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1. Becoming an early riser will make you more successful. It is plain and simple. A 2008 study out of Texas University concluded that those students identifying themselves as early birds earned a full...

Krishna | 19/10/2016

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Neeta Khullar | 06/12/2015


Gaayathri Pillai | 09/12/2015

instead of knowing what opportunities will be available 6 yrs from now you are suggested to check the subjects u wold need to learn in the 2 fields and how interesting they are to you, as if u do well in those subjects because u have the basic interest in those sublects who knows you would find a whole new dimention to employ yourself and others. End of education is character and not a mere job opportunity


The last 2-3 months, when my wife is having ear pain when she talks on the phone. Without phone she is well. Please suggest the simple treatment of ear.

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Dr Prakash Ramchandani | 29/09/2015

There are many questions connected to this. Since when is she suffering from this? Doors she have some other issue like light whistling it ringing sound at certain times like while lying down or turning her head to sides? If it's a recent phenomenon then do not worry just use low volume on hands free while using phone or use phone speaker and keep proper hygene. She can also learn Reiki first level and practice - it would help in case it's an anxiety related issue. Also in case it's an old problem please get a full check up done as it could be infection or some bigger problem which can be corrected by taking precautions. God bless

Anurag Kapil | 30/09/2015

In this case she should use her left ear only while talking on mobile if she is suffering with servical problem dont use mobile can try land line phone it would help naturopathy treatment would help in this case pls give her details like age health conditions any health problem the symptom is by product of some other health problem so pls give her details naturopathy can heal up.


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Sheshu B Kumar | 18/02/2015

However, kidney stones are most likely to occur between the ages of 20 and 40. Other risk factors include: ethnicity (Caucasians are more likely to have kidney stones than African-Americans) (although kidney stones are most often seen in men, the incidence in women is increasing) past history of kidney stones (once someone has kidney stones, the likelihood of having another episode increases) family history of kidney stones dehydration (dehydration causes decreased urine flow, which increases risk significantly) obesity high-protein, salt, or glucose diet gastric bypass surgery inflammatory bowel diseases (which can cause increase calcium absorption) other medical conditions (hyperparathyroidism can cause increase absorption of calcium and phosphorus; renal tubular acidosis can also be a risk factor for kidney stones)

Dr.anand Manocha | 21/03/2015

Of course it starts due to deposits of alkaline or acidic chemicals.....but how does the locus starts-these are lumps of undissolved anger.

Thanks Rakesh for your interest in Reiki. There are 4 levels in Reiki. Level 1 or first degree (Shoden in Japanese) Level 2 or second degree (Okuden in Japanese) Level 3 or third degree or Reiki Master Practitioner (Shinpiden in Japanese) Level 4 or Reiki Master Teacher

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Saransh Khandelwal | 21/11/2014

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