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Lesson Posted on 05 May Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training


Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

An Indian Origin Fintech Startup entered the unicorn club as none other than CRED. CRED is now the most successful Indian fintech startup in recent years. Bengaluru Based Startup made its name big but it has its true story of struggle and failure. Let’s see what made this Fintech Startup such a... read more

An Indian Origin Fintech Startup entered the unicorn club as none other than CRED. CRED is now the most successful Indian fintech startup in recent years. Bengaluru Based Startup made its name big but it has its true story of struggle and failure. Let’s see what made this Fintech Startup such a huge success.

The company was established in 2018 and has a valuation of around $2.2 billion. Many reputed startups like Flipkart and OYO took approximately 10 years to reach a similar valuation. The head office is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.


What is their Business model?

The entire startup is based on the “Hole and hook model”. Many credit card users don’t complete their payments on time. CRED provides benefits to users who complete their payments on time. The benefits are offered in the form of valuable rewards. 

The company founded the 'hole' in the credit card payment system and provided a 'hook' in rewards. They offer rewards to their customers, which makes their product a brag-worthy proposition.


About the founder

Kunal Shah is a high-profile entrepreneur who was also the co-founder of 'freecharge'. Coming from a Gujarati family and a non-tech background, he is currently the founder of two big tech companies. He was motivated to start CRED after observing and understanding the loophole in the credit card payment system. He is also the current CEO of the company.


What is their Marketing Strategy?

The marketing campaign of CRED is universal. They have implemented the perfect marketing strategy to enhance the value of their product. Surabhi Capoor is the brand and product marketing head at CRED.

The marketing department of the company came up with great advertising ideas to enhance the brand value. CRED has increased its awareness before this IPL season. They successfully created two viral advertisements that included stars like Rahul Dravid, Govinda, Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, and Bappi Lahiri. These creative advertisements have successfully gained attraction from people.

Further, the company was marketed through various other celebrities on social media platforms. Meme marketing also worked for the company, and thus the awareness of the brand is on the rise.


What services do they provide?

The company started with just credit card payment services, but now it is expanding its reach in different sectors. The CRED app has more than 60 lakh users, and the number is increasing. 

Let’s take a look at the services provided in the app.

  • It allows you to manage all your credit card payments in one place.
  • The app provides you with regular notifications regarding your payment details and due dates.
  • It offers rewards and cashback for new users.
  • The company provides CRED points on the completion of payment, and these points can be used to avail various vouchers.
  • The payment method is hassle-free and is liked by its users.
  • They have started providing services for rent, loans, and insurance.


How Credible are they?

The company assures total privacy to the customers. They deal with the valuable financial data of the customers, and they offer complete privacy on it. With rewards and enhanced security, it is trusted by its users. In just 2 years, they have successfully reached a vast consumer base, and their number is ever increasing.


What is their Mission?

The mission of the company is quite clear. They want to improve the credit card payment system. Despite not making any profit in 2019 and 2020, they have eventually gained the trust of their users. They used the "reward and punishment tendency" effectively to attract customers.


CRED & their Vision

CRED’s business model is futuristic. They want to develop themselves in diversified sectors like insurance, loans, rent, shopping, and realty payments. The company also focuses on a futuristic revenue model. 

It aims to generate revenue through merchandising, commission, and consulting. They can also use this vast customer base for sales pitching and generate a good fortune from it.  


How are they Funded?

CRED is one of those legendary startups that got funding right before its execution. This was made possible by the brilliance of Kunal Shah. The company has made a loss of 63.90 crores and 378.89 crores in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Despite these losses, the company is trusted by its investors.

The company has around 28 investors and 7 lead investors. The lead investors are listed below:

  1. Dragoneer Investment Group.
  2. Tiger Global Management.
  3. Sofina.
  4. DST Global.
  5. Coatue.
  6. Falcon Edge Capital.
  7. Insight Partners.

The company has raised funding of around $471.2 million from the investors. The other investors of the company are Ribbit Capital, Gemini investments, Sequoia Capital India, and Rainmatter Capital.


Who are the Brand Partners?

The company offers different rewards and vouchers for customers. It has successfully bagged many reputed brands as its partner. Some of the esteemed brand partners are:

  • AJIO
  • The Lalit
  • Puma
  • Samsung
  • Myntra
  • Dineout
  • Cure Fit
  • Jio Saavan
  • Ethos


Their Awards and Recognition

Well, it is impossible for the best Indian fintech startup not to win any award. The CRED app has won the best UI/UX design award for its simple and useful design. The application is highly rated by users on the Google play store. The startup has also bagged recognition from the National startup awards, 2020.


The story behind their Struggle and Success

Kunal Shah faced a serious dilemma before starting the company. He was offered to become an investing partner in Sequoia Capital of India. But the entrepreneur chose to start a company rather than becoming an investor. 

The company has recently registered itself as an IPL sponsor and has started building some revenue. Despite making losses in the first two years, it has continued to provide valuable services to its users. The company has a futuristic revenue model, and thus it is trusted by its investors.


How to Contact them?

You can contact the company by using the contact us page on their website. You can also reach the support team through email.

Email: support@cred.club

For More...

You can visit i-Strategist to get more informative blogs like this. The institute publishes a series of educational and informational blogs on its website.

i-Strategist is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. It has two centers in Kandivali and Andheri. It was established in 2018 by Rushant Pragwat. He has vast experience in digital marketing, and he is also a trainer in the institute.

