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Understanding Of GST (Goods And Services Tax)
What is GST? Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. To understand this, we need to understand the concepts under this...

Charchit Jain | 7 hrs ago

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How To Determine If Points Are Collinear In Coordinate Geometry?
How to prove if points are Collinear in coordinate geometry? Collinear points definition: Three or more points that lie on a same straight line are called collinear points. Consider a straight line...

Ravi Kota | 4 days ago

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A Physics And Math Problem
Three small snails are each at a vertex of an equilateral triangle of side 60 cm. The first sets out towards the second, the second towards the third and the third towards the first, with a uniform speed...

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Shabab Haider | 5 days ago

Since you've been to coaching, I'm assuming that you've developed some level of aptitude to solve JEE-Advanced problems. So if that's the case, then it's going to be an easy ride for you. Regarding the doubts, you can get some online faculty (given that you don't wish to join any coaching) for that purpose. Why not you check out my profile, if it seems good enough to you, I'll be more than happy in helping you crossing this bridge called JEE-Advanced.


Sujoy Nandi | 5 days ago

You have to share your problems to your tutors and follow every results carefully


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Shabab Haider | 5 days ago

Well, one must agree that cracking JEE-Advanced is an art. An art which no one, and I repeat, no one is born with. This art is developed with time and sincere efforts. Lemme tell you what exactly is gonna happen. In the initial days of your preparation, you're going to sit with the JEE-Advanced question bank, and a lot of energy & excitement. The first four questions will be a set of in-swinging yorkers at a pace of 160 kmph, right into the block hole. The next two will be vicious bouncers above the shoulders and targeted on your head with the very same speed. And, if you somehow manage to defend this over, you'll get another set of vicious bouncers, yorkers and that off stump line that troubles Virat Kohli. And by, now I assure you, you're clean bowled. The trick is to make the concepts crystal clear and then struggle with a lot of questions. Yes, you heard that right, to get t right, you gotta struggle. Struggling doesn't mean to waste an hour on one question. By struggling, what I mean is to give a set rational thoughts to the problem. By struggling, I mean to figure out a set of potential approaches to solve the problem. Don't worry about solving it or getting to the answer, because at this point in the preparation, the thought process is important. Keep doing this, and one day, trust me, you'll hit in-swinging yorkers for sixes. I didn't answer it to market myself and my courses. But your enthusiasm reflected in the question made me realize that I would love to get you through this barrier of JEE-Advanced. Also, I'm not telling you to trust or buy my words straightaway. Just give a trail class a go, and if you like it, I'll be more than happy to be a part of your JEE journey.

Prithvi Singh Yaduvanshi | 5 days ago

Yes u can crack Jee Main by self study but dedication, punctuality & hard work required.... If u looking advance.. Join a good institute.

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Arti Mehrotra | 5 days ago



Michael Simon Manidurai | 5 days ago

Auto-CAD, Excel, Matlab, you have many softwares. Go to google and type in list of softwares for drawing tools in maths.


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Dr Shailesh Tripathi | 22 Jun

Yes, you should go for re exam through Ur own board either through n.i.o.s. To improve ur % ..... And target for IIT-JEE 2018.... Best of luck

Prithvi Singh Yaduvanshi | 5 days ago

Yes you can get exam but if u want admission in iit's or nit's u should get atleast 75% or top 20 percentile state board. But u get 63% so u can go for other colleges.


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Rahul Singh | 07 Jun

Although there are a number of good books that will help you prepare for IIT but books are not as important as perfect guidance. If books could render knowledge every students would have been an IITian today. So get a good guidance first then start looking for other books. Most importantly, do not solve more than one book at a time and it may be misleading. Try keep your calm and be guided by an appropriate subject expert.

Winning Edge Academy | 09 Jun

Use NCERT textbooks, for revision you can opt for ABC publication books or can use online references for the same.Make use of your notes that you might have collected so far. All the best.

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JEE or Joint Entrance Examination is an All-India Entrance Examination conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) for getting Admission into various reputed Engineering Courses across India. It was established by CBSE in 2012 and has replaced both AIEEE and IIT-JEE. JEE is a two-tier...

About IIT

IIT stands for Indian Institutes of Technology is an autonomous public academic institute with 23 campuses across India. The IITs is a successful visionary venture of India s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The 23 IIT campuses in India are located in the following cities: Mumbai, Maharashra Dhanbad,...

IIT JEE Registration

The first step towards, IIT is a successful registration for the IIT-JEE exam and thereafter qualifying the IIT-JEE Mains exam. The next step is to earn a rank among the first 1,50,000 and crack the IIT-JEE Advanced exam. From 2017, all Indian students must own their own Adhaar Card issued...

IIT JEE Advanced About

In 2017, IIT JEE Advanced is going to be conducted by IIT Madras. As no new exam format or altered exam pattern has yet not been announced; here is a look at the previous year s IIT JEE Advanced exam pattern for clear understanding. The IIT JEE Advanced exam can be taken in two formats –...

IIT College Campus in India

In India, there are 23 campuses of IIT that every year admits around 10,000 students from across the nation. Starting 2017, the number of IIT campuses are rising and so, the the total roll strength is also expected to shoot up. Below is the list of 23 IIT campuses across India that has now...

IIT JEE Mains About

The first step to admission in the IITs is IIT JEE Main exam. Qualifying IIT JEE Main and Advanced exam also paves ones way to NITs, IIITs and state engineering colleges. To help, students get through the IIT JEE exam, here is explaining the components of IIT JEE Main exam. The IIT JEE Main...

