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Lesson Posted 15 hrs ago Tuition/BCA Tuition Tuition/BSc Tuition

1. What is a Computer? Ans. Computer is an electronic device which can input data, process data and output...


Answered on 17 Jul Tuition/BSc Tuition

Which tuition I have to hire for B.Sc Physiology Hons under Calcutta university?

Ravneet Gill

Physics And Mathematics Teacher

Hello Hemanta. There are quite a number of B.Sc. Physiology tutors available on UrbanPro. You can check out who meet your requirements and are available in your required location. I hope you will get what you are looking for.

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Lesson Posted 15 hrs ago CBSE/Class X Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition +6 Exam Coaching/CSIR NET Exam Coaching/UGC NET Exam Coaching Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Mathematics Tuition/MSc Tuition Tuition/Engineering Diploma Tuition/Civil Engineering Diploma Tuition/BTech Tuition/Engineering Mathematics (M1)

Probability is the possibility of an event to be occurred or happened. Probability is the ratio of...


Lesson Posted 15 hrs ago Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Mathematics +5 Tuition/MSc Tuition Exam Coaching/UGC NET Exam Coaching Exam Coaching/CSIR NET Tuition/BTech Tuition/Engineering Mathematics (M1) Exam Coaching/Engineering Entrance Coaching/IIT JEE Coaching/IIT JEE Advanced Coaching

A number of the form p/q where q not equals to zero is called a rational numbers. P may be zero or...


Answered on 29 Jun Tuition/BSc Tuition/Technical Writing & Communication in English Language/Spoken English

Hi, I wanna learn English. How much time will it take to learn English? I wanna speak and mail writing....



first stop using slang and follow the grammar rules and you need great exposure of this language from different sources

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Answered on 08 Jul Tuition/BSc Tuition Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Chemistry

Hi, I want to teach Chemistry, but I am an individual. How can I find a job with an institution through this portal?

Mandeep Singh

Biochemical Engineer

upgrade to paid membership and increase your visibility..

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