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Sanjukaushik 11/10/2016 in Dance Classes

I am 12th pass now what can I do in studies
Bcoz cant suggest what I do pls help me?

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Sharon 21/10/2016

actually only perfect practice makes perfect. Besides dance, study what you enjoy that will allow flexibility of schedule in future so that you can dance along with a paying career until such time as that might not be necessary. Supporting yourself financially totally from dance is unlikely. All dancers teach, have other work or patrons in the form of family, spouse. Nothing you study will be lost and will enhance your abilities in your passion and career in dance. My senior disciple of 15 years did B Comm and is now studying for Company Secretary, even though he could earn decently from music accompaniment and dance already. Do what you love, but accept responsibility to support this personally. Best wishes and blessings. Sharon Lowen - Odissi

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Rituparna Biswas Mukherjee 10/11/2016

You did not mention your interest and also not mention your steam of 12th, so i suggest you to just concentrate on your goal

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Sangita 09/11/2016

you didn't mention your interest Mr. please do mention that.

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Atul 09/11/2016

I suggest you do a normal graduation of your interest and side by side do a professional course or diploma as in today's scenario it has become very important to have experience when it comes to apply for a job. Also you can continue your dance by giving an hour daily for it. All the best

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Armaan 09/11/2016

you can do in which profession your the best and you know no one can do that batter then you according to me. i am a professional dance choreographer i also chosen my profession after +2.

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Veera 08/11/2016

think about your organic curiosity....and stick to that,you will definetly get success

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Abhit Verma 02/11/2016

Just Focus on your goal and do hardwork like a hell..
Motivate from other if you need..
And Never worry about future just focus on ur present that how to change it.

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Rajeswari 21/10/2016

Dear sanju kaushik , the next step in life cannot be taken by others and will not be perfect for everyone of us. We have to strongly take decision for us since you are the best judje for yourself. If you are little confused take your parents help who knows you better. Even after you are confused close your eyes meditate and realise your inner voice and follow that which will help you to balance your decisions even if you have ups and downs

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Debu Halder 20/10/2016

If u are dancer.. Then take it any easy subject in studies...& continue ur dance....

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Ptnareshpillai 18/10/2016

Practice makes every one perfect.Your life in your hand.

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Ignite-feat 16/10/2016

Hi uh can choose any degree after ur 12 there are many streams such as business magement.BCA etc....

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Bharti 16/10/2016

Sanju you can learn Dance and acting in graduation from Padarpan Instititute 3/35 Old Rajinder Nagar.

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Varun 13/10/2016

There are many fields to pursue after +2, like hotel management , aviation, fine arts, or after degree u can pursue for groups also. So find Which suits u the most and in which ur most passionate.

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Amita Gaur 12/10/2016

you have many options in studies but first you have to tell which stream you had in class 12 then only i can suggest you better options.

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Archit 12/10/2016

go to the stream in which you are interested.

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Laxmi 12/10/2016

Hi you haven't mentioned which stream you pursued . However, by your query it seems like you are not sure about what your aim in life is to be. I would suggest play by your strength and interests. Figure what your good at and pursue that . You can also consult a education guide or counsellor who can help u out. Aptitude tests may help as well.

All the best!

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Divanshu 12/10/2016

Yes, you can studies

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