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Voice Culture (Part1) - Indian Classical Music
Voice Culture - Working on Vocal range Mandra Sadhna: One thing you can try is Madra Sadhna i.e, the more you sing and sustain each swara of lower octave, it increases your range itself allowing you to...

Vikas | 31 Mar

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Practice Song
Playing a song or singing a song is a bit different than technical exercises which are much difficult to do long hours, so before practising a student must fix his mind to think that he will give his fixed...

Jay Gogoi | 22 Mar

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Raag Multani - Indian Classical Music
Multani is a raag of serious nature. Originating from Thaat (Mel or family) 'Todi', but not inheriting any of its properties or raga-ang, Multani stands out with its own uniqueness. Multani is sung or...

Vikas | 05 Feb

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Malabika Thakur | 2 days ago

For students of Hindustani classical music, a digital tabla (Taal, mala) would suffice as far as beats are concerned.

Tablagyan School Of Music | 1 day ago

The four building blocks of music raag, Taal, shruti and lay will always be there in a song... Only then it becomes music... So yes u can do it..


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Shashi Kiran | 3 days ago

Yes, you have a job as music teacher.

Pantula Gopala Rao | 3 days ago

There are many engineering graduates and engineers who have obtained Masters in Music. Some have left their engineering carrier and chosen Music carrier, and doing well. The number of engineers and doctors is very high in proportion to Musicians. I myself am an engineer, served as an engineer for 35 yrs and retired.I was teaching Music since 55 years and at the age of 75 teaching music. I too did my Masters in Music. Taking my example, you can safely settle as Music teacher. If you are a performer, it is still better. This profession is highly respected. Instead of aspiring for job abroad, you can go and perform abroad and get name and fame. Cleveland and many other places welcome artists for performance. For online teaching, abroad or inland is the same, and according to your merit and standard, you can get payment for teacing or performance. So if you have sufficient standard tostand competition, you can get self employed, and you may get job in schools, music colleges, Universities - both Government and private. Try to do research and get Doctors also. BUT hard work is a must. Wish you all the best.


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Milind | 25 Apr

Basically it's not in Thaat Bahiaravi, but it's called in bhairavi Anga. Thaat classification is too limited and is insufficient to properly categorize all the ragas and hence Anga classification of ragas is accepted widely nowadays. No, it doesn't show any mastery of the performer if he's just presenting raaga natya i.e. performance of Raga.

Indroneil Mukerjee | 27 Apr

It shows that the performer WANTS TO BE SEEN AS A MASTER and probably comes with a low self-esteem as a sevak of shastriya sangeet. Yes, our music needs servants, not masters. For the servant is the master of masters and the master is a servant of servants.


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Shekhar | 07 Apr

Not possible, all blowing instruments are tough and flute is blowing instrument, it takes much time and full dedication.


Maithili Patki | 3 days ago

not possible. whatever you want to learn there should be full dedication and patience. art is not something which can be learnt instantly.


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Manju Sanjay | 11/11/2016

You have to learn the basics first.

Vinod Kumar | 29 Mar

You joined in urban pro or with a music teacher. Please be in detail to guide and help you.

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