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Chemical Bonding Board Subjective Exercise

Giriraj Vishwakarma
11 Sep 0 0

Very Short Answer Type Questions : [01 Mark Each]

Q.1 I3– is known but F3– is not why?

Q.2 Define bond order.

Q.3 Define resonance.

Q.4 Explain the significance of formal charge.

Q.5 Give one example having ionic and covalent bonding both.

Q.6 If a carbon atom is sp2 hybridised how many unhybrid p-orbitals will be there.

Q.7 What change in energy is observed when a molecule is formed from the atom?

Q.8 Give SI unit for dipole moment.

Q.9 Electronegativity of chlorine is the same as that of nitrogen, yet it hardly forms a hydrogen bond. Why?

Q.10 Sugar is soluble in water though it is a covalent compound. Why?

Q.11 Name the forces responsible for holding non-polar molecules together.

Q.12 Define antibonding molecular orbitals.

Q.13 Out of three isomeric forms of dichlorobenzene which isomer would have zero dipole moment.

Q.14 Among NH3, H2S and H2O, the compound with lowest B.P. is

Q.15 AlF3 is more ionic than AlCl3. Explain.

Short Answer Type Questions : [02 Mark Each]

Q.16 XeF2 is linear despite the fact it involves sp3d hybridisation. Explain.

Q.17 Enlist the drawbacks of octet rule.

Q.18 Define bond angle and bond length.

Q.19 Do you expect P–Cl bond energy to be same in PCl3 and PCl5. Explain your answer.

Q.20 What do you under stand by bond pair and lone pair? Explain with suitable example.

Q.21 Considering X-axis an internuclear axis, which of the following will not form as and why?

(a) 1s and 1s (b) 1s and 2px (c) 2py and 2py (d) 1s and 2s

Q.22 "Non-polar molecules necessarily have a non-polar bond". Comment on this statement.

Q.23 Why He2 molecule is not formed?

Q.24 Deduce the magnetic character of the anion of KO2.

Q.25 In which of the following molecule, is the London force likely to be most important in determining m.p. and b.p. and why?

ICl, Br2, HCl, H2S and CO.

Q.26 CO2 is nonpolar while SO2 and H2O are polar. Explain.

Long Answer Type Questions: [03 Marks Each]

Q.27 Differentiate between sigma and pi bonds.

Q.28 Give total number of s and p bonds in

(a) C6H6 (b) C6H5OH (c) C7H8

Q.29 What do you understand by a chemical bond. Name various types of bonds with one example.

Q.30 How does electronegativity of atoms affect the polarity of a bond. Explain your answer with suitable example.

Q.31 Write formal charge of all the atoms in 

(a) CO32– ion (b) NO2– ion

Q.32 Sodium metal vaporise on heating and vapours have a diatomic molecule of sodium (Na2). What type of bonding is present in this molecule?

Q.33 H2S is a gas though its molecular weight is more than H2O, which is liquid. Explain.

Q.34 Boiling point of H2O is more than HF despite the fact that HF shows stronger hydrogen bonding explain.

Q.35 Explain why water shows higher density at 277 K and not at 273 K.

Q.36 Comment on bond energies of N2– and N2+.

Q.37 The dipole moment of LiH is 1.964 × 10–29 Cm at interatomic distance 1.596 Å. Calculate the percentage ionic character.

Q.38 The dipole moment of NH3 is more than that of NF3 explain.

Q.39 o-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is a liquid at room temperature while p- Hydroxybenzaldehyde is a high melting solid. Explain.

Very Long Answer Type Questions: [05 Marks Each]

Q.40 Write various assumptions of VSEPR theory.

Q.41 Define hybridisation. Describe different types of hybridisation, taking one example of each.

Q.42 Give lewis dot structure for following.

XeF2, XeF4, XeF6, XeO2F2 XeO4

Q.43 Describe the hybridisation in PCl5 molecule. Why are axial bonds longer than the equatorial bonds in PCl5?

Q.44 Write a short note on hydrogen bonding.

Q.45 Discuss the application of Fajan's rule.

Q.46 Indicate the interparticle force operating in the following cases.

(a) H2O (l) (b) H2O(s) (c) Dry ice (d) HF(l) (e) Diamond

(f) Aluminium (g) KCl (h) H2 (i) Rock salt (j) CF4

Note: there is not correct formate available, so I request you to students please ask me directly.

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