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Surawat notation in Raga Bhupali for Vocal, Violin, Dilruba & Esraj
Raga: Bhupali, Thata: Kalyan, Jati: Odhava, Samaya: Aroundb 8 pm, Varjya: Ma & Ni, Vikruta: Nil, Pakad: GRPG, SR, DS Asc: S R G P D S' Dsc: S' D P G R S Surawat in Rental Astayi from 9 Matra 9 ...

Dr Aranya Kumar | 18 Feb

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Twinkle twinkle children song on violin
This song is written around 1800's by Jane Taylor, it is a Western song but very popular in all countries. In Indian music, we complimentarily teach this song to encourage children and new students. This...

Dr Aranya Kumar | 17 Feb

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Keyboard/harmonium fast gaining techniques
Dear Friends, Basically speed is one of the essential aspect in playing harmonium nor keyboard. Appropriate fingerings helps you to overcome the problem of finger slippage which inturn adds beauty to...

Kowshik Sathya | 10 Feb

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Nandita Rao | 05 Apr

No unless he or she has the last birth connection with playing the instrument.

Shekhar | 07 Apr

Not possible, all blowing instruments are tough and flute is blowing instrument, it takes much time and full dedication.


How many years have you exprienced with tabla?

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Sachin Shah | 15 Feb

I have experience of 10 years.

Mukund Dev | 03 Mar

I used to singing khayal 10 year's and I have very good experience of tabla. Now I am performing Dhrupad since last 4 year's and i have a relationship with Pakhawaj.

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Elaiyaraja Dharmalingam | 27/09/2016

Dear student, Please try to find out what is real potential and passion. please do not work for marks and only for certificate.


Madonna | 05/10/2016

If you want to do something ,just go for it. Life is too short for you to keep postponing your wants and needs. You will never know if you like something unless you try. There are plenty of online courses where you can get certificates. But let me as you, ' why would you need a certificate for learning anything for just a month"?. There are a lot of 'what ifs' in your life. Just go for it gal!!


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Lakshmi Raghava | 23/09/2016

You search in urbanpro

Vinod | 16/10/2016

Filter and search your location in urbanpro for to find the tutors in your area or nearby location


Where in Noida

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Aditya Srivastava | 31/08/2016

Noida is a city in Uttar Pradesh bordering Delhi

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