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"नास्ति किञ्चिन्निरर्थकम् " what is the meaning of this line ?

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न ( नहीं) , अस्ति ( है) , किञ्चित् (कुछ भी) , निरर्थक ( निरर्थक / अनुपयोगी / useless) अर्थात् कुछ भी निरर्थक/ अनुपयोगी नहीं है ।

Learn to study, not study to cram!

कुछ भी निरर्थक(devoid of utility) नहीं है।

Learn to study, not study to cram!

नास्ति- नहीं है; किञ्चिन्निरर्थकम्- कुछ भी निरर्थक नास्ति किञ्चिन्निरर्थकम्- कुछ भी निरर्थक नहीं है ( nothing is useless)


By my limited knowledge, 'NAASTI' is a combination of 'NAA' & 'ASTI' meaning 'Nothing is'; as NAA in Sanskrit means 'NAHI' or 'A Negation' while 'ASTI' means 'HAI' or 'Is'. 'KINCHINNIRARTHAKAM' on the other hand is a combination of 'KINCHIT' saying 'Kuch' or 'Anything' and 'NIRARTHAKAM' means 'BINA...
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By my limited knowledge, 'NAASTI' is a combination of 'NAA' & 'ASTI' meaning 'Nothing is'; as NAA in Sanskrit means 'NAHI' or 'A Negation' while 'ASTI' means 'HAI' or 'Is'. 'KINCHINNIRARTHAKAM' on the other hand is a combination of 'KINCHIT' saying 'Kuch' or 'Anything' and 'NIRARTHAKAM' means 'BINA ARTH KA' or 'Without Meaning'. The expression accordingly implies that 'Nothing that you can see, feel, smell, hear or taste is useless/without purpose'. It's a philosophy/science/fact as envisaged in the world's oldest religion/civilization viz. 'Hinduism'. Also, understand that this expression doesn't apply to only humans or living beings but even to non-living matter. For example, Human excreta, though assumed to be useless, serves as food for pigs/hogs, Stones which are not precious also find usage in the ignition, even Bacteria and Viruses have their purpose, like bacteria present in cow milk is a must in its digestion. In contrast, warm milk though assumed to be healthy is not for the bacteria dies at high temperatures and thus the milk can't be fully digested, eventually resulting in gastroenteritis...!

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कुछ भी निरर्थक नहीं है

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कुछ भी निरर्थक नहीं है

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As far as my knowledge is concerned, it means Study is closely related to rising. So, if one study (practices) hard, will definitely shine.

विचित्रे खलु संसारे नास्ति किञ्चिन्निरर्थकम् । अश्वश्चेद् धावने वीरः भारस्य वहने खरः ।।

Im have a qualified experience and i have 8 year of experience in teaching hindi !! Thank you

It means witout saying anything !

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