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Spoken English

Spoken English

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Spoken English Lessons

Tips for IELTS/PTE Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
For IELTS/PTE Listening: Learn Keywords & Paraphrasing Listen Audios in different Accents & Speeds Listen to selected TED Audios  Download the Spelling App Play the spelling challenge Be...

Shruti Kaura | 1 day ago

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key to become good orator
If you want to become a good speaker, what is the most important point.the vital role plays vocabulary portion. Use words in articulate way. How to have strong hold over vocabulary portion? Word power...

Abhay Kumar Singh | 1 day ago

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How to Speak Fluently in English?
Hello all, I am back again with another lesson on spoken English. In this lesson I will share some tips with you, that will help you to speak more fluently. This will also help the people who are thinking...

Urvi Shah | 2 days ago

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Pranayita Dash | 3 days ago

To improve English you need to expose yourself to the language as much as you can. It depends upon your input. Out of the four skills; reading and listening are the means of input and writing and Speaking are your output. The quality of output will depend on the input. Hence read English newspaper good books, even comics where you find conversations, and listen to English songs and speeches, watch English movies. Then find opportunities to speak in English. Remember don't try to speak perfect grammar. It will follow once you start speaking in English.

Professor Grover. M. | 3 days ago

Join a good teacher.Practice consistently. Don't be shy to speak.


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Priya Kumari | 2 days ago

Communication is the expression of thoughts, ideas and feelings by one person to another and the understanding of those by the other person in the same sense.

Maheshwaran Srinivasan | 2 days ago

It's a tool to deliver the message to others in a understandable way.


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Tailwind | 3 days ago

Hello, According to my experience you must involve them in group discussion with current topics or major topics.

Teamlease-iijt Professional Training Center | 3 days ago

To improve the spoken English, the best thing to do is to talk with a native speaker or start thinking in English. Mostly people imagine in his native language if they start practicing for imaging in English It will certainly help in speaking fluently.


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Yeshaswi | 01 Dec

Speaking requires lot of reading and listening. You probably know that even in your own language reading is regarded as important because it can be entertaining and educational, can open up new worlds and enrich your life, and can improve hand-eye co-ordination and enhance social skills. But for learning a foreign language, in this case English, reading in that language has additional important benefits that can help you learn the language faster and more completely. Are you overwhelmed by the reading materials that are available? Without spending a penny, you can read printed texts (books, magazines, newspapers at the library), online materials (websites and blogs), and ebooks (on your mobile devices). Think about what you like to read in your native language. Can you find these written materials in English? There are two important things in deciding what to read:It should interest you, so that the reading is fun and not boring. It should be at a level that is not too difficult for you. There are some types of reading material to try: books (including children's books and  graded readers) newspapers online news articles (try EC's  easy news) online blogs about topics that interest you (search for "top 10 blog" lists by topic) letters (personal and commercial) transcripts (of some online videos) and sub-titles on films short stories (try  these  on EC) Poetry. Proverbs. Cartoons and  jokes. Recipes for cooking. Advertisements and Brochures.


Shridhar Viswanathan | 02 Dec

Learning English is a continuous & regular process. You can improve your English by reading English newspaper, listening to English News.Speaking to others in English. Do not worry about your mistakes and continue to speak as much as possible. This will give you confidence. Try use new words you learn each day.


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Jyothi Venkatesh | 18 Nov

Its a confidence issue. To start with try speaking in front of a mirror. Work on it for a few days. Make it a point to watch English language programs. Try speaking a select set of sentences (don't worry about the accent). For unknown words find the meaning from a dictionary. Do this for about a month. You will see your confidence returning. All the best.

Xcella Skills | 19 Nov

Learning alone on your own may be difficult but not impossible. Best time effective method is to join an institute who conduct such courses/classes. After that carry on your efforts to improve further.

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