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Prasad 11/07/2016 in Corporate Training

I need some guidance on which course should i prefer to?

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Ace Web Academy 19/07/2016

Hi Prasad!
What is your educational background. If you are IT student I would suggest few courses like Web Design(HTML+CSS+photoshop), Digital marketing(SEO+SEM+SMO+SMM), Mobile app development(Android+iOS). Or if you are business management student go for SAP, Salesforce, Qlickview and others as all the courses have bright career. All the best!

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Rahul Narayan Patil 27/08/2016

Hey Prasad,

Your main concern is that you don't like choosing. Mr best suggestion would be explore and research about BI tools (Business Intelligence). Most of the BI tools are used for reporting and analysis. You can work as a creative individual in developing visually appealing dashboards and suggest ur analysis to your clients :)

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Ruma Chakravarty 07/08/2016

Dear Prasad, can contact me to discuss so that I can understand your background and guide you.


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JK IT Training 01/08/2016

Depends on which background you are from? Can you share those details?

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Epic Solutions 27/07/2016

soft skill would more valuable in corporate

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Ram Bu 25/07/2016

For the fresher level it depends on the what kind of learning you are opting for.

I will give you following suggestions which you can choose
1. Testing is a better idea if your looking for easy way of getting job, but learning about testing is limited.
2. To start with development, you should have good command over basic programming language and logic
Any body who want to learn programming about how to create a software basic is to start with C.

you can contact me, if you need more detail.

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Nikhil 20/07/2016

What do u want to train in ? Leadership , Business communications , Effective Strategy, Emotional Intelligence , Functional and Skill training ? U need to be specific ?

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Brajesh 20/07/2016

what is your qualification then only i can suggest you any cource

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Achievers Academy 20/07/2016

Need to know what exactly you are into at present. Are you a working professional if so which department. If you give us few details about your yourself then it will be easier to suggest an apt course.

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Intelogik Solutions 18/07/2016

You can try Salesforce

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