The institute is an ISO-certified institute and provides 100% job assistance to the students. They also offer corporate training and career counseling along with the courses. The trainers of the institute are highly experienced and industry experts.


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Lesson Posted on 26 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training


Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

Every business, individual, or service-based firm and product needs efficient marketing strategies. In today's digital world, digital marketing offers significant potential for marketing your services and products. Chartered accountants and digital marketing are two opposite ends, and despite that, chartered... read more

Every business, individual, or service-based firm and product needs efficient marketing strategies. In today's digital world, digital marketing offers significant potential for marketing your services and products. Chartered accountants and digital marketing are two opposite ends, and despite that, chartered accountants can use digital marketing to their benefit.

A chartered accountant needs to implement his/her marketing strategy by remaining inbound with the regulations laid by the institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI). These regulations do not permit chartered accountants to market as freely as other professional individuals.

Every marketing strategy that chartered accountants plan must not break any regulations laid by ICAI. They can be proven guilty of professional misconduct if they do so. Below mentioned are the regulations laid by ICAI.

  • A chartered accountant cannot canvass clients for his/her services. ICAI prohibits direct and indirect advertisement.
  • Marketing professional services are allowed, but a chartered accountant cannot make exaggerated claims of his/her services.
  • A chartered accountant cannot compare his/her services with other professional chartered accountants in his/her marketing approach.

The marketing approach becomes tricky while following the regulations. Chartered accountants need to implement impactful and legal marketing strategies to build their reputation and attract more clients. They have a vast scope to market their services digitally. Though it is impossible to promote your services digitally directly, you can use digital marketing to attract more audiences and potential leads.


What are the benefits of digital marketing for a CA?

To reap the benefits of digital marketing, a chartered accountant must present on all social media platforms and have a website. Digital marketing strategies will be primarily applied through these platforms. A chartered accountant can be actively present on all social media platforms to make his/her digital marketing strategy fruitful.


Advantages of digital marketing for CA's

  • The Indian taxation system is complex, and you can provide information about your services through social media platforms.
  • As ICAI prohibits direct advertising, it becomes difficult to implement traditional marketing strategies. You can market your services through your website and social media platforms.
  • You can win half the battle by ranking your website on search engines. Suppose a client searches for an accountant on the internet and your website occurs in the top results; you will get more recognition and leads.
  • You can use a funnel approach for continuing the taxation services you provide to existing clients with the help of email marketing.
  • Educating clients and potential leads about the procedure of your service will be easy by conducting webinars.
  • It is easy to track the efficiency of your digital marketing strategies. You can keep track of potential leads on your website.
  • Digital marketing strategies can be adjusted easily.
  • It is cost-effective as compared to the traditional marketing approach.

If you are a practicing chartered accountant, you must learn digital marketing. Hiring digital marketing professionals for marketing can prove to be costly. By learning the basics of trending digital marketing strategies, you can improve the reach of potential audiences. 


What should a CA learn in digital marketing, and how is it useful?

A chartered accountant can learn various trends in digital marketing. To market his/her services, it is necessary to educate yourself with the latest digital marketing trends.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used to rank your website on search engines. A chartered accountant must rank his/her website on search engines. Using this, your website and services will get more recognition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is helpful for every sector and is one of the latest trends in digital marketing. You should also focus on ranking your YouTube videos by implementing SEO in YouTube. This method of digital marketing will help you to generate potential leads and increase your customer conversion rate.


2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If you follow the statistics, you will know that the number of social media users is increasing. This makes it necessary for a chartered accountant to learn different social media marketing strategies. A chartered accountant must focus on creating a presence on all social media platforms.

As chartered accountants cannot implement paid Google advertisements, they must learn organic marketing strategies. Social media marketing strategies work wonders for businesses in every sector, and they will also be helpful for chartered accountants. This strategy will also help attract potential leads and customers.


3. Content Marketing

Content marketing can prove to be the best strategy for chartered accountants. They can provide informative and educational content on their website blogs. For example, you can publish a blog on “how to manage accounts for small businesses? ” and deliver valuable content to existing users and potential leads.

You can provide content in the form of videos and infographics as well. Informative videos can be a compelling content marketing strategy. Create content in every possible format to increase your reach among existing clients and subscribers. Webinars can also be conducted to provide content to the users.

It is important to remember that you should not directly market yourself in your content, and you should not compare your services with that of other professional chartered accountants.


4. Email Marketing

This digital marketing strategy is a little complex for chartered accountants. They cannot implement email marketing on a whim and can use this strategy only on existing customers. It is possible to manage the existing customers by using a funnel approach in their email marketing strategy.

Many software exists in the market that provides you a platform for email marketing. Mail chimp, omnisend, sendinblue, HubSpot, sender, sendpulse, and mailerlite are some of the best email automation tools that can be used for email marketing. Implementing email marketing strategies can be helpful to manage your existing clients.


5. Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the most critical strategy to be implemented in any digital marketing initiative. Building and managing an online reputation is a challenging task and requires persistent efforts. 

A chartered accountant must use all of the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies to build and manage his/her online reputation. It will be useful for attracting potential leads and converting them into customers.



