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What Points Determines A Candidate Is Fit For A QA Job Or Not?

ICreative Solution
17/12/2016 0 0

Following are some(base) Points Which Determine a Candidate is Fit for the QA Job or Not:

1.On Curiosity and passion: Being a software tester means being curious for everything. You need to mirror a child who is curious for the whole world and wants to know how it works. This is the critical criteria to be considered.

2.On Understanding priorities: A tester is always loaded with multiple tasks and if not able to define priorities, (s)he will create a mess only. Rather than jumping into everything and not able to complete anything, it’s better to leave work area with a satisfaction that you have successfully completed one of the important work.

3.On Bug reporting: It’s an art to describe the problem you are facing and that art is the key factor for any software tester to be successful in this field.

4.On Ideas generation: Being in most creative field, software testing, if a tester is unable to generate test ideas, s(he) will start feeling stagnant in short duration.

5.On Concepts: Being a software tester, it’s expected that the person should know what testing is and how to perform it better. Conceptual knowledge is also necessary and can be evaluated with below questions:

A.While SDLC model is better as per you? Waterfall or Agile? Why?
B.What is the need of re-testing when you are already doing regression testing?

6.On Analytical skills:
Finding the root cause or pattern of an issue is as important as finding an issue. A tester is expected to show that skill too.

If your all the above points are clear then definitely you will get your QA job next time.

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