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Guitar Lessons

Practice Song
Playing a song or singing a song is a bit different than technical exercises which are much difficult to do long hours, so before practising a student must fix his mind to think that he will give his fixed...

Jay Gogoi | 20 hrs ago

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Family Chords for C Major Scale
The 6 commonly used family chords for C scale melody are C Major - C E G F Major - F A C G Major - G B D Am(Aminor) - A C E Dm(Dminor) - D F A Em(Eminor) - E G B   Using these chords most of the songs...

Kevin Paul | 08 Mar

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Pink Panther Theme [A Simple Lesson]
PINK PANTHER THEME PAGE CREATED BY- SHEKHAR  Beat-4/4 1 2 3 4 -- -- -- C#D D#E -- F#G -- D#E F#G CB EG BA# -- -- -- AG AG ED E                 ...

Shekhar | 04 Mar

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Dhwani School Of Music | 1 day ago

Rs. 2000 for 8 classes in a month.

Harshavardhana Rao Perumalla | 1 day ago

For an average of 8 classes, the fee would be Rs. 3000. If you opt for a home tutor, the number gets doubled or increases to one and a half value. Completely depends on the tutor. If he's a grade player, the number surely increases. Grade players are professionals. One should learn under their guidance, is what I suggest then only one can grasp the knowledge in a right way. I hope this helps, cheers.


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Sanchit Jain | 31 Jan

3 months

Arvind Samuel | 02 Mar

It depends on your practice time but if you follow instructions of your coach for sure you will learn the basics in three months.


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Jyotsna Vartak | 21 Jan

I conduct french classes and the fees for these are Rs. 350/- per hour. It takes Approximately 45 to 50 hours to complete each level.

M Raghu Rami Reddy | 03 Feb

Rs. 500 per hour or 1000 per session which include 2 hours class.


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Deepak Malhotra | 17 Jan

Completely depends on how much you practice. The instrument gives back what you give to it. Also I feel one keeps on learning. Yes you could start playing chords of your favourite songs in 2 months dedicated practice time.

Mithun Taksande | 20 Jan

If you are looking for just the guitar without any effects processors, It'll hardly take about 3-4 months and along with the effect processor another 1-2 months. This duration is to achieve minimum basic playing knowledge. The more you practice the more proficient would would become. It depends a lot on the kind of trainer you are learning from and the way of teaching and practicing.


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Siddhartha Roy Choudhury | 04 Jan

Its kind of like grammar. For any language we follow a grammar pattern. For music modes are mainly the grammar. It sets the mood.


Nirbhay Sankhwar | 19 Jan

For me modes are just another scale like major and minor. Every scale and mode has a different feelings and emotions in it. When you listen to a major scale or a song composed using major scale, you'll get a happy feeling and for minor scales you'll get a sad, emotional or may be an aggressive feel.same way modes also gives u different emotions and feelings and it is up to you, how you interpret yourself to those feelings of the desired mode and compose a song using the modes. For example if u want to compose a song which has a tension in it, you would use a Phrygian mode and so on.

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