It will be difficult for you to start learning digital marketing as a chartered accountant as it is an entirely different niche. You can improve your digital marketing approach by learning and implementing the various digital marketing strategies mentioned above. You need to be persistent in your approach, and it will help you build an online reputation and attract more clients.

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Lesson Posted on 22 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

LinkedIn Advanced Strategies to Turn Business Connections Into Leads and Customers

Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

LinkedIn is a powerful force that is known to all in the industry by now. Started in 2003 as a professional networking market, the platform has now become a global face of professionalism and connections. We connect to people over different social media platforms, but LinkedIn is more than just that.... read more

LinkedIn is a powerful force that is known to all in the industry by now. Started in 2003 as a professional networking market, the platform has now become a global face of professionalism and connections. We connect to people over different social media platforms, but LinkedIn is more than just that. A professional resume is as good as a well-established LinkedIn page. Its vast popularity has grabbed the attention of marketers and has made it one of the prominent keynote in a digital marketing course.

Digging into some statistics, LinkedIn has achieved approximately 760 million users, while 260 million are those who actively stay on the platform every month for its innumerable benefits. 40% out of this total of active monthly users are daily users. 

On the one hand, LinkedIn is a professional platform to find people with similar mindsets or occupation; it is also a platform for businesses to expand and generate leads. The main drawback is, not many know how? It is always advised to stay active on the forum, and you may get some conversion leads. But, what’s the concrete plan? The main steps have been defined, but what are the in-betweens and the ins-and-outs of it. 

As we keep doing what we have been for some time without getting results, there can only be two possibilities: either we aren’t doing enough or don’t know if we are doing it right. Well, let’s dig into the delicious recipe of “how to generate lead conversions out of LinkedIn connections”.

1] Turn the company page into a lead conversion page

There are nearly 20 million companies listed on LinkedIn that use it nearly daily for their business and management. From LinkedIn to connect to other businesses to find quality employees, these companies and employers make up a significant part of the whole platform. 

While LinkedIn was launched with professional networking, only making connections would not urn them into customers. One has to work for the same because leads will not fall with the rain anytime soon.

So, the LinkedIn company page needs to have a strong call-to-action, rather than just constituting information about your company. The most basic CTA here would be that the viewer of the company profile is inspired to know more about the company through its website, and thus, a click-through to your company’s website would be a significant action. 

Now, for the above to happen, one would have first to view your LinkedIn company page. How does one get attracted to the company page?

  1. Well, the first thing one view is the header. So, attach an image that either is a reflection of your company’s work and grabs attention. Or, the other thing can be providing value from the start itself. It could be a solution to the reader’s problems, a product that seems enticing enough to make them visit the page, a book that will help them gain knowledge about one of their interests, etc.
  2. Create a compelling pitch in the description box. While the readers in the modern era have less patience to read the whole and skip through a lot, the pitch needs to be compelling and short. State a problem that you think the reader might be facing, which will attract the attention, and then list your product or service as the solution. All of this needs to be done in two lines because LinkedIn provides for you to grab their attention. And voila, they will open up to read more. 
  3. In case the viewer does not take the bait and clicks through to your company website, you need to have a clickable ‘Recent Updates’ tab so that they do not miss out on the best of the things. While recent updates could be anything ranging from infographics, blogs to the latest launches and other information, it is essential to keep in mind that they should also be engaging.

2] Create a Showcase Page 

Showcase pages are a LinkedIn feature that are extensions of the main company page. The showcase pages are used to show affiliation with other brands, influencers, etc.; one can highlight key initiatives or the different business units present within. The showcase pages are displayed on the main company page under affiliates.

These showcase pages have similar posting options, and they are more connected to a particular target audience. They also have the analytical option, which can help monitor the activities and the growth of the page. The showcase pages are created to display certain information required by a specific set of target audience. As per LinkedIn, this feature aids in creating and maintaining long-term relationships between the business and its audience.

The showcase pages can be titled differently as per their objectives. Experts say that the title should be short and include a word with which the target audience of the showcase page can associate some meaning to.

3] Advanced Search

The advance search option in LinkedIn lets you find the exact king of the target audience you may need to generate leads. You can filter your search based on location, the kind of connection you are finding [first, second, or groups], keywords, location, nonprofit interests, industry, current or past company, schooling, etc. 

Many options narrow your search down to an exact point and let you explore people who can perfectly fit your target audience. After the search is narrowed down, you will come across many profiles. The advance search options will be available in a sidebar, and you can select or de-select any option as per your choices as you keep searching. 

4] Save Searches

Without a premium account, only three searches can be saved. But, what are the benefits of saving searches? Well. Generating leads isn’t a searched and done kind of work. The need to maintain consistency is high, and saving searches lets you do just that. 

Saving searches can let you also create an alert system for new results so you can be on the top of your game at any point in time. You can save searches with the option available in the top right corner.

5] Search Groups

There are innumerable amounts of groups available on LinkedIn, and you just may find some good ones in your niche. Groups are a great way to connect to a lot of people at once rather than searching singularly. Joining groups in the same niche as you let you connect to the right kind of people, and remaining active on these groups can also lead to generating leads shortly.

Even though group searches do not have much of an advanced search option, some filters are still available for the same. It would help if you focused on finding groups with people from your first connection and locality. Also, find medium-sized, active, and relevant groups for the best results.

