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Trigonometric Formulas
Important Trigonometric Formulas:

Kanchan | 2 days ago

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Branches of mathematics
Mathematics can be broadly grouped into the following branches: Arithmetic : It is the oldest and the most elementary among other branches of mathematics. It deals with numbers and...

Kanchan | 11 Mar

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CELL- The basic unit of life
The smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, which is typically microscopic and consists of cytoplasm and a nucleus enclosed in a membrane.   The concept of cell originated from...

Bhakti M. | 07 Mar

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Richa Verma | 14 hrs ago

Its totally depend on you that how much time you take to learn English because some people understand in a couple of months and some take more time, but one thing is important that is practice and practice make you perfect.

Tejas | 4 hrs ago

It's all on over the dedication. You can within a month.


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Praveen Choudhary | 5 days ago

Geetha, I can help you in Theory of computation. You need to study automata, pda, regular expression, turing machines. These are not tough topics. A good educator can help you understand these topics in about 10 sessions. You need to consult separate tutors for TOC, Assembly.

D P Institute Of Professional Studies | 2 days ago

For which programming language.


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Karuna Sai Nelluri | 2 days ago

The height of the mirror is depend upon the height of the object and the distance between the mirror and object too.

Gaurav Prasad | 1 day ago

Example: I use ray diagrams which is used to determine what portion of a plane mirror must be used in order to view an image. The diagram below depicts a 6-foot tall man standing in front of a plane mirror. To see the image of his feet, he must sight along a line towards his feet; and to see the image of the top of his head, he must sight along a line towards the top of his head. The ray diagram depicts these lines of sight and the complete path of light from his extremities to the mirror and to the eye. In order to view his image, the man must look as low as point Y (to see his feet) and as high as point X (to see the tip of his head). The man only needs the portion of mirror extending between points X and Y in order to view his entire image. All other portions of the mirror are useless to the task of this man viewing his own image. The diagram depicts some important information about plane mirrors. Using a cm-ruler, measure the height of the man (the vertical arrow) on the computer screen and measure the distance between points X and Y. What do you notice? The man is twice as tall as the distance between points X and Y. In other words, to view an image of yourself in a plane mirror, you will need an amount of mirror equal to one-half of your height. A 6-foot tall man needs 3-feet of mirror (positioned properly) in order to view his entire image.


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Priyanka Shrivas | 3 days ago

Get as good as deeper, if you are doing basics and master.


Karuna Sai Nelluri | 2 days ago

Courses can help you for some extent but you should have creative mind and different skills.


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Mitesh Vijay Kumar Ahire | 07 Mar

Due to the higher electronegativity of chlorine than hydrogen. Chlorine attract the electron towards itself and becomes polar.


Shamita Nandy | 10 Mar

Hi Mousumi, HCl is formed by covalent bond and the bond is polar. Polarity comes from the electronegativity difference between bonded atoms. Here, Cl-atom is electronegative and H-atom is electropositive, Cl-atom pulls the shared pair of bonded electron towards itself. Hence, bond becomes polar.

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