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Veena 10/09/2016 in Corporate Training

Hi this is Veena, currently a house wife, however planning to kick start my career after an year as a corporate trainer, but I know nothing regarding the functionality of the system, hence would like to comprehend the entire structure. This was not a sudden decision I had this as a long time dream to be a trainer. Can Urban Pro guide me through this .

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Hemant Deshpande 15/09/2016

Hi Veena, I am myself a Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach with 19 years of corporate experience. I can guide you regarding your aspiration. I can share my experiences so that you can understand the complete eco system. Let me know, if you are interested?

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Jose Manuel 06/10/2016

I can. we could collaborate our efforts. If you are serious i can help you. You can view my LinkedIn profile for my details.

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Winaum Learning 04/10/2016

Hi Veena, there are training programs available which can help you learn a lot to offer to the corporate world in the areas like Team Building, Communication Skills, Leadership, Attitude, Stress Management, Communication Skills , Public Speaking and several such related topics. And the corporates many a time do not have inhouse trainings for the same and you can be of great value to them . There are structured programs offered in the market for the same. All the best

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Abhijit 28/09/2016

Hi Veena,

I would suggest you to work with someone who has experience in corporate training and learn the process. Post which you can always start of on your own.


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Raj Laxmi 28/09/2016

You need to have knowledge to spread it. First take training then train. To my knowledge a personal training would help improve the quality of your teaching. Hope you get a right trainer first

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Stuti 27/09/2016

Dear Veena,

There are lot of areas in which you can train. So first thing you need to do is find your area of interest and start. Corporate trainer also has many branches like image consulting, soft skills, domain specific, process specific.
I hope this helps.

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Kaushiki K. 26/09/2016

Hey Veena,
Appreciate your interest. I honestly believe in self-learning and exploring self through social media tools.
Learning comes from experiencing it
Let me know into which specific domain would like to go
also Let 's connect to explore more together.

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Deepa T. 23/09/2016

Hi veena,
Corporate training is not a big deal if you have good knowledge on the subject, you have to be clear which is the area of specialization you are going to pursue. For more details please contact British council at your city.


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Akshayakeerti V. 20/09/2016

Hi veena,If you are new to this field,I urge you to join a company in their training dept. You can do a certfication from Dale Carnegi and then start tie up with traing companies.

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Veena 20/09/2016

Hello Sir! Good to see your reply, thanyou

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Medha G. 18/09/2016

Hello Veena, in Corporate Training which specific programmes you wanted to know. I have been doing Corporate Training for Finance & General Management programmes.

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Madhura R. 15/09/2016

Hi Veena...which type of corporate training you want to pursue ?

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