6] Start groups

Since we already discussed the advantage of being a part of professional groups on LinkedIn, you can create one too. As you join groups, you may come across people who want to connect further with many users at once, and when the opportunity strikes, you can create a group, which will eventually grow in size and lead traffic to your page and website.

You will not only generate leads out of creating groups, but you will also get recognition and thought leadership if your groups’ activities are beneficial to a lot of people. You can create a group in following easy steps:

  • Go to groups and click on ‘see all.’
  • Next, click on ‘create a new group.’
  • Then you just need to fill in answer boxes, where you can name the group, give it a description, set a few rules.

Groups are most successful because the people who are a part of the group experience their presence within it.

7] Publish content

Content has always played a significant role in marketing, whether its a Facebook Marketing or Linkedin Marketing. Content plays a decisive role in LinkedIn as it gives you not just as an individual but also as a company to publish content that would attract viewers. LinkedIn can be used to showcase your expertise and experience in your niche through the quality of work and content that you publish on your page. Many industry leaders recommend relevant quality content can be a significant attraction for LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn is a place of sharing stories of the corporate world, to show the soft side rather than the cold side, which is more visible to the world daily. It becomes an excellent opportunity to share light-hearted posts of your employees and their stories, workplace stories and anecdotes, etc. this draws attention to your brand and how you work. 


The most apparent reason for LinkedIn was to connect people from the same niche, but LinkedIn has also been able to give people a chance to expand their horizons. The different courses present on LinkedIn and the various options of connecting with people you know will become more than mere connections in the future. The fact that these connections can be converted into customers has increased the platform’s popularity. 

The strategies mentioned above are useful and viable, but consistency plays a key role too. These are also broad-based strategies, and once these strategies start getting used, you will see the result, but you will also gain insight into the smaller opportunities you would not want to miss. It will also require patience and effort. 

It will take a lot more exploring to gain more knowledge of the platform. Even though these strategies are useful, be ready to explore the platform in different ways. Without the knowledge of using the platform the right way, it becomes just another time-sucking social media platform.

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Lesson Posted on 19 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

Tips to Start a Social Media Campaign for Your Business

Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

Have a new feature or a product to capitalize on for your customers? Then, start your own brand new social media marketing campaign. But, to make sure that the campaign to be successfully flying among all other emerging campaigns, we have some ways that could help you. Social Media has surpassed the... read more

Have a new feature or a product to capitalize on for your customers? Then, start your own brand new social media marketing campaign. But, to make sure that the campaign to be successfully flying among all other emerging campaigns, we have some ways that could help you.

Social Media has surpassed the effects of visual media on newspapers and televisions. It has become the new superpower today. Beyond entertainment, it has stretched its wings in the business arena too. These platforms serve as an exceptional tool that can help you to even reach the target audiences. Even people who have not heard about your business or brand yet can get easily connected. Marketers use this speciality of social media to connect with the people who love their brand.

Be it a small business or the ocean-sized one, and marketing plays a key role in its ups and downs. Thus, it is much important to plot an effective strategy to attract the intended audience. The right plan for the right business is the right tool to reach the right audiences at the right time.



Every success needs a plan, and every plan needs a goal. So, first, the head starts with clear goals. The beginning is easy, but to continue is difficult. It is also important to note that your specific campaign goals will play a vital role in the success of your social media strategy. So, starting the campaign is much easier. But, continuously monitor how many of the goals are reached is very important. Your goals must be specific, attainable, measurable, relevant and time-bound to be winning. Some of the common goals to any business for a social media marketing campaign are lead generation, direct sales and product awareness or increased brand. 

Be it any goal, and it has to be clearly outlined and attainable to set yourself up for success. You will need to consider how much you want to increase revenue, how you will measure success, and in what timeline you will achieve this goal. Last but not least, You must also want to make sure that the goal is relevant to your business and realistic with respect to your timeline and resources. 



There are so many social media channels available, and your business must be effectively presented and engaged on the channel. Only then can you reach out to your target audience consistently, every now and then. Also, the platforms are specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. That is why it is essential that you have to strategically choose a platform to promote your business. Selecting the correct and ideal platform is a major factor for the success of any social media marketing campaign.

Getting a complete insight of the platform and its rules is essential for any social media marketing campaign. Violating any rules of the platform could lead to a serious downstream in the business. Features to be considered include the demographics of the platform , like analyzing which platform does most of the targeted ideal audience use. Also, look for the majority of features that lets you highlight your brand and its identity.

Also, being consistent and active in the platform impresses the audience. It’s better not to launch on a platform at all than to launch it, post four times and then forget it. Being consistent in the sense, being proactive in replying to the audience, keep them posting everyday and updating any new come ups in the business.



Every social media platform has its own different set of practices and you must consider them during your social media marketing campaign. Then, you are able to maximize your results by using the particular channel to your advantage. A better understanding of how you can promote your campaign content on the channel must be analyzed. That is because every platform has its own unique features that will allow you to publish different types of content that work to engage your target audience.

Taking advantage of the social media paid advertising opportunities is a better niche marketing technique. This helps in expanding your reach even further to connect with consumers who are right for your brand but may not yet be following or engaging with your content.



The most basic step in winning any social media marketing campaign is knowing exactly who the target audience is and what they find important in the product. The failure of most businesses in an online social media marketing campaign is that they solely target only their products, their benefits and their services. They fail to see what truly the customer needs and craves. This results in wasted time, resources and budget, making the business fall down. 

