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Nandkishor 30/06/2016 in Exam Coaching classes

I want to crack competitive exam.

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Globalmetaskills 05/07/2016

Be focused, have a good action plan, and emphasize on learning the Skills to crack the questions in required time...AlL THE BEST

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Bilal Ahmad Bhat 06/11/2016

There are plenty of competitive exams like SSC, PSC, UPSC, MEDICAL and other innumerable exams across the country and abroad. Whatever exam u want to get through needs a proper strategy. Hard work may not pay u the dividents as expected if the strategy is not proper. So planning is must before u start. Since u may be a fresher a mentor or a guide is essential to guide your efforts. Let us know the exam before we can guide u.

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Priyawrat 05/07/2016

For competitive exam you should solve previous 10 year papers with good concepts of understanding.

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Mahesh 05/11/2016

Hi Nandakishor,

Here are a few steps to answer your question.
Plan the study in two stages: Preparation stage & Practice stage
Divide the percentage of time (you can decide) between these two stages.

Preparation Stage:

1. Explore internet and download all the question papers related to the exam
2. Prepare Q&A completely as downloaded
By this time you would have covered all the patterns

Practice Stage:

1. Plan for two sittings EACH DAY, consisting of 2 hrs each
2. Take the model papers and simulate the exam for these two sittings

If you do this for about a month time, I believe you'll be closer to cracking it

All the best

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Kic Education 04/11/2016

In order to be able to crack any competitive exam, you must first take a diagnostic test of a simulated test without preparation so that you exactly know your weaknesses. According to your weaknesses make weekly study plans covering 6 to 8 hours a week for practice. Indulge into active reading by asking yourself what is the title of the passage, what is the purpose and tone of the author, etc. Learn 4 to 5 new words every day. Study Math as a language. Read the editorial pages of a good newspaper. Start early

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Parita 09/07/2016

The key to cracking is first study each chapter from at least 2 different books n then summarise them. This should be followed by solving at least 2 chapterwise papers. Of course solving past papers in the end is a must

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Bsc 08/07/2016

Join the team BSC Academy

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Raja 08/07/2016

It may be considered as old school of thought. But I believe there is no alternate to it. Improve your fundamentals. Develop thorough understanding of the subject. Then "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE". One year ofdedicated solid preparation will help you in craking it.

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Indelible Academy 04/07/2016

hello Nandakishor, Ofcourse you can do it..... provided you are working Hard.... ALL THE BEST.

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Ramesh Kumar 03/07/2016

ur preparing for which competitive exam

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Vidyayatan 02/07/2016

Which exam?

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Abhishek 02/07/2016

Follow your dream,hardwork and perseverance
Make you to crack the exam

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