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Grasping English Vocabulary through Context
Learning English vocabulary is essential to understand words in a sentence. The stronger the vocabulary skill, the better it is to comprehend what the author wishes to tell us. As children, the little...

English Dost | 22/12/2016

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When you learn a new language, the first thing you really need to do is get clear about your motivation and your goals.If you are intrinsically motivated,(not just because you require to do it) then ony...

Winny Andrew | 31/10/2016

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Hi mam , I am persuing from delhi university sol , i want to do something different, so which language course should i adpot spanish , French,or any other i need ur guidance mam , thankyou

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Abhay | 28/06/2016

Asian language including Chinese,Korean, Japanese.(but these all are script based language,if you like script you can think about these), but if you want to choose European language you can think about Spanish, french and german.

Manu | 29/06/2016

Hi Tabish You can opt form either of the two, as both the language are highly in demand. As one of the expert has given an good example, think about the field to which you would like to pursue in future. As per my research apart from French and Spanish, there is a really good demand for Japaneses experts.


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Nidhi | 02/10/2016

French is spoken in more countries as compared to other languages. So it would be better if french learning benefits you in some or the other way ,then u must go for it

Manjiri Shevde | 06/10/2016

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Knowing German language creates business/job opportunities. So I think you should go for it.


how can i come to know Marathi,it was so difficult such that i cant understand also..plz suggest me a better way for learning Marathi within one week.thank you

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Asha Tadituri | 22/06/2016

kisi sey baathcheet karney sey, jaldi ayega. marathi writing aur hindi writing lagabag same hai. You know hindi. Practice and practice.


Misscool B | 22/06/2016

hi Marathi is not tough language first buy dictionary of Marathi and see Marathi movies bcoz u learn what are the meaning and how to pronouncing the words and also practicing to speak in Marathi then it was easy to learn any language in this method all the best


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Srinivasa Murthy Tv | 11/08/2016

Hi Roopa, learning a foreign language guarantees you a high paying job , BUT you need to work hard atleast for another 3yrs, i rather suggest you to a learn a foreign language and boost your resume thIs may expand your career can join Bangalore university CGL, it has weekend class aswell. you can pursue your foreign language education as well as earn your living during the week days.

Dr Sanjib Kumar Acharya | 30/08/2016

Hello! For getting a translator job you need to study this language extensively for few years. You can learn German or French language as one add on skill to your core area of Chemistry which you should never give up. Improve your core competency on Chemistry. You may go for teaching this subject in your spare time to earn good additional revenue in offline or online mode. Good luck.


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Gurpreet Kaur | 11/09/2016

I suppose you can learn chinese at ADCHINI Which is at aurbindo marg...I saw once passing by. its in delhi

Han You Chinese Chinese | 11/09/2016

I will not advise you to go for JNU or BVB or DU or YMCA!! you really need to check the feedback from students who already passed out from these places... Again must say here to look for native teacher will lesser students in the batch especially in case learning any language!!

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