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IELTS Speaking

Mayur K
11/11/2016 0 0

All the modules in IELTS are equally important. Let us discuss the Speaking Module.

The speaking test will last for 15-20 minutes in 3 sections -

1) General Introduction / Warm up - 

Under this this section, the examiner will ask some questions about you or about general topics.   Always give descriptive answers amd avoid one word responses as that will not get you the desired number of bands. Also, give reasons to whatever you say  during this section.

Use formal language throughout the session and keep your rate of speech moderate.

Sit straight, smile and make eye contact with the examiner.

2) Cue Card Topic - A topic will be given and you'll be asked a couple of questions.

Tip - You'll be given 1 minute to make notes. Utilise this time and write the major points you know.

Do not rush immediately with whatever you know about the topic as we have only 2 minutes because, if we rush at the beginning then we'll have very less to talk for 2 minutes. 

There will be time when you'll  pause if you're out of words. If it happens then say something quickly and avoid prolonged silence. 

It is fine if you go slightly out of topic as far as you're grammatically correct, however, come back to the topic as quickly as possible.

3) Follow Up - 

The examiner will ask some questions related to your cue card topic or any random  question. Again, the key is to give descriptive answers in a formal way. 

For more information on speaking or any other IELTS module, feel free to contact me.

Good Luck!!!!

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