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Facial Expressions In Non verbal Communication
Human face is very expressive and it can depict the unsaid emotions and mood. Facial expressions is one of the important measure of non-verbal behaviour. As it is rightly said " A facial expression is...

Meghna G. | 12 Jun

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Relationship Management- Interpersonal Relationship
Dear Friends, We as human being are social animals, we need people around us to share our success, failure, emotions and thoughts. We are bonded with family, friends and society. In today's illusive world...

Sunil Bhat | 09 Jun

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What exactly is sharpening the axe?
Dr Steven Covey, who popularised the term, believes that it means “increasing your personal production capacity by daily self-care and self-maintenance”.Most people fail to understand what...

Jyoti D. | 06 Apr

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How to motivate people to participate in trainings...?

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Devisree Vallakati | 08/03/2016

Hi Motivating people to participate in trainings depends upon the group you approach to convince them,to preach them, and to help them gain the confidence in the areas they are backward.the main point to remember when u approach the public is to see yourself in their situation.a six inches tongue can do miracles once it listens to its heart and starts giving an extraordinary speach.learn the areas where people are lacking,utilise dat opportunity to motivate them. thanks and all the best

Suryanarayana K V | 09/03/2016

Need of the participant is important to motivate .Flash catchy quotations containing the need of the participants ,this will give positive response .

Hi iam working as a software engineer in a mnc ,but iam more intrested in public speaking,training,so i want to start my carrer in training(behavioral).can anyone suggest me how can i start with and please let me know if you have any opportunities. Thanks in advance

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Jasleen Anand | 02/03/2016

hi Lavayeswari Please answer these questions for me before i can advise you on your choice of Behavioural training. Why Behavioural Training.What are your dependencies,how do you propose to start,where do you stay.which company are you they have any L& D department,Are you aware of the certifications.

Anurama Suresh | 07/06/2016

Congrats on getting the clarity Lavanyeswari! You are specific that you want to start your career in behavioural training. Now, dig little more deeper and figure out what kind of behavioural trainer that you would want to become.. What are your favourite topics? Who would you love to train (Corporate employees / college students / common people)? Asking yourself such questions brings in a lot of clarity. Then, its all about figuring out what certifications / courses that you would love to do. You can ping me separately if you are looking for specific help :)

Hi,I have been working as a software engineer in an MNC company for the past two years in banglore,but iam more interested in public speaking,training.I want to start my career as a trainer(behavioral).,but i dont know how to start with.can anyone please let me know if you have any opportunities. Thanks in advance.

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Dev Singh | 25/02/2016

Dear, It's essential to know what are your core interest when it comes to Training. Training is speed in many ways. Process, Behaviour, IT etc... I am Master Certificated Dale Carnegie, Which gives me a authority to Trainer Others under my licence. TTT ( Train the Trainer Session) If you are interested. Please feel free to contact me. I shall also help you to got though a Profile test, where it will determine what kind of a Trainer you are suitable to be. Good Luck

Image | 01/03/2016

Do a certification program in public speaking. It would add to your corporate experience. There are lot of opportunities.

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Srh | 12/01/2016

Why some people look confident and some looks other wise, why is this ?..If we analyse all is based on their proactive attitude in all their actions with positive vision on success ...Can it be learned it possible to change timid person to confident person ..that is like a looser ...need to changed into leader or master ..But SRH have ability to change it, we are specialist to change person with intractive actions in areas of weakness and supporting them mentally in decision making to lead them succcess, The candidate finally but gradually change from cabbage to couli flower .... The time line in not fixed , and efforts also vary from person to person , even to some cases change found negligible , because of deep rooted belief, DNA, or his or her bad past experience..

Suresh Adina | 14/01/2016

Start with a simple step: take care of your health - both physical and mental. Once you have the health, confidence is an outcome of it. Confidence is the feeling that you can do what is required of you. That is possible only with health. Do not confuse that with the belief that you can do anything, which is what some people claim. If you feel you are lacking in confidence, then seek the help of someone who you trust. Then discuss the matter with them. They will guide you by asking the right set of questions to help build your own confidence. It is important to remember that only YOU can boost your confidence. Whatever others may do only supports it. And finally beware of taking verbatim any advice that is given to you as steps 1, 2, 3 etc to gain confidence. There is no single solution applicable for everyone. You have started the journey by posing the right question. Wish you all the best.

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Anju Deshpande | 05/12/2015

Success is a relative term. It needs another word as a parameter. success in what? success in which field ? successful ventures ,successful attempst of....Successful in achieving XYZ. One can be successful in having a sound sleep or merely getting up early.Peace Happiness and Content are on different platform ,has nothing to do with success and achievements. PHC are feelings, it can be said as state of mind at particular moment or specified period say few years /one day/life time.Again defining a term is literary/scientific and both have limitation.Only human mind can appreciate PHC after turmoil. Other flora and fauna perceive it naturally doesn't seek it.One needs to get as humble as a bird to know it.Best of Luck.

Charanjit Khurana | 06/12/2015

Getting Satisfaction from whatever you achieve as per own perception is a success. It is all in the Thoughts of self and should not be compared with others as every one is a unique personality in this Universe.

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