To start knowing who the real target customers are, first make an assumption of who would come in the list. Also, analyze your competitors and find out who do they target and how. Then, do some further market research to confirm whether these assumptions are right and also,  possibly discover new opportunities in the market. Once research on the target audience, Develop profiles that you can use to drive your content marketing.



One of the biggest odds is that you are new to the platform and your competitors are already flying in the platform. So, it is better to analyze your competitor’s strength and Weakness with competitive analysis. This analysis not only helps in knowing about the competitors, but also in gaining a perception of what your industry needs. This can escalate your business by attracting  the target audience.

The next one is that, rather than grabbing the least place in the platform, reach out to the platforms where the competitors are inactive. Mark yourselves on those platforms and grab a significant place for your business. This is a way of attracting more opportunities.

Social listening is another way to track the competitors. It aids in notifying the way the industry channel flows and what stuff really hits the mark. Dig in more to explore the unexplored customer niches.



Use any social CRM to know what are the chatters going on in your campaign from one place. Getting to know these, then take the chance of turning these social communities into customers for a lifetime. Using these social CRM helps in easier engaging and managing new and old relationships for a long time.

You can improve your reach with the aid of influencers. The famous influencers have a trusted and authoritative voice. Social media influencers are people in a specific industry who have built up large and loyal social followings. Support of an influencer can help in reaching new and more contacts.  



Planning is important, and we must plan forehand. At first, Create a monthly social media calendar, even if you don’t plan on sticking to it 100%. These social media calendars can be rigid and constrictive. And, that is what is essential for a successful strategy for any social media marketing campaign. Set a limit or a plan on how often you’ll post and have some planned shares on hand, especially for busy days. Sign off on each & every post before it goes on the calendar. Make certain that there are no errors in the post.

Some of the common contents to be included in the calendar can be blogs for funnel content specifying your products/services, e-books for gated contents and text posts for sharing contents. Images of any type are always supporting and explanatory infographics of your product. Videos grab the attention of even busy audiences by breaking down even the complex topics.



A detailed to-do list of goals and items must be written and ticked off before launching any social media marketing campaign. Launch eves are often email-full days. Check-in with this person, verify details with that person and put out a few fires. The leading way to keep everything straight is to create a checklist and double-check every detail. Never continue with assumptions. In case of any doubts, re-verify everything with your team to make your social media marketing campaign a successful one.

Some usual details to double-check are final versions of the social media bios and art. Watermarks on photos, hashtags and other essential branding details. Ensuring the links attached are safe and correct and are verified. Plan when and what to post on their personal accounts, and time zones are accounted for—checking upon the social team to check whether it is ready with launch-day goals and key performance indicators. Be clear on how these metrics will be measured.



Once you create and recheck every content, it is time to schedule it according to the timeline with respect to the content calendar. The pacing of posts will depend on a number of factors such as your social media campaign goals, types of content, length of the campaign, t, and many more. Also, you must give importance to when your target audience is most active on the platform. So, it is better when you have researched these factors and post at the optimal times to make your social media marketing campaign successful.



It is integral to have a follow-up with all your new contacts. Building a long-lasting relationship with contacts requires following up days, weeks, months and years down the road. Besides the seamless method of mass mailing, it is much better to have your own sales and marketing team reach out personally through social engagement. 



Apart from all these, only when the quantity and the quality of the product are good, one can achieve success. Involve and engage yourself entirely by monitoring and responding to all the social media conversations. Showcase your brand and stand out from all the crowd with a trustworthy tag.

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Lesson Posted on 16 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

Why is keyword research important?

Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

SEO practices at large have helped companies get their websites placed on the first page and gain millions of views per day. SEO uses the method of strategically placing keywords in the article a certain amount of times to make the article relevant and of high quality as per Google’s standards.... read more

SEO practices at large have helped companies get their websites placed on the first page and gain millions of views per day. SEO uses the method of strategically placing keywords in the article a certain amount of times to make the article relevant and of high quality as per Google’s standards. Only 30% of the small businesses use an SEO strategy, and we hope to make you a part of the elite 30%.

SEO practices have at large become the most used content marketing strategy in the online marketing arena. As the online marketing world keeps growing and pushes against the horizon, SEO practice has become an important part. There are SEO specialists who work day and night to make use of their knowledge and technology to reach millions of people every day. Companies hire SEO specialists to strategize and produce content that is relevant to their audience.

The first step of SEO is to research keywords that are mostly used to find the results and add them to the article. Thus, it is the topmost priority of digital marketers as it should be. It is astonishing how this step is a priority yet is taken-for-granted. While learning SEO, specialists also advise learning the importance of keyword research. If one thinks of skipping this step, they should think again, for SEO practices a futile without keyword research.


What is keyword research?

It is primarily important to understand what keywords are? They are those words that internet users mostly use while searching for results. If someone is looking for “women’s shoes”, they are likely to use words such as women’s footwear, best brands for women’s footwear, shoes for women, women’s shoes, etc. If they have a particular brand in mind, they also might search along the lines of “Nike shoes for women”. Keywords are as illustrated above, are either short or long. This depends on the internet user.

The main aim of keyword research is for businesses to find what their audience or target customer base use for search results. Once these keywords are known to the business or firm, they can use these keywords accordingly in their blogs, company web pages, and product descriptions.

