reply by Santosh

It was a pleasure to meet and mentor you.. All the best..


- by S. Lakshmi Narayanan

attended Visual Author's Foundation 101

posted on 16 Sep, 2018

"It is rare to find someone with so much talents and also having the ability to communicate effectively and provide an atmosphere that is inspiring to learn. He is an extremely enthusiastic and affirming instructor and I learned a lot to help me take my photographic skills to next level. His knowledge of photography and willingness to share that is a true gift. He taught me how to begin to "see " the world looking for color, textures and the simplicity of beauty. Now whenever I use a camera I ' see ' differently. Thank you so much for teaching me how to take great photos by adjusting composition, border control, exposure etc. I honestly think that for the first time I am really starting to understand my camera and how it works. He is having a natural ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and understandable way. I was really impressed with the amount of information he imparted and the practical application it was just spot on. I have taken away many useful ideas to apply to future photography session.His knowledge of photography is first class, he has a passion for photography which is in itself contagious.I would definitely recommend Mr.Santhosh to anybody who has an interest in photography; whether they be relatively experienced or a complete novice. "

Reply by Santosh

Wow!! Thanks for the feedback and your insights. We will continue to stay in touch as we pusue our photography vision..


- by Renju Samuel

attended Photography

posted on 14 Jul, 2018

"My daughter loves to take photos and capture moments. She was eager to learn about how to take photos and wanted to know about photography. When I realised her eagerness and passion towards photography I start searching for photography classes and I found Mr Santosh through UrbanPro. My daughter was so excited and happy to join the classes. She is so glad to get a teacher like Santosh. She enjoyed each and every class and her confidence short up, her love and passion towards photography grew to such an extent that she could take photography as a profession too. Thanks to Mr. Santosh, and may God bless him to reach New Heights! I thank Santosh for his passion dedication and time for taking such interesting classes. I appreciate and thank you so much for the precious time you have taken out for her. "

Reply by Santosh

Nidhi has the 'Spark' and I just fired it up and channeled it..she is clear in her approach and would surely come up with excellent images as she continues to explore photography..


- by Aruna

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 29 May, 2018

"Aperture, ISO, depth of field, focul length, Tele photo, bokey, burst, etc. Thanks for the new words in my dictionary Santosh. Santosh tailor made the photography course for me and I commend his vast knowledge, experience and passion for photography. He starts off as " this guy ( DSLR) has this features and this big guy ( Tele photo lens) can do this and you need this guy (Tri pod) for your perfect shot. His discussions on light, length, focus and depth of field have been very interesting with his beautiful pictures from Scotland, beach sands, his kids and relatives. He recaps the previous session before proceeding to the next topic to have a perfect understanding. So much to say but thank you for your patient and fabulous guidance Santosh, hope to make you proud with my food pictures sometime and thank you for the excellent chai you made during our classes. Have a wonderful holiday in Scotland with your family. "


- by Navitha

attended Photography

posted on 06 May, 2018

"I am just 12years old I thought I am very Young to DSLR ,But after these classes I think nothing is too early to learn because of my tutor . He thought me A to Z of DSLR and how to use it, before I used my DSLR in auto mode but now I change my settings use it in different modes it is very useful for my future photography .my hearty thanks for helping me. "


- by Christine

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 27 Apr, 2018

"Santosh classes are very detailed and tailored to our needs. He is a good mentor and guide for us to think freely and do creative photography. He goes with our pace, patiently listens to our questions and responds. He has deep knowledge and shares his vast experience which takes our imagination to different photographic space. "


- by Radha Krishna Varri

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 11 Apr, 2018

"Hi Santosh Sir, Thank you for teaching me Photography. You taught me from the basics to advanced level. It will really help me in my profession. It completely changed the way I look at things in life and nature. Thank you UrbanPro through you I found a great guru and also a good friend. "


