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Self Defence

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Self Defence Lessons

The Ultimate 4 Minute Training For Better Endurance.
While searching in the web we come across verious articles, where people advice us to jog daily or to runs tens of kilometeres or to join swimming classes to enhance our physical endurance. But in this...

Uchass Paul | 17 Feb

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Tips for success in Martial Arts/ Self Defense
Hi, There is no competitor but you and only your are your competitor.So challenge yourself.Come out of your comfort zone.Be Strong.Be disciplined.Put your 100%.

Harshad J S. | 08/12/2016

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Learning Tip
Hi Namaste and warm welcome to all. Nothing is impossible if you have decided. I give you an example, I got call from student three months back, she wanted to learn boxing and kick-boxing. She put hard...

Harshad J S. | 29/10/2016

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Wing Chun would be an ideal solution for below reasons: Its a close quarter combat system - so helps overcome fear Requires very less space to train - So training not just in the class. No extreme stretching and endurance exercises involved - So good for beginners, especially girls Insists on Economy of Motion - So saves energy and improves focus Quite interesting drills - so fun to learn and teaches efficient ways to use your hands (against armed / unarmed) Helps to develop internal energy - So powerful strikes at even one forearm range One of the best for survival aspects - today's requirement for Women So go for it. NOTE: In no way one Martial Art Style is superior to the other. It depends on the person who trains and the way it is trained. All martial arts requires dedication and consistent training to attain proficiency. All Martial Arts are of one family. Thank you for reading.

Kalinga Martial Arts Academy | 02 Apr

We have designed a three months Power KREEM Self defense class in Hyderabad. It will be on EDF technique based. Stay strong.

Anyone wanna learn to fight? RAFT Academy is organizing a Free Course in Self Defense. Enroll yourself soon.

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Poonam | 26/09/2016

what is your address?

Harshad J Salla | 28/09/2016

where you located?


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Jeykar | 24/09/2016

RAFT Academy has a Real Time Based Self Defence system designed for Corporates. Contact for Detailed insight. Thank You for Query. Rise and Fight.

Amol K | 28/09/2016

Yes definitely we can.I take 2-3 day workshop for corporation

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Kausik De | 20/04/2016

there are 5 heian katas in shotokan syllabus.. heian shodan heian nidan heian sandan heian yondan heian godan

Amoli Bhonslay | 23/04/2016

Actually 6 katas but main are blocks which is important part in self defence. Zodaes of defence , dachi vaza, u have to be pefect in blocks just by learning katas u wont learn self defense .

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Harshad J Salla | 29/06/2016

There is nothing like male or female instructor. What matters is who understands you better and helps to reach your goal or target that is important. Secondly it depends also whom with you are more comfortable.


Riyas Yr | 30/06/2016

Knowledge matters everything.. male or female does not matter. but, if a girl getting training from a male teacher, she will be having the willing power and knows the tackles to defeat male opponent. And she will be having good confident.

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