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Are you a keen reader of English Newspapers?
Young friend, Its nice to meet you again on this portal. I have been telling my students and infact, emphasize on reading newspapers as an effective way to enrich English language. You speak what you read....

Jawahar Govind | 6 days ago

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Tips to appear confident while making a public speech
We all want to become a good and confident public speaker. Isn’t it? However, we can’t get rid of the sweaty hands, knocky-wobbly knees when we get upon the stage. Yeah! It happens to everyone....

Urvi Shah | 6 days ago

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Vocabulary bride: woman getting married groom: man getting married Other People at Weddings guests: all of the people who go to the wedding priest: person who legally marries the couple ...

Shailey A. | 4 days ago

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Priyanka Bhowmik | 1 day ago

Of course, for this you have to tried, and concentrate on spoken English.


Chitra | 1 day ago

It all depends upon the time that the person can devote to learning the language, the grasping power of the individual & the amount of speaking practice that he / she can get.


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Sumeet Chugh | 2 days ago

To do regular practice.

Priyanka Bhowmik | 1 day ago

Read English Article and newspapers.


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Tarun Chawla | 2 days ago

Hi Sankar, I am not sure if you have any published content to help you make learn English via this site. But you can certainly contact some of the mentors that you may find suitable for your learning needs. Good luck. Feel free to contact me for any sort of mentoring for your language learning.

Priyanka Bhowmik | 1 day ago

Read English newspaper, English Article, and take guidance from a tutor.


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Dr.sripathy Karur | 2 days ago

Practice looking at the mirror. Do not bother comments from others. Talk loudly in a secluded place- at the beach or near a mountain. Follow music with a 'Karaoke' Do not have fear- overcome fear and try to gain self confidence'.


Bilvaa Learning | 2 days ago

Calm down in your mind. Reduce your negative thought. Keep telling yourself that you are going to communicate well and clearly at the first shot. This is mote an attitude rather than a practiced' skill. Though practice is necessary, without a confident feel and inner 'mind set' it will not happen. There are people who don't know anything about some subjects but if you ask them they will keep talking as if they are experts and people who don't know much will think they are very good. So develop inner poise confidence deep breathing exercises also will help. Avoid interactions with people who keep criticizing you for what you speak (whether it is mistakes in content or grammar etc). But learn to take the corrections only in the positive spirit and work on correcting them but this is only secondary - first is confidence and inner poise.


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Dr.sripathy Karur | 2 days ago

If you are a working pro then may be about 30 hours for the basic then if interested to write more fluently another 30 hrs. which may include basics of Business English. Separate Business English classes can be handled.


Arena Animation | 1 day ago

Depends upon where one stands on the scale of Elementary / Medium /Advance. I am here to teach you to teach yourself to speak English .

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