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Answered on 14 Jul Tuition/BA Tuition Tuition/BA Tuition/English Communication

How can I speak English fluently?

Ascend Education

Speaking English is a habit. you have to read News paper, watch Television shows and talk to those people who speak English. It is best for you if you take short course from our Center.After attaining it, will will speak excellent English.

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Answered on 15 Jul Tuition/BA Tuition Tuition/BA Tuition/Programming in JAVA

I want to teach online classes for students in US,is it possible through urban pro????

Shyam Sundar Pandey

math magician


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Lesson Posted 3 days ago Tuition/BA Tuition/Media Ethics and the law

Muslim marriage civil contract or sacrament: On the basis of Juristic opinion we can easily conclude,...


Lesson Posted on 15 Jul Tuition/BA Tuition/English Language Teaching Training for professionals/Fashion Designing IT Courses/MS Office Software Training/MS Front Page

similarity and difference between Look,See,Watch. 1- If you see something you notice it with your eyes...


Very nice

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Lesson Posted 4 days ago IT Courses/MS SQL Tuition/BA Tuition/Database Management Systems IT Courses/MS SQL/MS SQL Development +1 IT Courses

SQL SERVER: How To Pass Parameters To The Stored Procedure? After so many years of existence of the stored...


Lesson Posted 4 days ago CBSE/Class 4/English/Grammar CBSE/Class 8 CBSE +6 Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition/English CBSE/Class 4/English Schools/ICSE Schools Tuition/BA Tuition/English Language Teaching Schools/CBSE Schools Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition

Exercise on Modals: (Class 8) Why ________ I care about your problems? (Can/should) Tom and Rebecca...


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