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Best Trick for English Speaking at Home
Listen English news daily. Watch English movies. Watch hindi movies with the translation in English. Speak with your friends in English daily and tell them to make you clear if you speak wrong. Read the...

Engmates | 2 days ago

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Life Lesson
" Success is never ending and Failure is never final " so even though you get successed in your life , never feel that your job is completed . Dream big and keep working on it to reach your goal. similarly...
English Grammer -
ARTICLES ‘ The’ is used for a particular thing , person , names of rivers , ocean , seas , hills , lakes , trains , ships, deserts , name of newspapers , magazines , religious book, public...

U.K. Akshay | 2 days ago

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Bhanu Prasad | 2 days ago

Weekly two classes, 1.5 hours/day and can complete the course in 40 days for any level of proficiency. It's Rs. 4000/course duration.

Sumit Kumar Pandey | 1 day ago

I can complete your course within 2 months, and I only charge Rs. 2500 for this. Text me.


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Dayanand Tiwari | 2 days ago

Duration is 2-3 months and fee is 1500/month. If you picked up things faster then you can complete in two months with 3000 total fee.

Ram Sharma | 1 day ago

The duration of the course lies between 3 - 6 months and the fees depends on the type of course you have picked.


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Sritama Datta | 2 days ago

Hi Shruti, don't wory. Its very simple to learn English speaking. To start with converse in English in your home, don't get shy about your using wrong words or grammar. Just say and ask the person who can identify the wrong conversation. Everyday read English Newspaper and jot down 10 new words and try to find out the meaning. This will improve your stock of words. Be confident in your voice and speak loudly. All the best.

Dayanand Tiwari | 2 days ago

If you know the basics then catch a trainer online/offline and try to talk everything in English and He'll help you to correct/improve if something goes wrong while speaking.


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Panimalar | 3 days ago

It purely depends upon your self interest. The course may complete within 3-6 months. Only if you practice you can speak fluently.The fees is Rs 1000-2000 per month.


All depends on your performance also. Its not a course which you have to finish and move on, rather its a continuous process of learning, speaking and improving which will help you to build the confidence. And for this you need a group of people or classes where all must speak English.


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Shubham Gupta | 1 day ago

Hello Nathiya, start reading newspapers. Mark the words you are unable to understand. Instantly find the meaning using a dictionary.

SPEAK | 1 day ago

Hi, Needs joining an expert trainer, who speaks your mother-tongue. 1 -2 month's time, would do. Vocabulary could be improved, through all media (print, social, TV, Radio etc.), But needs trainer to help implement learnings.

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