- by Akash R

attended Visual Author's Foundation 101

posted on 28 Mar, 2018

"The first thing a Photographer needs to know is "what he wants to see in his pictures", he made it clear how to perceive things. He used to say "the time you spend while taking a shot, is the time saved in post-processing". He knows his epitome. One day's class is all it took for me to jump on to my gear and start to shoot. "Ask if you need to know" he shall respond. I'd like to say my thanks. "


- by Sathya

attended Photography

posted on 07 Mar, 2018

"I truly admire the amount of skill set he has in the subject, very passionate about his work, never gets tired discussing the topics in depth, teaches the concept very well, clarifies all our doubts, the person whom I can trust even today for the transparent reviews on my work is Santosh,I think I made a Wright choice of me getting trained under him, overall value for money, you will surely apply his teachings in your work "


- by Keshav

attended Visual Author's Foundation 101

posted on 24 Feb, 2018

"Since it was basic foundation course, Santosh helped me to understand the basics of photography. He even help me from the start of purchasing my DSLR camera. He knows lot of technical details and it was really helpful. However with this basics if there were more hands on classes it would help more to nurture our instincts. Overall it was good. "

Reply by Santosh

Thanks for the feedback. During the 11 sessions we did ponder on many important concepts of photography beyond basics. As you are aware that my association with you goes beyond the sessions in the class, I will continue to guide as you pursue and progress in your photography endeavours.. Santosh Jayaraman


- by Jeykumar Simeon

attended Visual Author's Advanced Essentials 101

posted on 16 Feb, 2018

"Santhosh is a talented photographer / teacher. I have gained a lot of knowledge on DSLR basics and advance techniques - mainly how to shoot in A priority and Manual modes. His teaching methods are clear and he taught to my pace. Would definitely recommend him for your photography learning needs. "

Reply by Santosh

Thanks Jeykumar. Regards, Santosh Jayaraman

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"Is raw file better than jpeg? When I compare raw with jpeg file after clicking from my camera, both look same. What's the difference?" in   Photography, Photography/Basics of Photography

If you are going to process your image, yes RAW is better. The JPEG on the other hand are compressed processed files of smaller file size and doesn't allow the kind of bandwidth a raw would for post processing. RAW image size is thus bigger than the JPEG. Reviewing pics on the camera LCD is not advised because the LCD is a small area cramped with pixels and doesn't show the dynamic range your computer screen would. Even on your computer, please view your pics on the picture viewer provided by your camera manufacturer instead of Microsoft picture viewer. The mpv does a horrible compression of your JPEG and wouldn't read your RAW. Hope this helps. All the best for your photography have fun and take care. Regards, Santosh J


"Should I use flash during day time while taking portraits ?" in   Photography, Photography/Fashion Photography, Photography/Basics of Photography

If there is a need to fill in the hard shadows on the subject due to the way the subject is positioned (if the light source is behind the subject/if the subject is wearing headgear, cap, hat or heavy jewelry etc) then you might want to use fill flash and for added effect you can use a diffuse screen to further spread and soften the lighted emitted from the flash. Remember that once you bring in a flash you might want to balance between light from the flash with the available ambient light. Regards, Santosh J


"How soon can I learn about basic Photography?" in   Photography, Photography/Basics of Photography

How soon depends on how fast you are able to grasp the concepts of shutter speed, Aperture and ISO and their relationship and other concepts of light including framing and composition. The more you practice the more you learn. The secret lies in practice. Take every opportunity you get to photograph. All the best. Regards, Santosh J


Santosh Jayaraman describes himself as Visual Author. He conducts classes in Photography. Santosh is located in Banaswadi, Bangalore. Santosh takes at students Home, Regular Classes- at his Home and Online Classes- via online medium. He has 11 years of teaching experience . Santosh has completed Master of Science (M.Sc.) from Bharathidasan University. He is well versed in Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Santosh has got 40 reviews till now with 100% positive feedback.

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