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If you love dancing.

Sindhu Tb
19 Jan 0 1

Hi Everyone, 

This read is for anyone and everyone who is passionate about dancing. So if you are looking to learn Dancing, as a beginner, please look out for the following tips.

- Just dance!!! Anywere and everywhere, understand what form of dancing you enjoy the most and want to explore or do more of that

- Find a great Dance instructor who will make you fall in love with dancing. You can take demo classes, talk to the instructors and get the vibe.

- As much you watch yourself in the mirror, watch others. You learn 50% more just by watching other dancers. It helps me, and I am sure it will help you.

- Every class, try to perfect your posture, Stretch, improve your technique

- Wear good shoes, comfortable clothing.

- Relax, Smile and have fun.

Hope you feel motivated to get yourself onto the dancing shoe and DANCE.



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Ashish Bhimrao Gaikwad | 05 Mar

Fire waves dance studio and zumba fitness club Manish nagar Nagpur Maharashtra india. Require female dance teacher

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