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Guitar Lessons

Important Basic Rule for every beginner
Always use a metronome when you practice it will keep your notes in Rhythm and it will also enhance your playing. Metronome Marking for Technical Exercise:  80bpm - 160bpm = quarter note (1 note per...

George Monteiro | 04 Nov

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Guitat tips - Completely for beginners
If u want to play a guitar buy a guitar... I have met many students that says like, 'I want to learn guitar but i dont know.. if i could learn it so... teach me some if i feel easy i'll buy one'.....

Yaikhomba | 28 Oct

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Nirmal Prabhu | 30 Nov

Acoustic guitar


Yeeshu Sharma | 03 Dec

Try rocks RT 100 C. Its the best for beginners for around Rs. 5500 INR.


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Ganesh Surya | 25 Nov

Buy a beginner chord study book.

Nirmal Prabhu | 30 Nov

First I will suggest you to play C, Em, G, Am, D.

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Ganesh Surya | 25 Nov

Learn basics and start playing by your own by self hearing and take down the notes.

Rajeev Saikia | 29 Nov



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Kamlesh Sagar | 16 Nov

Take the guitar lessons in the evening for 30 minutes which will not effect your school and colleges.

Rajakishore Mintu | 16 Nov

Make time for both. Guitar class may take only 1 hr a day out of 24 hrs. We can easily manage. But be faithfull and honest in your Practise.


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Music Mate School Of Music | 11 Nov

First you need to follow the basic instructions : Sitting position, Holding the Guitar and Finger and Hand Positions which are very very important for any Instrument Player. See that your Left hand thumb remains straight when you are moving other fingers on the fret board and also have to maintain the gap between your Palm and the Guitar Neck as much as possible. You can Google the images of the Left hand position easily. But there is no short cut for Music...!!

Rajakishore Mintu | 16 Nov

It is normal in the beginning. But we can solve it. One should hold the Guitar in the correct position. Place your fingers and the position of wrist in proper way.

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Guitars are well known for its soothing sound. A professional guitarist knows how its sound varies when you adjust the pitch of each string. Tuning a guitar is the most important lesson that a beginner should learn before starting to play it. Playing a guitar which is not in tune may feel disturbing...


Picking the right wood is the first and most important step during the construction of an acoustic guitar. Normally, acoustic guitar’s body and neck parts are made from woods like mahogany, ash, maple, basswood, poplar, walnut etc. But most of the leading manufacturers prefer East Indian...

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