It is always good to keep in mind that not only internet users but also web engines search for keywords. As Google or other search engines have a reputation to maintain, they need to present only quality content to their users. So, these search engines go through the content on different web pages, and they search for keywords. They also look at the number of keywords used and the quality of the content, etc. On the basis of these factors, search engines rank different web pages for an easier and better experience for internet users.


Why is keyword research so important?

The process of finding out the keywords for your business so that you can help identify consumers in finding you and locating your brand is called keyword research. It also implies that you need to have an understanding of your target audience and of, how many search engine measures the quality of content.


Main goals

There are various reasons why keyword research should be a priority for a digital marketing campaign. Here are some of the most crucial reasons why firms need to change their priorities:

  • While most businesses start with the goal of establishing brand identity and growing big, they sometimes lose the aim in between. It becomes all about the generation of sales, which is also important but not the only priority. Many businesses try to diversify their products when they cannot find sales for their existing products. But what they are lacking is diversifying keywords, and putting out the right content can help them immensely. 

Content aids a business to stand out in front of the audience. If you are confused about how to write a better product description or blog, you need to know everything that is relevant in the market and is related to your product. Knowing the different keywords linked to your niche or product helps you understand your business and brand better. 


  • Keyword research can tell you vital information. There are facts that you need to know for the better growth of your business. Keyword research can tell your business where you will rank after accommodating this particular SEO practice. It also gives information about your competitor’s position and ranking in the web arena
  • There are a lot of times when one starts a business, and they do not take out enough research and analysis of their probable target audience. There are a lot of assumptions made, so proper research can tell the businesses what people are searching for. It is better to conduct researches to see what users search for, according to their needs, and use those keywords for your benefit.  
  • Keyword research also helps to increase the reach of your web page, blogs, etc., to a lot more people, especially according to demographics, relevance and quality of your content, and other factors.  



Keeping in mind the contemporary circumstances of the world being a global village and international trade being a major part of all economies, SEO becomes all the more important. Sitting in one end of the world, you can reach the users of the internet on the other side of the world, if not with your products, but at least with your content. In this possible scenario, your content needs to be good enough for google to put it out there for its global audience. 

As of 2017, content marketing had made its place at the top, with 20.3% of the efforts being put into it. It continues to play a major role and ranks the first among other techniques, for it is the easy-peasy and most cost-effective way of reaching a huge audience and breaking the record. And while content marketing takes this place on top of the list, let’s grab your attention towards a quote. “Keyword research is the skeleton of content marketing.”

Where have we heard that one before? Everywhere!


Long keywords versus short keywords

Long and short keywords are opposites and yet interlinked. Short keywords set out a broad base for further research and are used within the longer keywords. It is always best to understand with an example.

Say, we take the word marketing and search through google. 

Searching for the word ‘marketing’ gives us relevant information about what is marketing, its definition, and use, strategy, and history, etc. it is mostly a general overview of this particular word marketing. But, a business that is already in the arena would not go looking for marketing’s definition or history. They are already done with the basics. 


So, what do they search for?

Longer keywords are more specific in nature and are used to find particular results. Now, if we search for ‘digital marketing trends’, here are the results that we come across.

The results vary from digital marketing trends with a specific number of trends being focused upon, and they are also specific to different years. Since we know that digital marketing trends seem to change as more and more technological advancements come our way. Hold back his in mind, and we can safely say that articles with a focus on different years have something different to offer and thus have been ranked by Google in this specific manner on the first search engine page. 

If you want to nail-down your results even further, you can search for ‘digital marketing trends in 2021’ or ‘comparison between digital marketing trends of 2020 and 2021’. All these searches will show different results because google combs through the content of different web pages and only shows those pages first which have the relevant content. 

Keyword Planning is crucial for it shows you different aspects of the audience’s needs and user trends. In the above picture, keywords are ranked according to their competition as low or medium. Suggested bids are low for those keywords which are not commonly used for they are only going to be searched upon by beginners for basic knowledge. This also depends on your target audience. If your target audience is that of beginner level, you need to focus on such keywords. 

Whereas keywords that have high competitivity and high bidding are important keywords and will drive more traffic and revenue to website and company.


Importance of long-tail keywords

As explained above, long-tail keywords have a higher probability of getting your blog out to a lot more people. Long-tail keywords are very specific, sometimes even to regions, age, ethnicity, nationality, and other identity markers.

As per the research conducted by WordStream, long-tail keywords have an average conversion rate of 36%. Long-tail keywords are a greater way to connect to customers. These kinds of keywords give you an option to specify a lot of things and thus, helps you reach the target audience, which in turn increases the conversion rates. Long-tail keywords are used by people who are prospective buyers at this point in time and are ready to buy after gaining all information about the product or service. 

Long-tail keywords can not only be used within the blog or article; they can also be used as headings. By now, we are well aware of the importance that we need to give to the titles of articles, which is also the first thing a user sees as they comb through the results on search engines. So these keywords can also be used for heading and sub-headings as it narrows down the search of users and also makes even the longest of articles easier to read. 



We have come to a stage in digital marketing where a lot has to be done, all the while keeping pace with competitors. So, it is time for you and your business to incorporate these SEO practices for your competitors are probably one step ahead. 

