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I have a month of time...n I am thinking of learning something apart from academics...I am interested in badminton , squash n music...But i think 1 month would not be sufficient to learn all these...I even like dancing but I can't dance...I have completed 1st year of mbbs...n I think this is the only last time I would be free...Help me in choosing any one of these.

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Sikha 29/11/2016

Music is not easy subject. Nobody can learn in a month.

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Manju 30/11/2016

Learning music is good at least you can learn basics in one month

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Pantula Gopala Rao 23/11/2016

Mahati, Your idea of utilising the time for learning is really appreciable. What I suggest is:- you can try Badminton and if yo you are good at that, you can continue. Along with it you can start music ( in which I can help you), which refreshes you and also, it gives you confidence in participating in the competitions and events in your Medical college. I have MBBS and BDS students, who are enjoying learning basics of music and some songs also. Best wishes.

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The 14/10/2016

I d say learn Music. Especially Keyboard. I say this considering your timeline. You have one only one month. You can do a solid Music theory course with some Keyboard techniques on which you can build on later. This will stay with you for ever for a very long time. Kindly connect with me for any help.

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Priyanka 29/09/2016

You choose dance.
Better refreshmnt for your mood..

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Neeharika Gupta 28/09/2016

Learn to play guitar..it will help u relax ur body and mind as well. If interesed please contact me.

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Ranju Saini 09/09/2016

Both Dance and music will be an additional asset for you. Music will be a calming ,soothing for mind and dance will make u feel good and active. Make your choice

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Pantula Gopala Rao 26/11/2016

Dear Mahathi, as an artist-my elderly advise to you is that you should take up your interests one by one. Try your hand at Badminton first. Simultaneously you can take up Music- These two are distinct. So you can take up both simultaneously. Similarly take up Dance and another sport together. Thus you can fulfill all your ambitions. I can help you in study of music- on your holidays or week ends. Best of luck.

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Pantula Gopala Rao 25/11/2016

Mahathi, you sought for advice in September, and by this time you might be back to your busy schedule as a medical student. However, you can find some time on week ends and holidays, and spend half an hour or so in learning music and refresh along with acquiring knowledge in the great art.

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Gulshan Kumar 16/11/2016

Don't think so much I have to do dancing.
Playing music an all I feel you have to join fitness classes. I think you will feel good.

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Pasumarthi 18/09/2016

As everybody here saying nothing can be learnt in one month that's true, but i can say any thing u want to learn can be learnt as a crash course depending upon your capacity of following...

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Princy 09/09/2016

as u have interest in music, You can go for keyboards...its pretty easy to learn
even my 8 yrs daughter have learnt a play a song within 2 days....one month is far enough to learn few of your favrt songs. All you need is the spirit to learn something and choose a right tutor for yourself.
All the best :)

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Ishita 07/09/2016

Go with DANCE. Dance keeps both the body and the brain active, vital for people of every age. It offers a way to improve strength and flexibility, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy. Choosing to start a new hobby can help you meet new people and make friends with people who have similar interests.Dance helps you learn about your body, improving your posture and balance.Dance offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe environment. It is a fun way open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself. best wishes.... Ishita Ray

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Monika 26/09/2016

Hii Mahathi you can choose dance. Its really a good body therapy

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Waseem 08/12/2016

Go and take music classes because music is always with us.

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Rajeswari 08/12/2016

I am also a teacher for carnatic music and I can teach you music on line.

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Rajeswari 08/12/2016

Hai this is Rajeswari from chennai, chidambaram natyalaya, It is very interesting to see a girl learning an art in one month. This itself shows your ultimate love for art. Being a dance teacher I really appreciate your positive thought and any time you can contact me and I can teach you dance in one month. I too want to be a trend setter.

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Thilak John 06/12/2016

I am a Guitar Tutor, You definitely can't learn playing the Guitar in One month but sure you can develop the interest for it and trust me Music can in some way help you express yourself better.

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Dance 30/11/2016

As a dance teacher I suggest you can take up dance. After your vacation also you can continue. Just spend 2 hrs per week for learning and daily 15 to 30 min for practice. That's it. Doctors can dance. I myself an engineer teaching dance. Hope this will help you. Have a good day. Take care.

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Amit 27/11/2016

Although I am a badminton coach but I would recommend go for music because it will help u to enjoy and clear your voice, plus new talent. Badminton is not easy you can't learn in one month or year.

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Mahesh 26/11/2016

Don't do anything as it is you are wasting your time.

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Mahesh 26/11/2016

Do what your heart say and you are good in.

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Sanchit 25/11/2016

Buy a harmonica. Its the best instrument if you don't know much about music because all the keys come in the same scale. So, if you buy a harmonica in. say, scale C, which is very commonly used in songs, and play it randomly, you'll be able to create your own music. And a harmonica will fit in your pocket as well.

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Harshit 25/11/2016

You should take voice culture classes.

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Gaurav Gupta 25/11/2016

I think you can learn basic of dance it will be good for your health.

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