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First Impression, Lasting Impression.
This is the story of a ten-year girl on a lazy summer afternoon. Since her mother had refused to give in to her demand she was sulking, looking out of the window, hoping someone came along and cajoled...
Perception is a process by which individuals organise and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environments. Perception is a complicated interaction of selection, organisation...

Arun Kottalgi | 14 Mar

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Communication Rules
The rules for communication are as follows: 1. Ensure that the conversation or the delivery of the dialogue fits the purpose. 2. The information you share must be accurate, in brief and the content must...

Charu Modi | 09 Mar

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Veena Ramakrishna | 3 days ago

Initially start with listening to Spoken English CDS, gradually start communicating with friends, try till you feel comfortable to speak confidently.

Swati | 3 days ago

The simplest and easiest way to improve your communication skills is talk to yourself in whatever language you want to improvise upon. Secondly, talk to people, the more you interact the more you learn new words, ways, attitude and style. So go out there and be bold.


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Arun Kottalgi | 08 Feb

Hi Manjunath, Anything can be achieved if the goal/vision is clear and one is taking steps to achieve the same. I would recommend you to first be clear on your goal of teaching soft skills and then start taking steps towards it. The first step which I will recommend is to take training yourself on various soft skills like communication, selling, negotiation, leadership etc, implement the learning in your own life and then after you are confident enough, move towards teaching the same to others.

Sushma Karn | 06 Mar

Please send your resume to me. I am in an urgent need of soft skills trainer.


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NIESD | 05 Feb

Read the Columns on diverse interest in The Hindu, No other thing in the world can match the reading and Comprehension of The Hindu, but you need guidance on Media literacy.


Sonam Kashyap | 08 Feb

It always starts with you. As you started thinking of it It means you have already cleared first step. Now its time to achieve 2nd step. Which is identify the difference.


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Ajay Prana | 03 Feb

Hello Namrata, I appreciate your decision. Wish you good luck. Here are some tips that might help: i) Learn new languages for a purpose will help you learn fast & this will give you enough time to learn as many languages as you want to. ii) Make sure that you are surrounded (offline or online) by few imp people who can speak the language that you want to learn. iii) Chose a right Teacher (if you want to have a teacher) for learning. iv) Motivation is the must. Travelling can motive you. v) Select a time-frame for every language you want to learn. vi) Remember! learning one-at-a-time will yield you good results. vii) Try to learn new languages along with their native slangs. viii) Follow native media i.e., Movies, TV shows, Reality shows, Interviews, Newspapers, Facebook pages and so many others. I'm leaving rest to you.

NIESD | 05 Feb

First Complete the English Course this will help you learn the German.


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Hemangi Subramaniam | 30 Jan

You are ready, when you believe you are.

Shaping Skills | 01 Feb

Tips on public speaking: Public listens to only that person who knows the subject well. So first step is to gain as much information as possible about the topic you are going to speak about. Once your information collection is done, structure your thoughts and formulate a speech which has a eye catching introduction. The body of the speech should have facts, figures, examples, personal experiences to grab audience attention. Lastly you must conclude by recapping all important points of your speech. Once your speech is ready practice it well, time yourself, think about all the questions that your audience can have. Try to formulate responses for the questions or try including these points in your speech. Once you feel the flow of thoughts is coming naturally and you are able to deliver your best in your mock speech, its time to go public. You are ready for your public appearance. Good luck to you. Start Shining!! Follow our facebook page Shaping skillls. Sonali Jain

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