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Lesson Posted on 16 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

7 Reasons Why Quora Must Be In Digital Marketing Strategy

Rushant Pragwat

My name is Rushant Pragwat and I am a digital marketer and founder at iStrategist.I built this brand...

Quora is not the first word that comes to mind when we think of ways to brand your site business. It is not unexplored, but it can be termed as unknown to be beneficial. Quora is an app where you can ask and answer questions. The idea of using this particular app as a part of your marketing strategy... read more

Quora is not the first word that comes to mind when we think of ways to brand your site business. It is not unexplored, but it can be termed as unknown to be beneficial. Quora is an app where you can ask and answer questions. The idea of using this particular app as a part of your marketing strategy may seem absurd, but we are here to tell you otherwise.

Underestimating such a powerful tool has been the norm for decades, but not all of us knew of quora as a powerful tool. As the arena of digital marketing keeps expanding, every agency has far more important than it did years ago. 

Quora claims to have broken the record of 200 million viewers as of 2019 and continues to witness an increase in its audience. With such a large audience at hand, quora have created a possibility to increase your visibility across the globe. As per other statistics, the US has the most viewership making up 37.2% of it, while India comes second with 18% viewership. 

Quora has thus become one of the apps where people wander around for answers to even the most surreal of questions. The thought of how quora can be of any use in the digital marketing sectors may be plaguing your mind. To answer these questions of yours, you don’t have to head on to quora itself right now. Here are reasons why ‘quora’ is a must for digital marketing strategies:


Exploration and awareness of your brand

The first and most vital for your brand and company is that individuals in the consumer market know of your existence. Quora is a community-based app, where the answers given by people are trusted on a level that even Wikipedia has not been able to garner. 

Putting up information about your brand or products on quora is very important for quora is a place where the probable customer might land to ask questions and seek answers. While marketing your brand on quora, one thing to keep in mind is not to oversell it.

It is best to be truthful, genuine, and helpful. That is what the community is based on. It is also very easy for anyone to ask a question, to answer, and to find answers. It is not a platform to just state your product’s qualities and the good side, but to answer the questions being asked and being as informative as you can be. 


Improvement in search ranking

If one searches in google about your brand, questioning its credibility and customer experience and finds the answer in quora, it is also possible that they will find it on the first page of the google search, for quora has made its place there. Quora answers are ranked highest by Google, and their ranking is always prioritized for its great credibility.

Quora can thus be considered a powerful SEO tool as it aids your website or blog by bringing in organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful technique that has been vital for all content that is posted on the web.

To be able to rank on the first page of Google Search Engine, strategic placement of keywords is important. But it is also a point to be noted about how much longer this planning and strategic content writing takes. Quora eliminates half of your efforts as it is ranked high on google due to its brand name and credibility. 

But since quora is a place of question and answers, it is important to note that it does not consider itself to be a marketing tool. It is advisable to steer clear of extensive use of keywords or brand name and rather just to answer questions asked with utmost genuine motives. 


Crucial influencers

Influencer marketing has emerged as a vital part of the whole digital marketing arena. Influencers are people who the audience views as credible and crucial and considers their opinions to help make decisions. If an influencer speaks admirably of a product or service they experienced, the audience will feel attracted towards purchasing it, for they believe in these influencers.

As the name suggests, their opinions and testimonials have a great influence on the minds of buyers. Users on Quora, after answering consistently and getting upvotes on their answers, get identified by Quora as 'key contributors,' and their answers and testimonials are held in great regard.

Their highly informative answers and the trust they gain from other users using the upvote option on their answers make them a credible source of information with Quora. Users depend on these key contributors and their answers. A business can approach them in two different ways.

You can connect on other sites with them and directly ask them to answer questions about your brand. Or you can answer their question or comment on their answers to bring yourself to their notice. 


Content marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of the overall digital marketing aspect of sales and marketing. While content is king, it needs to be discovered and read by the right audience. Quora becomes a platform where you don't only market your products and services but also your content. Your blogs and other forms of web content provide information to the reader about your brand, its products and services, and even user experience through testimonials. 

The content, alongside being informative, also imprints the brand identity of your company to the reader's mind, for the content of every company or brand has a unique style of conveying information. Since here you will only be answering questions and providing specific information that is asked for, you can make this little answer art interesting.

Instead of promoting your brand straight away, start by conveying information that is asked by the user and then introduce that they can gain more information by visiting your blog or website. Now, quora is also a more informal way of connecting with a wide range of users due to the presence of commenting option where you can answer additional follow-up questions and interact with the user.

They will slowly and steadily form a relationship with you for the visibility of information that you can convey about their questions. This will also make them recommend you to others for your genuine interest in solving people’s confusion. 


Insights about the target audience

As said earlier, it is a platform that also enables you to interact with a wide range and a large number of people at once. When someone asks a question, Quora provides an option of being able to follow that said question. By following this question, one will be notified if it has been answered by someone. This creates a chain of users who are seeking information about the same thing. 

Now, while these viewers are seeking the answers to the same question, it does not necessarily imply that they are similar in all forms and manners. The platforms thus cover a diverse set of people through a common need.

This is an opportunity for any brand or company to know who constitutes their audience. The questions asked by the users are a great way to know about the audience and the kind of wants you can fulfil through your brand.

This also leads to gaining information on the kind of content the audience finds engaging and useful. 