IIT JEE Mains Physics

Every engineering course has a strong tilt on physics, and no exception are the IITs. Hence, from the very first entrance exam stage of IIT JEE, Physics is an integral part of the syllabus. Both in IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advance Exam – Physics is one of the important subject. The other...

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus

IIT JEE Advanced Result

The IIT JEE Advance results come out in the official website of IIT JEE Advance (http://www.jeeadv.ac.in/.) To check IIT JEE Advance results, the requisites are : Date of birth IIT JEE Advance roll number Random text showed on screen The IIT JEE Advance result reflects the following : All...

IIT JEE Advanced Books

When students qualify the IIT JEE Main exam, the confidence rises up and they are now one step closer to IIT JEE Advance exam or even to their IIT admission. To make sure that their IIT JEE Advance exam preparation goes good backed by the best books, here is a list of books you can buy for...

IIT JEE Mains Physics Tips

Here are the tips to follow while preparing for IIT Physics mains exam: Bible books of IIT JEE Physics Mains exam The bible books to study IIT Physics are H.C Verma Physics,I.E Erodov (selected Q’s),and Deb Mukherjee MCQ’s . The books are segmented separately based on syllabus for...

IIT JEE Advanced Physics

Every engineering course has a strong tilt on physics, and no exception are the IITs. Hence, from the very first entrance exam stage of IIT JEE, Physics is an integral part of the syllabus. Both in IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advance Exam – Physics is one of the important subject. The other...

IIT JEE Mains Maths

Here is a brief introduction and lead chapters that you must cover in IIT mains maths paper: When it comes to maths syllabus of any exam, often students may the mistake of covering a much in-depth syllabus than what is actually required. Its therefore highly recommended that when it comes to...

IIT JEE Mains Results

The IIT JEE Main score is given by Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The score of IIT JEE Main reflects marks secured in each paper. The IIT JEE main exam results also determines all India rank of the candidate and their eligibility for IIT JEE Advance exam, the next step. According...

IIT JEE Advanced Physics Tips

Here are the tips to follow while preparing for IIT Physics Advance exam: Practice maths (focusing on algebra and trigonometry) You might be good in maths but when it comes to physics, the style, kind and sort of mathematical problems are different. To solve physics based maths problems, students...

IIT JEE Mains Syllabus

PHYSICS SECTION A UNIT 1: Physics and Measurement Physics, technology and society, S I units, Fundamental and derived units. Least count, accuracy and precision of measuring instruments, Errors in measurement, Significant figures. Dimensions of Physical quantities, dimensional analysis and...

IIT JEE Mains Maths Tips

Here are exam tips to prepare for IIT JEE Mains Maths paper: Maths, one of the most important subject among the three of IIT JEE mains exam required maximum time and strategic approach for a good score. Here are listing down some useful tips that will make learning maths an easy challenge for...

IIT JEE Exam Dates

Based on the official release from Central Board of Secondary Exam (CBSE), here are the important dates that every IIT-JEE exam applicant of 2017 must make a note of : In 2017, the IIT JEE Main (offline) exam date is 2nd April 2017. The online IIT JEE Main exam will happen on 8th April and...

IIT JEE Mains Books

Books selection for IIT JEE exam depends on whether you are planning for Mains or Advanced segment. Hence, the booklist for IIT JEE exam given below is split into two sections – IIT JEE Main Books and IIT JEE Advanced Books (for student convenience). 38 Years’ Chapterwise Topicwise...

IIT JEE Advanced Maths

Here is an over view of the IIT JEE Advance maths syllabus that you should definitely cover. Usually students find it tough to distinguish between the IIT JEE Mains and Advance Maths syllabus as most of the chapters fall common. Here is a distinct list of chapters that is not a part of IIT...

IIT JEE Mains Exam Tips

As the IIT JEE Main exam and the school final exam fall almost at the same time, it becomes tough for students to prepare simultaneously for both. The end impact is of course on the score of IIT JEE main exam, because of its tough nature. Low score in IIT JEE main shuts every hope to enter...

IIT JEE Mains Chemistry

Any engineering course or entrance exam comprises three subjects, primarily – Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Chemistry being the core of all applied sciences has a in-depth role to play in any technological or global solution. Therefore, if weak or not interested in Chemistry, its indeed...

IIT JEE Mains Chemistry Tips

Here are the tips for IIT JEE Mains Chemistry exam: For most IIT JEE Mains exam applicants, Chemistry is the most dreadful paper. Worry not, as we list out the the best of tips to make your IIT JEE main chemistry exam preparation an easy challenge: Prepare revision notes As the fat chemistry...

IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry

Here is an over view of the IIT JEE Advance chemistry syllabus that you should definitely cover. Usually students find it tough to distinguish between the IIT JEE Mains and Advance Maths syllabus as most of the chapters fall common. Here is a distinct list of chapters from chemistry section...

IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Tips

Here is a list of smart tips that you can apply for IIT JEE advanced chemistry exam preparation : Your IIT JEE mains chemistry results, definitely reflect whether you are good, bad or poor at it. At whichever stage you are, IIT JEE advanced is a much tougher game where your approach for chemistry...

IIT JEE Advanced Maths Tips

Here are study tips for IIT JEE Advanced Maths paper: When it comes to IIT JEE advanced maths, a lot is common with the mains paper. Yet the approach and study plan should be distinct and here are the tips that you can follow: Begin from the uncommon part Students usually continue practicing...

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