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British Council IELTS Prize 2016-17 deadline extended globally

The British Council IELTS Prize application deadline has been extended from 31 December 2016 to 28 February 2017. The prize money for the British Council IELTS Prize amounts to HK$66,000 for local winners and the Grand Prize is worth HK$420,000 tuition fees. The British Council IELTS Prize was introduced in 2011 and till now received by 50 students from different parts of the world. Read more….

IELTS Writing Section – Band score and tips 

As you start to prepare for IELTS Writing section, begin with this crisp article that articulates every noteworthy points of IELTS Writing section – from initial preparation to scoring. IELTS Writing is long in nature and hence student face many doubts. This UrbanPro writeup will answer all queries related to IELTS Writing section. Read More….

8 Entrance exams widens career opportunities 

As entrance exams keep happening all 365 days, you may wonder which is an ideal pick for your bright career? To put you out of worry, here is listing eight entrance exams that you can apply for in India and how they can be beneficial to your career. IELTS, NINAT, CLAT, SAT and more are discussed in the article for you to make the right career decision. Read More….

IELTS Reading – Tips and Tactics

IELTS Reading section has been considered a tough and major section by IELTS examinees. While continuous practice is the first key to master this section. Few smart and intelligent moves can make IELTS Reading section easier and less time consuming. Read more….

IELTS Coaching Lessons

Cramming for the exams? Would you like a few extra IQ points?
Go ahead, burn the midnight oil, cram it all on the last day. Sleep can wait until the next day or probably the next week. There's just one hitch. You lose 1 IQ point for every hour of lost sleep. What's...

Nirmal K. | 15 Apr

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Essay Writing Strategies
Strategy 1:Make sure you understand what you are being asked to do. It is important that you read the prompt carefully and identify both the focus of the question and the point of view you are required...


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Listening Tips for PTE, TOEFL and IELTS
Here is a simple technique that I am going to teach you to improve your scores on listening in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE. You need to listen to BBC News, documentaries and Hard Talk. When You listen you need to...

Dr Krishnakumar | 28 Feb

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Saikrishna Reddy Kariveda | 13 hrs ago

If you aim 7.5+, one month of preparation, along with few mocks is enough. It's just your presence of mind that's very important for exam. If you need help regarding this feel free to contact. All the best.

The Immaculate Training and Overseas Education | 11 hrs ago

We provide the latest tips & strategies and offer online/classroom training for IELTS. We also guide with study options abroad.


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Cathrin's English Classes | 18 Apr

It should be if your grammar and vocabulary is really good.

Stanford English Academy | 4 days ago

Dear Sarabeshwar, To answer to your question, I feel it is really depend on your current stand. If you current score is good enough, to achieve 79+ with in 2 months, may possible.


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Vanaja | 03 Apr

It depends on your fluency and competency, listening is the hardest as it requires your total concentration as the mind tends to wander after a sometime and you may miss the point. Speaking, Reading and Writing can be accomplished by practice.

Anupama Sree | 05 Apr

It is quite subjective. I've seen students who find reading tougher than other modules or speaking and writing. Some might find listening to be difficult. In my experience, many students find writing to be tough and clearly so because our education system does not stress enough on the development of this skill. If you're familiar with the English popular culture, then many things become easier. I would suggest taking a practice test at an institute so you can get it corrected and scored before you start your preparation. This will give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses to eventually build a study plan that suits your needs.

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Dawn Tutorials | 10 Mar

M.S is a good option.


Vijay Prasad | 12 Mar

Please concentrate on one thing.If you have decided to prepare IELTS, then you have to prepare for it. On the other hand if you have interest in computer science, then you have to learn it.Both options are good. In India Computer science is good option.


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Gopal Mukherjea | 28 Feb

It is a difficult question to answer without considering constraints. Let us assume an engineering graduate with 2/3 years experience. Most of them will need about 24 hours of coaching spread over 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, 5 mock tests should be good for ensuring a good score (7-8).