A creative block is keeping you away from writing the next blog post for your website, and surfing quora can help in that too. While Quora is a place full of questions, it is also full of informative answers. The platform also is a treasure that tells you what the audience is most curious about. You can find something that is a part of your field, something that the audience might be looking for, and then you can write and give them just that.


Establishing thought leadership

Creating a brand identity is the most important result of all these marketing strategies. Setting up a standard and maintaining it is also important. While many more individuals or companies are offering the same or similar product/service, one can still manage to stand out. Credibility is the key to standing out. While questions about a particular subject that you are well-versed incomes up, you need to be the rescuer of the minds of the confused. 

By giving informative answers to questions of the users, you portray the knowledge that you possess in this particular field. While information and expertise might be something a lot of the people in the industry possess, it is also important to be able to curate and present it properly and comprehensively. Once this is fulfilled, you also need to be able to subtly steer the conversation towards your brand and products and the solutions you provide.



Digital Marketing trends in 2021 have drastically changed after more than 70% of our lives shifted to the online mode. While digital marketing continues to thrive and different tools to generate leads come up, there are a few tools that you may have ignored but are very useful. Quora can be included in the list of important but ignored tools until now. 

This is simply to say that traditional marketing trends might continue, but the new base is the digital marketing world, and it is thriving and will continue to thrive. Thus, creating a stronghold on this new base is the priority. 

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Lesson Posted on 02 Apr Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing

Subodh Kumar

I am Digital Marketer, Blogger, Author, Motivational Speaker & Freelancer. I spent 7+ years in Digital...

Digital Marketing Service Product Promote digital marketing business Product successful ... read more

आज के समय मे Digital Marketing का विस्तार बहुत तेजी से हो रहा है। इसलिए हर कंपनी अपनी Service और Product को Promote करने के लिए digital marketing का सबसे ज्यादा इस्तेमाल करती है।

जब कोई कंपनी किसी नये business या फिर किसी नये Product को लॉन्च करती है। तो उसके बाद उसे successful बनाने के लिए सबसे जरूरी होती है उसकी marketing क्योंकि यही एक तरीका है जिसे उसे ज्यादा से ज़्यादा लोगो तक पहुचाया जा सकता है।

पहले हर बड़ी कंपनी अपने marketing campaign चलने के लिए TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, paplets, Poster और Banner जैसे संसाधनों का प्रयोग करती थी और बहुत सारी कंपनियां घर-घर जाकर अपने Product के बारे में बताती थी। परन्तु अब समय के साथ marketing करने के तरीकों में परिवर्तन हो चुका है।

अब internet दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा marketing place बन चुका है। चाहे बड़ी-बड़ी कंपनी हो या फिर छोटी कंपनी अब हर कोई marketing करने के लिए internet का इस्तेमाल करती है। जिसे digital marketing कहते है

दुनिया की आधे से ज्यादा जनसंख्या internet का इस्तेमाल करती है और यह आंकड़े प्रतिदिन बढ़ते जा रहे है। यही कारण है कि digital marketing का विस्तार बहुत तेजी से हो रहा है।

india में भी digital marketing तेजी से आगे बढ़ रही है। क्योंकि जब से india में internet data सस्ता हुआ है तब से india में internet user की संख्या में काफ़ी इजाफा हुआ है India दुनिया मे सबसे ज्यादा internet use करने वाला दूसरा सबसे बड़ा देश है।

Digital marketing दो शब्दों से मिलकर बनी है digital मतलब internet और marketing मतलब बाजार यानी internet का बाजार

Why need of digital marketing

  • 1. यह एक सरल और fast तरीका है अपने product को promote करने के लिए
  • 2.  Offline marketing की तुलना online marketing सस्ता होता है।
  • 3.  Digital marketing से आपको बेहतर Result मिलता है।
  • 4.  यह आपके product को target audience तक पहुँचने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका है।
  • 5.  Digital marketing में आपको हज़ारो तरीके मिलते है अपनी service और product को promotion करने के लिए


तो दोस्तों उम्मीद करता हूँ कि digital marketing क्या है और digital marketing कैसे शुरू करे और इसे आपको जरूर Help मिली होगी.

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Lesson Posted on 08/10/2020 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

How to Get Clients in Digital Marketing?

Sandip Maji

'Sandip Maji was keen in learning Digital Marketing when he was pursuing his graduation degree in Computer...

There are multiple ways to get clients for Digital Marketing: Create your own website and rank higher in the search engine for your services keywords Run a small amount of advertisements on Social Media for reaching out to the local market Physically Visit businesses around your locality or out... read more

There are multiple ways to get clients for Digital Marketing:

  • Create your own website and rank higher in the search engine for your services keywords
  • Run a small amount of advertisements on Social Media for reaching out to the local market
  • Physically Visit businesses around your locality or out of the locality.
  • Start reaching out businesses from local directories by using Cold calling, then fix the meeting over the phone.
  • Market your services through separate channels of Digital Marketing
  • Freelancing Portals like Upwork & Freelancer
  • Build a Strong presence on Linkedin; try generating Leads from peers networking.
  • Be the best at your expertise and promote it on every platform. 
  • And scale it up by building a brand that customers come to you rather than you hunting for clients.
  • Get referrals from your happy customers.
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Content & Digital Marketing Professional with 10 Years Experience

There are several online tools available, you can use those. Manually it's difficult to find submission sites.
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