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Project Management

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Project initiation with PRINCE2 Methodlogy Video lessons
            Before watching the above 5 series of videos you can read the below blog written by me on this subject: https://vskumarblogs.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/how-to-start-a-project-with-prince2-methodology/   Let...

Shanthi Kumar V | 27 Nov

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Geographical Boundary
In recent years the spatial planners have forgotton the values of Regional Planning. This has caused lot of discrepancies in analysing the meso level data. While we are good at micro level analysis and...

Mutyala Prakash | 18 Nov

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Points to be remembered while creating Project schedule in MS Project
Rule 1 : First task should not have predecessors, Last task should not have successors. Rule 2 : Except first and last tasks, every task must have both predecessors and successors. Rule 3 : Project Summary...

Umasankar Natarajan | 24 Oct

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Sounik Kajal | 04 Aug

The CAPM or Certified Associate Project Management is an entry level certification. If you are just starting off your project management career then this course is apt for you. It will distinguish you from your competitors. It is the most basic course of Project Management. Professionals take up this course to enhance their effectiveness and credibility while they are working on or with any project team. The PRINCE2, ?Projects IN Controlled Environments' certification, is a process-based project management method that provides a step-by-step, detailed method for delivering a successful project with clear templates, processes, and steps. The certification is both, process and project focused. PRINCE2 is administered in the UK by the APMG, but is also recognized and valued throughout the world, with an especially-strong presence in Europe and Australia. The main difference between the three exams, is project experience. PMP requires the highest number of hours whereas CAPM requires the least. So if you are a professional wanting to take the Project Management road, with only a few years of experience, then opt for the CAPM certification and take it from there.

Tax | 11 Aug

No, but you must know the time value of money in calculating CAPM and its technique in capital asset pricing model(CAPM), the other thing prince2 is a subject outside our sylabuss.


What are the Techniques to avoid Project slippage? And what is burn down chart?

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Nilesh Bhanushali | 01 Jun

Hi The slippage or variance in any project mainly falls under the following categories:- 1) Effort Slippage 2) Schedule Slippage 3) Cost Slippage Since your question is generic, I will try to briefly cover the techniques to avoid all types of slippages:- 1) Resource Planning helps you avoid effort slippage when the project has less number of FTEs than actually required. In a vice-versa situation, it results in both effort and cost slippage 2) Efficient and effective project planning helps you avoid all three types of slippages. When project team does not strictly adhere to project plan, there is no question of meeting the project goal 3) Risk planning and Management is an important technique to avoid all three types of slippages. Risk management mainly involves risk identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of risk identified, risk mitigation and response plan etc. Answering your next question, burn down chart is a graphical tool to help project team estimate total efforts against all project deliverables. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tool accompanied with burn down chart can truly guide project team to accomplish the task here. Regards Nilesh Bhanushali

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Sagunservices | 15 Feb

Project Management is important to forecast the risk /issues and mitigating them before it occurs for the project to get delivered with the scope, schedule and cost.

Anand Mohan M | 05 Apr

Anything and everything if we have to consider or undertake as a project, we need to first put it on paper. The things that scheduled are the things that get done and the things that get done are the only things that get scheduled. First thing to do is identify your problem statement(something is not right), then convert that to an opportunity statement(we can do this to better it) and finally come up with your goal statement(let the rubber hit the road) to materialize your objective by giving it a timeline of-course with tolerance.(we are all human beings not machines)

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