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Excel Tip 1: VLOOKUP to pull left column values
Hi,Most of us know that using Vlookup function we can get the right column values, however by using Choose function in Vlookup table array, we can pull left column values as well. In the below screenshot...

Karthik Dale | 6 days ago

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Clipboard Task Pane
When you copy a cell's contents, formula or format, that information goes into the clipboard. The clipboard will hold the information until you decide to paste it somewhere else on the spreadsheet, or...

Saburudeen Ma | 16 May

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Sometimes you may want to analyse and view trends in your data without creating an entire chart. Sparklines are miniature charts that fit into a single cell. A Sparkline is a tiny chart in a worksheet...

Saburudeen Ma | 3 hrs ago

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Saurabh Paul | 3 hrs ago

Hi there, there are VBA applications available for MIS reporting. Apart from Excel and VBA, you should also learn MS Access which is a database tool. These tools will surely help you in your MIS career. Learning data analytics would be a added advantage.

Saurabh Paul | 3 hrs ago

Hi there, various tools are available for MIS reporting now these days. Apart from Excel and VBA; you should also learn MS Access, which is a database tool. Automation and Data Analytics techniques would be some added advantages. Furthermore, you may go for some statistical analysis also with the help of other tools like SAS, BigData, Hadoop, Tableau etc.


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Nilesh Soman | 08 Mar

Firstly you have to register yourself with UrbanPro. Start posting something related to your topic. Highlight your course and take feedback from your students.

Excelytics Vba Macros | 13 Mar

Create an account in UrbanPro and contact UrbanPro team for more details.


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Awesh Bhornya | 11 Mar

Hi there is a lot to learn in Excel what are you aiming to learn excel for is important.

Nivedita Panda | 11 Mar

One has to be through with all the Text, Logicial and date related functions in excel irrespective of any vertical or department . All other like financial, statistical and scientific functions are domain or user specific functions. E.g the following functions will be helpful to design dashboards or summary reports. Index & match ( Replacement of your all look up functions like Vlookup / Hlookup) Sumproduct ( The mother of all the functions) Subtotal Sumifs & Countifs Transpose Offset & indirect

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Nilesh Soman | 08 Mar

Yes it is possible.


Sekharan P | 13 Mar

You can contact me to learn excel from me.


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Sekharan P | 04 Feb

Learn Online Oracle SQL & PL/SQL for Rs. 4,000 only Duration : 22 hrs. from a expert software trainer. For admission get in touch with me weekend / weekday batches available.


Hi Charan, the answer posted by i-Self Academy is correct.

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Are you an expert in Microsoft Excel? Most of us may have faced this question once in a while when you are attending the interviews. Top employers only prefer those candidates who have enough knowledge in MS Excel because most of them perform their daily operations using Excel. Microsoft Excel...


Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools used for data management. Almost all the top organizations use Excel as a tool for maintaining and analyzing their data operations. Excel was developed and released by Microsoft Corporation in 1985 for Microsoft Windows OS. It had undergone...


We all are familiar with the name Microsoft Excel and know how to use it. MS Excel is a simple software and learning the basics can make students and professionals job ready. Beginners will always be concerned about the basic features like rows, columns, tables etc. and won’t be much...


MS Excel is an exciting software, which helps to perform data entry and analysis very fast. This software was first introduced in 1985 for the Macintosh version. Since then it had undergone several developments and modifications every year. The following are the different Windows versions of...

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