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Interview skills that will get you the job
Most of us (especially Indians) spend a lot of time and energy to finish school and graduation some of us go on to do post graduation too and then at some point in time we find ourselves appearing for...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 16/12/2016

Fundamentals Of Business Writing
Most times even if we’re able to articulate while speaking - many of us start fumbling for the right words and tone when writing a document. I have found this trait in many of my students who are...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 17/12/2016

Learning Microsoft Excel
All Excel courses that are currently being offered online as well as classroom sessions have a lot in common – In fact they are all the same thing. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, VBA etc. The...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 19/12/2016

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Venkatachalam V.K | 4 days ago

One person asked Abraham Lincoln as to how long one's leg should be. The great American president replied instantly by saying "Long enough to touch the floor". Hope I have answered your question. If you are not satisfied with my answer, please contact me. Thanks, Prof Venkat dombivli.

Swathi Priya Siva Kumar | 1 day ago

Hi! Technically speaking you have been doing public speaking all your life. So do all of us. You have been speaking to your family at family gatherings, friends at college or school for organizing a tour or competitions, neighbors, strangers group in public etc. You have been speaking all your life in different contexts, which clearly states you have the skill set to speak. Remember speaking is not different from giving a speech. Now, all you have to do is take this skill and use in the context of public speaking. Start with smaller groups and extend it. Public speech will look simple.


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Varun Ojha | 4 days ago

First you have to make your image in public for that you have to use your Facebook page and LinkedIn and post some interested topics and do an fruitful discussion.

Swathi Priya Siva Kumar | 1 day ago

Hi Sayee! In my opinion you have already started. All you have do now is get certain aspects of communication in place and make it effective and interactive. I would like to share with you three simple, yet powerful steps to become a charm of a communicator. Step 1: Rule of the thumb - Always remember communication is not just about speaking/talking/verbal languages. Communication is also about non-verbal language. If you observe carefully many a times your body language communicates more powerfully than your verbal language. All you do in step 1 is just remember step 1! Step 2: Before you start to communicate make sure WHAT you want to communicate. Does it sound like something that you already do? Then keep doing it, but from now on be mindful of What you want to communicate. Step 3: Before you start to communicate take a few minutes and decide as to How you can effectively say what you have to say. This may take some time but the good thing about this activity is when you do this every time you communicate, at-least 5 times, from the sixth time you will feel a shift in the way to connect and interact with people. You may ask me ' how do I think and speak every-time?'. I would say if that is going to give you what you want, then no harm in doing it. Now that you have started, try it :)


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Zimi John | 4 days ago

Hi Manjunath, soft skills are in great demand these days. various companies (MNC) are looking out for skilled soft skill trainers. You can register online on various websites that have a requirement. I am sure you would gain a good placement.

Venkatachalam V.K | 4 days ago

First of all, list out your knowledge and skills. Identify the ones in which you are strong and can transfer to others. The third most important ingredient is Experience. Go ahead only if you have full confidence to deliver.


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Varun Ojha | 5 days ago

Hey dear for you should start speaking from today don't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow will never come and remember procrastination is the thief of time so don't waste your time and starts English speaking with everyone as soon as possible.

Zimi John | 4 days ago

Hi namrata, It is quite interesting to learn a new is quite important to speak English well as it is the most common medium of communication around the world. There are institutes that teach German, French etc. You can undergo training at an institute to be fluent in English and German.


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Sukanya Priya | 12/11/2016

In the entire gamut of soft skills, time management program is very critical. This training helps a person to learn the art of managing his time efficiently, for example; dealing with procrastination, prioritisation (first things first) of your tasks & goals.

Paradise | 15/11/2016

Our soft skills training solutions are a key to experience and success. By giving the correct inputs, we can bring the workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner.Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.Time management training will help increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve results Certificate Program in Basic Spoken English and Logical Reasoning Certificate Program in Interview Skills Certificate Program in Spoken English and Personality Development Time and Stress Management Team Building Leadership Skills Emotional Intelligence Creativity and Problem Solving

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