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How to make a simple money charm?
Take a plate with water, then put a copper coin in it. Then take green candle, light the candle, drip melted wax of the candle in water on the coin. Say a prayer:- As a softinto a hardvis turend, so my...

Riyanka D. | 1 day ago

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I want to add myself as Professional Reiki Healer, please help me in regards to this

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Parameswaran Iyer | 07 Aug

Register yourself as a professional healer giving experience and other details.

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Padam Singh | 02 Aug


Parameswaran Iyer | 07 Aug

Get in touch with local Cancer research institutes... they provide the best platform


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Dr Santosh Kj | 16 Jan

It depends on what suits you. Power Yoga relates to physical workout while Reiki is more Spiritual, it not only allows to use universal energy for healing but also does inner development of a person. If you're interested in psirituality or healing, Reiki is the easiest (and I'm saying after working many years as doctor). Hope that helps

Radhika Ver | 16 Jan

Yes REiki is to simple.

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Aravindha Rajan | 08/12/2015

We don't believe ourselves to be souls because we simply don't understand metaphysics in our daily life's struggles. our brains are limited to scientific reasoning. And science cannot provide you these answers. To believe u need to read, research and analyze various sciences or faculties that deal with questions of origin of life... reading and contemplating is very essential... the more u do this, the more aware and wise you become.. wish u all the best in your search.


Meena Chandrasekar | 26/12/2015

Reiki is universal life energy, a channel through which we heal ourselves and others and it helps us to establish a direct connection with God. It helps us in our spiritual journey.


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Santy Kr | 16 Jan

Hi Amika. I hope you must have started your practice well. However my point is - you've your best guide with you 'Reiki', why are you in doubt and asking for help. Seek guidance from Reiki and have Trust. All the best.

Malini Kalyanam | 18 Jan

Amika, There are several ways to go about it : 1) When someone is having a problem, proffer assistance and this way they know u are a healer. 2) Spread the word around if u stay in an apartment and request a 15 minutes intro to be given on the subject from your end to apartment dwellers so that they may contact you moving forward. 3) Approach Media like All India Radio or Electronic media like news mags etc , which can showcase/ you as as a healer of Reiki 4) Do a Q & A interview with any leading online or print media so that peope may approach you, knowing you can answer their queries. 5) Heal yourself and request Reiki to assist you to get clients for Reiki .... the Universal Life force will come to your rescue .Leave it to Reiki to guide you to the next step of how to go about it . You will definitely get a clear picture on the best approach. All the Best and may the Divine work wonders through you. May your journey with Reiki be filled with abundant joy, exploration and be rewarding to you in the way you expect. Blessings and light XXXX , Malini Kalyanam

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