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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

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Soft Skills Training Lessons

Communication as important as Food ,Water and Air
Communication is as important as Food, Water & Air:-It is so natural and it starts as we are born. As we see something we start communicating within since our childhood. This process starts getting...

Rahul Sathe | 22 hrs ago

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Tips for IELTS/PTE Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
For IELTS/PTE Listening: Learn Keywords & Paraphrasing Listen Audios in different Accents & Speeds Listen to selected TED Audios  Download the Spelling App Play the spelling challenge Be...

Shruti Kaura | 20 hrs ago

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Art of writing
One friend suggested on the other day that one must have broad shoulders to shrug off comments. Interestingly, nobody commented on anything, but believed. Those beliefs have gone painted in colours and...

Chandan Ghosh Choudhury | 20 hrs ago

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Sukanya Priya | 12 Nov

In the entire gamut of soft skills, time management program is very critical. This training helps a person to learn the art of managing his time efficiently, for example; dealing with procrastination, prioritisation (first things first) of your tasks & goals.

Paradise | 15 Nov

Our soft skills training solutions are a key to experience and success. By giving the correct inputs, we can bring the workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner.Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.Time management training will help increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve results Certificate Program in Basic Spoken English and Logical Reasoning Certificate Program in Interview Skills Certificate Program in Spoken English and Personality Development Time and Stress Management Team Building Leadership Skills Emotional Intelligence Creativity and Problem Solving


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Daisy Bastian | 22 Sep

Swati Join my two day workshop in Loving Yourself to Success.. You can contact me at gmail-daisadi


Shruti Bajaj | 22 Sep

This is a brilliant thought Prakash. Firstly, do you have all things sorted in your mind as to what field do you wish to open the coaching in? If this is clear, then start your ground research on what is the current pattern of examination that you are providing the coaching for., what would be the infrastructure required for your academy; if it is a virtual classes, then you would need to have the available infrastructure needed for the class and then get in contact with the teachers who would sign up for the online coaching. You would also have to do a market survey of what is that factor that would make your academy stand out against the rest in the market. If it is not a virtual classes, then your job becomes slightly easier with respect to the infrastructure but on the other hand you have to arrange for faculty. Go ahead with this much and you can get back with further queries.


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Neville Rodrigues | 20 Sep

Ask yourself these questions :- 1. What am I good at ? Make a list ... show it your friends (some will laugh .. don;t worry) ... see if they agree and wait for the free advice they will give. This will give you insight on your options. 2. What are the thriving businesses in the locality ? - usually avoid these businesses .. because "thriving" will attract many other fly's ... ideally avoid being one of them. .... unfortunately this "guide" will be a bit longer ...since your query is very generic. But the first two points should start you off on a "safer" journey into the world of Business

Vikash Bhattacharya | 21 Sep

You can think of both one is linked to the other . Soft skills are general and hence demand would be more but for business English you need to focus on specific corporate clients .

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Sudhanshu Jain | 21 Jun

You can do following to enhance your soft skills to next level : 1. Start watching english news channels. 2. Start watching English sitcoms like 'Friends' and 'Mind your Language'.You can find them in youtube. 3. Do a public speaking course.

Emmanuel Anthony Das | 10 Aug

First of all you must have a passion for training. secondly you must choose your domain. next you must read topic related books and then enter the arena after which you have to go about doing things gradually and then depending on your penchant for training you will shine. All the very best


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Karuna Tamang | 01 Apr

I agree with Mr. Ranjan Kumar. We can give you the basics but you will have to develop it on your own. In other words you need to practice and practice and practice. Good Luck

Sudhanshu Jain | 17 May

Start reading and discussing what you read with your students. Start reading newspapers, non fiction and self help books in English. If possible do some public speaking it will enhance your confidence.

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