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Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Training

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Microsoft Excel Training Lessons

Excel Macros Training
The Next Level Technologies Excel Learning...Read & Share....Happy Learnings Record Macro (Automating day to day activity reports) ->   Choose Record Macro in the Code group of the Developer...

The | 5 days ago

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Microsoft Excel Functions Examples
Functions Discover how functions in Excel help you save time. If you are new to functions in Excel, we recommend you to read our introduction to Formulas and Functions first. 1 Count...

Dheeraj Kushwaha | 18 Nov

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Basic EXCEL Tips
  Learn Use of MAX function in EXCEL:  Penalty of Rs. 2% or Minimum Rs. 100 Amount Penalty Formula Rs 1000 200 +MAX(1000*2%,100) Rs 400 100 +MAX(400*2%,100)

Kshitij Agrawal | 08 Nov

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Excelvba-accesssql Vba Access Sql Coaching | 20 Sep

For teaching two things are must 1) you must have sound knowledge of the topic 2) then you must know the art of teaching. You should teach in a such a way that you are able to make people understand the core concepts in such a way that they enjoy learning from you

Nachiketa Bera | 05 Nov

Teaching is learning in itself. Have faith in your knowledge and teach your students with dedication. It's not difficult provided you are ready to listen to your students and help them out. Good luck


I am new to urban pro , how do I change password & what is my old password

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Excelytics Vba Macros | 08 Sep

Go to Review tab and there you can change the password but you should already know your old password to reset it. Thanks, Team Excelytics


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Piyush Patel | 29 Aug

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. For general use we can make marksheet, invoice, bills, manage basic account and design graphs based on data.

Excelytics Vba Macros | 08 Sep

Excel is a spreadsheet application to manage data and to prepare reports.


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Krishna Chaitanya | 18 Jul

Hi Vidya, to start with building macros, you should gain knowledge on VBA first i.e. Visual Basic codes. Using this you can write an automated programs called Macros. It helps us to perform the repeated actions in excel just by a click on a macro button. There are various professionals on UrbanPro and even some institutes out in every place who can teach Macros. Reach out to them and have a happy learning.

Nachiketa Bera | 18 Jul

To ways to write macros, #Record Macro: Macros can be recorded from View Tab > Macros > Record Macro. This records the Keystrokes, Mouse Clicks you perform on excel and repeats them automatically in the same sequence when you run the macro but recording macro has limitations. Sometimes, It does not record your actions exactly the way you want and we need to write some custom codes to make the automation process as per our needs. #Write Macro manually: To write macro, press Alt+F11 and it will open the VBA editor window where you can write your customized codes in modules to build customized automation solutions.


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Vijay Kumar Guptha | 04 Sep

Understanding excel is easy, where as proficiency is only by practicing only because through one standard syntax we can create numerous formulas.

Excelytics Vba Macros | 08 Sep

Look at different models available online, use them as reference. Thanks, Team Excelytics

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools used for data management. Almost all the top organizations use Excel as a tool for maintaining and analyzing their data operations. Excel was developed and released by Microsoft Corporation in 1985 for Microsoft Windows OS. It had undergone...


We all are familiar with the name Microsoft Excel and know how to use it. MS Excel is a simple software and learning the basics can make students and professionals job ready. Beginners will always be concerned about the basic features like rows, columns, tables etc. and won’t be much...


MS Excel is an exciting software, which helps to perform data entry and analysis very fast. This software was first introduced in 1985 for the Macintosh version. Since then it had undergone several developments and modifications every year. The following are the different Windows versions of...

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