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How to eliminate Stage Fear?
Stage fear can be eliminated by 3 main aspects, that is:- 1.Your music knowledge,2.Your voice and3.Your right singing posture(sitting or standing).Be thorough in your musical study and gain the knowledge...

Vinod | 3 days ago

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Seven swaras sa re ga ma pa dha ni altogether called saptak. There are 3 saptak mandra, madhya and taar mandra saptak means lower octav madhya saptak is mid and higher octave is called taar saptak.
Kharaj Practice in Correct Way
1. Standing note / Long Note Practice in Mandra Saptak (Lower Octave)  2. Need to Stay on a particular Note for a full Breath 3. So Kharaj Practice in different Vowels of Hindi  4. Gargling gives...

Subhradeep S. | 08 Jan

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I want a professional trainer who can teach me music and singing very well.

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Subhradeep Sahoo | 4 days ago

Take out some time and try different teachers.

Vinod | 3 days ago

Hi Ravi, by filtering the place under the search category you can find the best tutors from UrbanPro.


Can I become a singer singing English songs? I hate my voice but I want to sing.

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Subhradeep Sahoo | 4 days ago

If you want to move from "Hating your voice" to "Loving your Voice", there is something called Kharaj Practice in Hindustani Vocal Music. Please Go through my lessons and Videos.

Vinod | 4 days ago

Yes, definitely with the help of a best voice coach.


How to make voice clean and clear?

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Subhradeep Sahoo | 06 Jan

Do gargling with salty warm water Before Kharash practice in the morning. Also chew some Adrak whenever get a chance. This would definitely help. Good Luck.

Vinod | 4 days ago

Pactice the swaras and do voice lessons like humming daily. This will refresh your vocal cords and remove any voice break and keeps your voice clear.


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Subhradeep Sahoo | 06 Jan

First Start with your friends invite a couple of your friends and start to perform your art in front of them. Gradually you will find out you are improving. One brick at a time.

Vinod | 3 days ago

Hi Shirley, Stage fear can be eliminated by 3 main aspects, that is 1.Your music knowledge, 2.Your voice and 3.Your right singing posture(sitting or standing). Be thorough in your musical study and gain the knowledge from your Guru. Make sure you fine tune your voice and confident enough to perform. Finally learn and correct the singing posture for your performance. By knowing all these, you are all set and you need not worry about the stage fear. As we are blessed,talented and entertainers to entertain others by singing there is nothing to worry about this stage fear. Once you are thorough with your musical knowledge, take affirmations that deepen your experiences of success. Start creating new inner experiences which are deeply true. The more vivid your imagination,the more your cells absorb the new belief and follow it as an instruction.If a conflicting belief, discomfort, or mental objection arises,observe it with compassion, and imagine it dissolving into higher truth. Deep relaxation helps you to focus on subtle energy patterns.This is followed by a meditation on several power centers in the body-mind. Each center regulates an energy quality that is linked to voice development. Regarding the posture when you sit and sing you have to sit straight without crouching. Shoulder should be expanded. While standing, stand straight and either of the legs should be forward. For more details visit our course section and updates.


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Pantula Gopala Rao | 01/12/2016

Prince, You can register in UrbanPro as tutor up to 12th Std or so and earn by teaching to students up to your standard and utilize the amount honorably for pursuing your passion. It is better to stand on your own legs rather than resorting to self pity. Self help is the best help. Regarding singing, I can teach Carnatic Music if you are serious about learning. Your name is PRINCE, remember that.

Bhuvana Raghavan | 01/12/2016

Hi Prince, Contact me through UrbanPro. I can teach you for free if you have real passion and dedication.

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