Divine Consultancy | 01 Mar

Dear Sindhu there is no stipulated time frame to get accustomed to IELTS modules & their core subjects. It all depends on your prudence level of English Language, grasping power, IQ level etc. But yes 'Practice makes a man perfect always, so as much as you can dedicate yourself for IELTS, it will reflect on your score. Moreover you need to enhance your patience level, imaginary power, strong vocabulary by reading English Newspaper, story books, articles, biographies etc along with watching English movies, listening to conversation tracks everyday at least 2- 3 hours. So a month at least or may be 2 - 3 months you can devote for IELTS practice to score a high band as per your expectation. Avail a training session from any IELTS Expert trainer & crack IELTS just in one shot with more than your target band. Team Divine wishes you ALL THE BEST for your IOEKLTS Exam & a blooming future ahead.

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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized open entrance exam that aims to test the English proficiency of candidates. Among English language tests conducted globally, IELTS reserves an important position. Importance of IELTS Exam The IELTS test score is considered...


IELTS IDP One of the co-owners of the renowned International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is IDP Education. The others administering the IELTS exam includes British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment. History of IDP IDP came into existence in the year 1969 and was...

IELTS British Council

The international standard test to examine English proficiency of non native English speakers, IELTS or International English Language Testing System is conducted by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment since 1989. British Council operations With...


General FAQs | Result FAQs | Listening FAQs | Reading Test FAQs | Writing Test FAQs | Speaking Test FAQs IELTS General FAQs 1. What is IELTS? Ans. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to assess the English language skills of candidates who want to study, work or migrate...

IELTS Listening Test

On the IELTS test day, one of the portion that students are most concerned about is the Listening section. Hearing audio clips and answering questions related to it – is neither easy nor fast to do. Yet in a total time span of 40 minutes, students have to crack the IELTS Listening section...

IELTS Reading Test

On the IELTS Test day, the second session brings you to crack the Reading section. The Reading section consists of four reading passages with 40 questions, all to be answered in a total span of an hour. Answers can be marked on the question paper but scores are only entitled for the questions...

IELTS Writing Test

The writing section of IELTS exam aims to judge the English composition capability of a candidate. During the IELTS test, students have to complete two writing assignments completely different in nature and structure. The total time allotted for the Writing portion of IELTS exam is an hour,...

IELTS Speaking Test

Are you feeling stressed about the IELTS Speaking test as you are not sure of how to get the best score and improve your IELTS band score? Not to worry, we are here to help you in scoring the best in your exam. You will have to know the exam pattern, tips and do some practice to ace it. IELTS...


IELTS tests the English proficiency of a candidate based on 4 compulsory sections in the exam. These are Listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening and Speaking components are same for both Academic and General Training formats of the exam. IELTS Paper Pattern Listening For a duration...

IELTS Band Score

IELTS Band Scores (section wise) The extensive struggle and preparation for IELTS exam results in one score. The score varies in a range of 0-9 band for each applicant. The mark each student scores in IELTS exam, lets one to infer about their English capability. Band Score Deviation 1 Non...

IELTS Result

IELTS Score Card Once you have applied and cleared the IELTS Test and its corresponding four rounds of assessment, then here are the ways you can get your score card. a) The IELTS score can only be received after 13 days of taking the exam, implying 13 days later to the main test day you can...

IELTS Exam Books

No exam preparation is complete without the right set of books. Online resources or notes from tutors are not sufficient to prepare for an exam. So the very first and constant aid, is books. Now when it comes to books for IELTS exam, the list is big and it therefore becomes hard for students...


Check out Country-wise list of Universities accepting IELTS band score of 6 and above for MS Courses. US Universities | UK Universities | Canada | France | Ireland | Malaysia | Newzealand | Sweden | China | Australia | Netherland | Poland | Turkey | Italy | UAE | Switzerland | Other Countries US...

Sample Questions

IELTS Academic Writing IELTS Writing Task 1: Graph/Pictorial Presentation 1 – Download, pdf IELTS Writing Task 1: Graph/Pictorial Presentation 2 – Download, pdf IELTS Writing Task 1: Graph/Pictorial Presentation 3 – Download, pdf IELTS Writing Task 1: Letter Writing 1 –...

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