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Learning Microsoft Excel
All Excel courses that are currently being offered online as well as classroom sessions have a lot in common – In fact they are all the same thing. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, VBA etc. The...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 19/12/2016

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Idioms and meanings - Lesson 2 of 11
 Idioms Beginning with C and D  (Choose the answer that best fits the meaning) Idioms Beginning with C Idioms Beginning with D To "call it a day" means ___.a. to quitb. it becomes eveningc....

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 12 Jan

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Idioms and meanings - Lesson 3 of 11
Choose the best option that is closest to the meaning of the idiom Idioms Beginning with E Idioms Beginning with F "Easy does it" means ___. a. let's do it laterb. let's do it carefullyc. let's...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 12 Jan

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Iself Academy - Ingenuity Services E-learning Foundation | 3 days ago

To add Conditional formatting for the particular query you may require more than one condition to satisfy we need to add conditional formatting twice. According to your query we need to add a conditional formatting for the positive nos first and then the negative. Follow the steps: Step 1: select the range that you want to add conditional formatting for e.g A1: B2 Step 2: In Home Tab > go to Conditional formatting > Select New Rule Step 3: In the New Rule > Select the Second option > Format only cells that contain Step 4: After selecting the Format Only cells that contain >Bottom of the screen displays Step 5: Edit the Rule Description > Cell Vale > Greater Than > 0 Step 6: Add Colors to the respective condition Step 7: Set another rule for negative nos Step 8: Edit the Rule Description > Cell Vale > Less than > 0 Step 9: Add Colors to the respective condition Step 10: Press ok to test whether the conditions works Hope this information is useful for more query you can join in our website for regular queries.

Jayasree Ghosh | 2 days ago

Hi Charan, as I understand you want change cell color as per the number is positive or negative. Very Simple for negative choose "less than 0" option and make a new rule, again create another rule and choose "greater than or equal to 0". If you select only 0 then if any cell has 0 value it will not give you formatting and 0 is not a negative value.


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Manoj Kumar | 3 days ago

Select the Spreadsheet (the excel file) and press F2, write the new name and you're done.

Jayasree Ghosh | 2 days ago

To rename filename of excel spreadsheet just select the file and press F2 and type the name then enter. To rename a any sheet inside Excel Spreadsheet press Alt >H>O>R (Press 1 by 1 not all together) and type the name hen enter.


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Excelvba-accesssql Vba Access Sql Coaching | 20/09/2016

For teaching two things are must 1) you must have sound knowledge of the topic 2) then you must know the art of teaching. You should teach in a such a way that you are able to make people understand the core concepts in such a way that they enjoy learning from you

Nachiketa Bera | 05/11/2016

Teaching is learning in itself. Have faith in your knowledge and teach your students with dedication. It's not difficult provided you are ready to listen to your students and help them out. Good luck


I am new to urban pro , how do I change password & what is my old password

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Excelytics Vba Macros | 08/09/2016

Go to Review tab and there you can change the password but you should already know your old password to reset it. Thanks, Team Excelytics


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Piyush Patel | 29/08/2016

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. For general use we can make marksheet, invoice, bills, manage basic account and design graphs based on data.

Excelytics Vba Macros | 08/09/2016

Excel is a spreadsheet application to manage data and to prepare reports.

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