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Course Content of 6 months - Vedic Astrology
Elements of Vedic Astrology(Jyotish)Zodacal signs - Matrix of propertiesPlanets - Matrix of propertiesTemporary and permanent friendships Houses - Matrix of propertiesCharacteristics of persons born in...

Vikas Jindal | 23/12/2016

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Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology refers to Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that originated in ancient India, and was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as "Jyotish"-the science of light, Vedic...

Vikas Jindal | 13/12/2016

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Characteristics:Time, Soul, Father, Ego, Ruler, Government, Intelligence, Vitality, Profession, Honor, Fame, Glory, Heart, Copper, Orange colour, Ruby, East. Nature - Malefic Rulership - Atma Age - 50...

Vikas Jindal | 13/12/2016

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why is the sky blue?

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Sathish S | 28/08/2016

The answer is not based on astrology, Its based on the clair (vision) which is a part of Yoga. If your interested please feel free to check out my Color Therapy class which is online.

Svitlana Pavlenko | 31/08/2016

By God's will and His Great Creative Mind :))


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Kaushik Pande | 31/05/2016

Medical astrology isn't different from astrology itself & there is separate subject like medical astrology. All scopes are depend on study & research & that's all.

Rajendra P Soni | 27/08/2016

Medical Astrology, is very subject specific, it has a great scope, more and more new diseases, sudden, unknown problems are coming up, it is possible to predict with astrology or even with Prashna. Go ahead. As Classics never mentioned specifically, a research is also needed. We have a group in Hyderabad covering this topic.


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Debojyoti Shome | 07/03/2016

I can teach you Astrology, you can talk to me for further discussion.


Ivaindia | 06/07/2016

Hello Mr. Chandar, How are you..? This is Ashish here, from owner of Institute of Vedic Astrology. Let me know you about institute.. Institute of Vedic Astrology has been established with the objective to impart systematic education on various disciplines of Futurology and harnessing positive Energy. Sevencourses through distance education programs are designed by experts who are aware of the grasping power of an average student. In other words, even a layman can become an expert with the help of our study material. If you want to learn astrology and try to understand the mystery of your life or make the carrier in astrology field then Ivaindia astrology training institute is best in India. At here you can learn so many courses like Astrology online classes, Palmistry online courses, Learn Indian Astrology, learn feng shui etc. for bright future in astrology. Advantages of This Astrology Course: ? You will learn the basics of astrology. ? You will learn to read the horoscope or kundli. ? You will learn to analyze others kundli or horoscope. ? You can solve the secret of your own life. ? You can get special image in the society. This course is made in very simple language so that anyone can understand it. So don?t worry what you are and what you do. You can just order this online course and make your life fruitful.

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Debojyoti Shome | 09/03/2016

Depending on you first and foremostly. And if you are sincere then for prediction analysis capability, eighty classes, each two hours classes required, approximately

Astro Means Pune Astrological Consultant | 19/03/2016

I will suggest that get admission in Astrology Courses from Various Universities and only then see whether you can do it... It took me 2 + 21/2 = Four and Half Years to reach to Jyotish Bhushan after passing Jyotish Visharad in 1991, If you have a desire then in the age of internet may take half of the time I spend...

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Astro Means Pune Astrological Consultant | 19/03/2016

Astrology is Totally Based on Complex Mathematics and Sound Knowledge of Astronomy. Moreover, one should aware about the Positive and Negative of individual Planet in One's Horoscope. Apart from this should be aware about the Degrees - Minutes - Seconds the Planets Placed in Horoscope and Present / Current Transit. Many Astrologer do not consider the Degrees and Avasthas of Planets in Horoscope and lands with wrong conclusion. But the Basic required is ACCURATE Date of Birth; Time of Birth; Place of Birth only on this basis we can conclude to prediction. In case they are not accurate the prediction may fail. I my self is from IIT Bombay and completed My B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Bombay in 1991 simultaneously appeared for Jyotish Vishard and Jyotish Bhushan through Bombay University . Since then I am practicing Astrological Consultation with 80% of Accuracy.

Anuragg Sharma | 27/05/2016

yess astrology numerology is solution science ..its works

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