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How much weight loss we can do by doing yoga for 1 month?

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A passionate & experienced Personal Trainer proficient in making workout fun & rewarding !!!

Weight loss depends on a lot of factors and not by relying on yoga. If you follow and adapt to all the disciplines of Yoga, you'll be healthy.

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Importance of Prana and Pranayama
Prana= vital force and livingness As per yogic point of view, the entire cosmos is alive and throbbing with Prana. All beings, whether living or nonliving, exist due to Prana. When Prana moves, Chitta...

Ved Prakash | 17 Sep

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Purification Techniques/Shatkarmas
According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika and sage Ghrenda, cleansing techniques are important to keep the body free from Toxins. Our sages emphasize the cleansing techniques as they lead the path of purification....

Ved Prakash | 16 Sep

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Basic Power Yoga Sequence for Beginners
1) Breathing exercises- a) Kapal Bhatti 20 times b) Omkar 10 × 1 Full body Loosening and Warm-Up from Neck to Legs. Naukachalan and Chakkichalan both ten times front and reverse Surya Namaskars...

Marcell Dsouza | 09 Sep

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In this rapidly moving competitive era, we see that the vast majority of the population are completely involved with their full-time work and not able to balance their personal life. Due to circumstances and lack of time, people barely concentrate on their well-being related matter. Today, with the absence of physical exercise...

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Kriya Yoga is a popular form of Indian yogic practice. It is a type of meditation that helps to generate the spiritual feeling within a performer. A book by Paramhansa Yogananda, popular as autobiography of a Yogi reveals the purpose of kriya yoga as being the union with the supreme Lord. To put it simply, kriya yoga...

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On this Teacher's Day week, we bring you the best and the most popular teachers and trainers from across the fields in India. Here are just few. Baba Ramdev Baba Ramdev is well known as Indian face of Yoga in the world. He probably has largest following of any kind of classes or training in the world. His Yoga camps...

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Swara Yoga - Science of Breathing Are you aware of the correct postures in meditation? How to react positively while addressing an eminent dignitary? How to be in a rhythmic mood with the whole universe? All your answer lies in the term breath . Swara yoga is responsible to get in tune with the lunar and planter cycles....

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