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Lesson Posted on 30 Jun IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL

Requirement: How to find the list of files in specified directory? Step1 : First find the JDK Install...


Answered on 17 Mar IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL

What is oracle ACID?

Manoj Kumar Vishwakarma


In computer science, ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) is a set of properties of database transactions. In the context of databases, a sequence of database operations that satisfies the ACID properties and, thus, can be perceived as single logical operation on the data is called a transaction.

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Lesson Posted on 22 Feb IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL

One of the easiest ways to tackle such Real Time scenarios is through use of Oracle Defined "SYS_REFCURSOR"...


Lesson Posted on 13 Feb IT Courses/Java IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL IT Courses/Unix Shell Scripting Training

For the below written test answer I defined with "*" at the end of the options NULL is the same as...


Lesson Posted on 29 Jan IT Courses/Database Training IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle Database IT Courses/PL/SQL +1 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL

What is Performance in general terms? Throughput per Input. For Eg: we keep saying, this bike has so...


Lesson Posted on 09 Jan IT Courses/PL/SQL IT Courses/Database Training IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle Database +1 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle PL/SQL

DBMS_JOB : To schedule jobs. DBMS_SCHEDULER: Extended the functionalities of DBMS_JOB. UTL_SMTP: To send...


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