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Are you a keen reader of English Newspapers?
Young friend, Its nice to meet you again on this portal. I have been telling my students and infact, emphasize on reading newspapers as an effective way to enrich English language. You speak what you read....

Jawahar Govind | 3 days ago

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Tips to appear confident while making a public speech
We all want to become a good and confident public speaker. Isn’t it? However, we can’t get rid of the sweaty hands, knocky-wobbly knees when we get upon the stage. Yeah! It happens to everyone....

Urvi Shah | 3 days ago

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Vocabulary bride: woman getting married groom: man getting married Other People at Weddings guests: all of the people who go to the wedding priest: person who legally marries the couple ...

Shailey A. | 1 day ago

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Sheila Sudheendra | 18 hrs ago

Definitely, Hemi, if you have a will!

Rashida M | 16 hrs ago

It's surly possible to talk in English in 50 days if you have proper guidance and good practice.


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Rashida M | 16 hrs ago

To speak elegantly you should participate in group discussions, read newspaper and talk to friends and family in English as much as possible.

PBSS Learning Centre | 16 hrs ago

English speaking fluently is an art that comes with experience. Where to pause, where to give stress is what matters a lot in good spoken English.


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Sidharth Mishra | 1 day ago

Take up a class take a demo class see the tutor and learn from him or her.

Devesh Pratap Singh | 22 hrs ago

Eventually, this is the site which can provide you teacher. If you are looking for some site which can help in improving your English skills than you can try engvid and there are lot others. Additionally, if you want to know what's the best approach of doing this, you can check out my answer which I have given to Kishore. He asked "How to speak English elegantly?". Thanks!!


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Devesh Pratap Singh | 22 hrs ago

Look I am pro and I can tell you the exact answer. If you are willing to pay, you can spend as much as you want fee start from 12 to up to you and duration is 1 month, 3 months etc., well, more precisely they mention in hours. But, if you seriously and utterly want to learn English , you can check out the answer given by me to Kishore , the question was " How to speak English elegantly? " Thanks!!


Dibyendu Mukherjee | 18 hrs ago

I will give you a professional English speaking ability that the industry wants and you will surely stand out amongst others. I charge 200 Rs per hour. 2 hrs per day and 3-4 days a week for 1 month is enough. I will charge Rs. 1500 per month.


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Sidharth Mishra | 1 day ago

3 Ways to avoid or remove fumbling that you can do are as follows. 1. Keep a Cheat Sheet with you always. 2. Talk more passionately. 3. Use more emotion in your speech.

Avik Dey | 20 hrs ago

I prefer three ways: First, try English music. Music therapy helps a lot. Having a certain tune to your sentences affects your brain so that you don't fumble. Second, while practicing, try role play to different English characters. It increases the fun you have and in turn your confidence. Third, you need to do is speak slow but continuously. Speaking after you think what you are going to to say would slow your pace but would make your speech understandable and without disruptions. You can also chew a lot of chewing gum. This relaxes the jaw muscles and is an effective exercise for phonetics.

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