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What Is A Raag?

Akshat Kumar
03 Jun 0 0

Raag is the backbone of Indian Classical Music. The word raag comes from Sanskrit word "Ranj" which means to delight, to make happy and to satisfy. Here it's necessary to clarify that not all raags project a happy mood. The raag can produce various moods such as Shant (serenity), Shrungaar (erotic), Bhakti (devotion to God), Veer (gallantry, bravery, aggressive).

Raag is neither a scale, nor a mode. It is, however, a scientific, precise, subtle, and aesthetic melodic form with its own peculiar ascending and descending movement which consists of either a full octave, or a series of five or six notes.

An omission of a jarring or dissonant note, or an emphasis on a particular note, or the transition from one note to another, and the use of microtones along with other subtleties, distinguish one raag from the other.

There are 3 Raag bhed (Types of Raag)

  1. Shuddha Raag: The raag in which even if any notes that are not present in it are used, it's nature and form does not change
  2. Chhayalag Raag: The raag in which if any notes that are not present in it are used, it's nature and
    form changes.
  3. Sankeerna Raag: The raag in which there is a combination of two or more raags.
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