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Become a Javascript Programmer | Kick start your career as a web developer
Wondering what to do after college? If you want to start your career in IT and if you want to become a programmer, I would strongly insist on learning one language/skill and that language is 'Javascript'. Yes,...

Parvez Ansari | 04 Apr

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ITensiaPRO | 06 Feb

For event loop: /* Within main.js */ var firstFunction=function () { console.log("I'm first!"); }; var secondFunction=function () { setTimeout(firstFunction, 5000); console.log("I'm second!"); }; secondFunction(); /* Results: * => I'm second! * (And 5 seconds later) * => I'm first! */ 1. After secondFunction is placed on the call stack, the setTimeout function is invoked and also placed on the call stack 2. Right after the set Timeout function is executed, something special happens here are the browser places set Timeout callback function (in this case, first Function) into an Event Table. Think of the event table as a registration booth: the call stack tells the event table to register a particular function to be executed only when a specific event happens. And when the event does happen, the event table will simply move the function over to the Event Queue. The beauty of this event queue is that its simply a staging area for functions waiting to be invoked and moved over to the call stack. 3. Executing the set Timeout function moves the callback function (in this case, first Function) to the event table and registers it to with a time delay of 5 seconds. 4. Once first Function has completed its execution, we return to a state where there's nothing in the call stack, the event table doesn't have any events to listen for, and the event queue is empty.


Shiva Nikku | 20 Feb

The Event Loop is a queue of callback functions. When an async function executes, the callback function is pushed into the queue. The JavaScript engine doesn't start processing the event loop until the code after an async function has executed.


What is per hour pricing and duration for any of the following courses from three best training institutes: Photoshop training; Video training; PHP programming; Web Development: CSS/ Javascript programming; Android programming; Java programming?

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Biswajit Chatterjee | 08/06/2016

I provide responsive html5, css3, jquery, wordpress, bootstrap, sass, less training @ a very minimum cost of Rs. 250 per hour.

Nipun Syal | 06 Mar

Your domain is too wide/ question is too general. I will however, be answering about Photoshop / Video editing. Top institutes offer complete courses father than charging per hour, at least most ones in India do so. However individuals do offer training on per hour basis. For Photoshop it would cost you around Rs. 1000 per session and for Photography it would cost you around Rs. 1800. Kindly note, the charges vary as per experience of the designer/photographer.


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Baji M | 18/03/2016

JavaScript is a simple script/ADD On language which can't run independently.But the syntax and methos of writing the code is similar to JAVA.

Rakesh Kumar | 21/03/2016

Java is server side language is used to make application. Java is need to compile. The end user can not see the code of java it is secured. But Javascript is script language is a open source can be viewed by end user in browser.


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Baji M | 18/03/2016

Hi sandeep, we are conducting Classroom and Online classes for JavaScript,JQUERY and ANgular JS.please attend for the demo.If interested let me know

Prabhakara Reddy | 12/04/2016

Hi Sandeep, For angular or Jquery or any other JS frameworks Basic javascipt is required. Start learn and more focus on javascript you can learn very easyly other js frameworks


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Varma Bhupatiraju | 10/05/2016

Sandeep, Don't spend time on Angular 1.0. Angular 2.0 is complete rewrite and very different from Android 1.0 and won't be backward compatible. Angular 2,0 is going to be fully released in few months. However, You can start learning Angular 2.0 in beta version and get ready.

Sagar Munjal | 21/05/2016

Hi Sandy!! This is sagar, a javascript lover! I would like to tell you if you know simple maths and arithmetic then thats where javascript learning begins but after you begin learning you will find that the language has a lot more capability and you would be able to unleash the true power. live demos and working examples are the best way to learn not only javascript but anything in life. I would be glad to help with javascript concepts and then once you are through with JS concepts learning Angular would be a breeze.

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