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There are various factors which determines the success of an online coaching class. You need to have good hardware and software support for carrying out online classes without any trouble. Here are few necessary tools for online training:

Hardware requirements for online classes

Computer with webcam: First of all you need a computer with webcam facility, so that both the online tutor and student can see each other. It will be more comfortable, if you have a laptop.

Hi-speed internet connection: Always try to use broadband internet connection because others may be slow and that may interrupt your communication.

Headphone with mic: You should have a headphone or speaker with mic facility, so that you can talk to your online teacher and clear all the doubts instantly.

Software requirements for online coaching classes

You cannot log in for any online lessons simply with the help of a laptop and an internet connection only. For that you need certain software tools, which act as a connecting platform between the tutor and the student. There are many free software tools available in the market and few of them are listed below:

Google Docs: Google Docs is one of the important online training tool that helps the teachers to create and edit documents, which can be shared with students online for real time analysis.

Weebly: Weebly is an online tool, which helps to create free websites and e-portfolios for students.

Skype: Skype enables the teachers to take online classes through video conferencing. Both the teacher and student can see each other through Skype, which is much similar to a regular class. Moreover, you can send text, images, videos and other documents through Skype and get the feedback instantly.


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