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Benefits of Singing
Singing Works like a Bar of chocolate,in that it helps produce Endorphins - The Happiness harmone. People who sing live longer. If you sing with other people, you will find yourself feeling more self confident. Singing...

Vinod | 07 Feb

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Raga and its Effects.
Raga and its Effects: Raga Pooriya Dhansari (Hamsanandi-Kamavardini ) - Evokes sweet, deep, heavy and stable state of mind and prevents acidity.Raga Bageshri – Arouses a feeling of darkness, stability,...

Vinod | 25 Jan

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12 Chakras of Classical Indian Music
12 Chakras of Classical Indian Music.Melakarta ragas are fundamental ragas from which other ragas may be generated. For this reason the melakarta ragas arealso known as janaka (parent) ragas. Melakarta...

Vinod | 25 Jan

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Shreerang Dattatray Datar | 1 day ago

By listening only taal, you can learn laya, i.e. tempo of taal. For singing, you have to learn from guru because singing is a subject of swar. For singing you have to concentrate on individual swar and tune of a bandish or a song.

Vamsi Sagar | 1 day ago

Of course you can sing! Because every song or every piece of Music will have three things in common they are Scale, Rhythm, Tempo, so when the above three mentioned things match to each other, the output so produced will be a fully finished song. But one must have basic knowledge about Above mention three things, without that it might not sounds good if one sing to the taal beat of tabla or any other musical instrument.


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Maithili Patki | 4 days ago

Hello, good to know that you have chosen music as your career. Yes, it is possible to get a job in the same field in our country as well as abroad. You can start learning Hindustani classical as soon as possible.

Prashant Meti | 3 days ago

Follow your heart, be dedicated and opportunities will definitely arise.


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Pantula Gopala Rao | 01/12/2016

Prince, You can register in UrbanPro as tutor up to 12th Std or so and earn by teaching to students up to your standard and utilize the amount honorably for pursuing your passion. It is better to stand on your own legs rather than resorting to self pity. Self help is the best help. Regarding singing, I can teach Carnatic Music if you are serious about learning. Your name is PRINCE, remember that.

Bhuvana Raghavan | 01/12/2016

Hi Prince, Contact me through UrbanPro. I can teach you for free if you have real passion and dedication.


hi i want to register myself as music teacher for voal

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Dora's | 28/09/2016

IAM LOOKING FOR A MUSIC TEACHER.This is from Genius Guru Academy .we have3 branch in chennai. we are looking music teacher for our Korattur branch. are you interested.

Lakshmi Raghava | 30/09/2016

please register as tutor in website all the very best


how does one start singing hindi songs...

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Lakshmi Raghava | 30/09/2016

choose a tutor in and start, all the very best

Vinod Kumar | 29 Mar

Listening is the best and first step towards learning to sing. Start listening to more number of times a song and then approach a tutor to teach the right techniques.

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