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Daily exercises to improve your voice projection - Volume exercises

Vinod Kumar
17/01/2017 0 0

To improve your voice projection, you can work on a daily basis with the Volume exercises:

Volume exercises:

1. Breathe deeply and exhale on a hising sound. Repeat 10 times.

2. Vary the loudness of your voice using the sound “Mmm-mmm”. Start with a soft sound, then middle and loud. Repeat, starting with the loud sound until the soft. Repeat again soft>loud>soft>loud>soft>loud for several seconds.

3. Repeat the exercise (2). With a vowel (ex. “ah”): soft>middle>loud - loud>middle>soft - soft>loud>soft>loud>soft>loud for several seconds.

4. Repeat the exercise with numbers.

Repeat the exercises daily, for example in your bathroom, in front of the mirror (to be sure you’re not breathing with the shoulders). You’ll soon improve your voice quality and projection. Ideally, practice regularly while speaking. Use a text, a prepared speech, practice in front of the mirror and focus on your breathing and voice. It must become a routine if you really
want to improve. You can start right now, sitting in your chair.

Happy Singing.

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