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Guitar Lessons

Seven swaras sa re ga ma pa dha ni altogether called saptak. There are 3 saptak mandra, madhya and taar mandra saptak means lower octav madhya saptak is mid and higher octave is called taar saptak.
How to Read Guitar Tab Chords
How to Read Guitar Tab ChordsWhen you see numbers stacked up on top of each other in tablature, this indicates that you areto play them as a chord. Here is the tab for a C chord:E--0----------------------------B--1----------------------------G--0----------------------------D--2----------------------------A--3----------------------------E-------------------------------The...

Shiv Yadav | 26/12/2016

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Left, Right and Center (Co-Ordination and Timing) - The essential involuntary action for guitar playing
This article, or lesson if you may want to call it, is aimed basically at the beginners to help them consciously improve the co-ordination that will help make the learning faster by focussing on the physical...

Kaushal Chandrasen | 26/12/2016

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Anshul Rajoria | 5 days ago

It depends on how many classes you would like to take. One month of classes ranging from 1-2 hours 3 times a week is ideal.


Aman Singh | 2 days ago

It depends how much effort you are putting and where you are putting it?


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Deepa Gurnani | 5 days ago

Hi bharath i provide private classes for french from level 1 to 4 and also for basic understanding i conduct 2 days workshop even, workshop of 2 days is for 1500 rs and further will update you .Thank you


Chhavi Pamnani | 20 hrs ago

Hi Bharath, I provide french tuition for A1 (Beginner) and A2 (Elementary) levels. I charge Rs. 500 per class and the classes can be adjusted as per your requirements and flexibility.


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Yeeshu Sharma | 6 days ago

Depends on genre and to what extent you want to learn after all learning never ends.


Anshul Rajoria | 5 days ago

Electric being easier than most disciplines, depending on the genre of choice, 1-3 months.


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Ankit Nigam | 02 Jan

Scales in Music.

Siddhartha Roy Choudhury | 04 Jan

Its kind of like grammar. For any language we follow a grammar pattern. For music modes are mainly the grammar. It sets the mood.


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Gourav Singh | 09/12/2016

Firstly, start learning modes and learn about basic chords of each note of a major or minor scale e.g., C major...C D E F G A B C.... C maj..D min..Emin..Fmaj..Gmaj.Amin.. B dim....if you.


Gerard Nikitesh | 10/12/2016

Just play g,c,d.. c,f,g you can build up a lot of songs on just these chords.

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