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Spanish Chapter -1. Introduction to Spanish and Pronunciation of Vowels
SPANISH - LECTURE#1 Spanish Language The Spanish language is the most widely spoken Romance language, both in terms of number of speakers and the number of countries in which it is the dominant language....

Bhashaprofs | 2 days ago

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How to practice past tenses of Spanish?
Unlike English, Spanish has 2 simple past tenses. And hence, 2 different conjugations. The best way to practise them  is to translate esaapneeti stories. "Once upon a time, there was a donkey. He...

Priyanka | 09 Jan

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Spanish Greetings
Greetings: Hello. - ¡Hola! Good morning. - ¡Buenos días!  Good afternoon. - ¡Buenas tardes!             ...

Vikash G. | 02/12/2016

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How long does it take to learn Spanish level 1- beginners?

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Mandira Chawla | 13 Jan

Also depends on the time frame that a student has and his/her ability to grasp the language.

Divya Kapoor | 4 days ago

Depends on your interest. Its generally 20 classes where per class you spend 2 hours and then a lot of practice and study.


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Gajaindra Singh | 3 days ago

Not more than 16 classes of one hour each. It's basically depends on your interest how seriously you take it.

Gajaindra Singh | 3 days ago

Starting with beginner level we step up to Intermediate level and than follow Advance level. Class is scheduled according to the student preferred time. Well I can say about me only, I charge Rs. 1000 INR for an hour.


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Bhawna Katyal | 20/12/2016

The scope in spanish language is high. First of all its an easy language to learn. After doing the course you can apply in schools and also teach at home by taking tuitions. Also you can work in embassy.

Biju | 21/12/2016

Spanish is the 2nd spoken language in the world. In the coming future more than Rs. 5000 MNC"s are coming to India. Then Job seeker has to study Spanish for getting job with better salary.


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Kshitij Chhabra | 13/12/2016

You should watch movies in Spanish, listen Spanish music with lyrics and try to learn 5 new world everyday. When you will have a good vocab. It will become easy for you to speak fluently.

Tavleen Kaur | 14/12/2016

Join tuition classes

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Asha Tadituri | 02/12/2016

Most important is regular reading and writing for Hindi language. Minimum 3 months take to learn (talk) Hindi.

Aditi Jain | 07/12/2016

Both are important but in my view you will learn very quick by TV but should have basic knowledge of that language. But if you will read a book of any language you would have much time to practice you can take the help of dictionary while reading book but not at the time of watching TV.

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