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Spoken English Lessons

Phonology - Self Learning Program (Spoken English)
English Professionally 1 Day Self:- Learning Program. Benefits : * International phonetic Alphabets (IPA) * Optimum Dictionary Usage * Flawless Pronunciation * Clean Articulation * Absolute Listening Comprehension *...

Viha B. | 3 days ago

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English Language : Key To Professional Success 2
English language has the following two broad components: Grammar : The accuracy and the correctness of the construction. Vocabulary : Usage of a precise word to convey what is meant. These are common to both spoken and written English. Once these are achieved, then based on the requirement, spoken or written various other aspects come into play....

Pooja Gupte | 4 days ago

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Errors to avoid in Spoken English
It is often said that Indian English and pronunciation is among the best in the world. The sad part is our schools today are focusing a lot on the written communication (that too is quiet redundant now......

Kanika J. | 16 Nov

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Gagan K. | 3 days ago

Rs 3500 per month.


Global Opportunities | 3 days ago

We charge Rs. 6500.


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Urvi Shah | 4 days ago

The best way is to listen to English songs, watch English movies or sitcoms. Try to read good books, read newspapers and always accompany yourself with a dictionary. The dictionary can be from English to English or from your mother tongue to English.

Prasanna Kumar | 3 days ago

I think you'd like to know what's the best way to improve English, if you have such interest you'd be successful by reading news paper after learning the basics. Just learn tenses and basic grammar and start reading English articles aloud and you will find the difference.


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Shridhar Viswanathan | 3 days ago

Communication is the process of conveying our thoughts & messages to others. Communication is a two way process. There is a 'Sender' and there is 'Receiver'. Communication can be verbal and written. It is a mode of exchanging ideas and thoughts.

Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 3 days ago

It is a process to convey the message where both the receiver and sender get on the same level.


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Prasanna Kumar | 2 days ago

Practically Speaking, Student who have decent English knowledge have two issues. Yes, check these student, they might have fair written English abilities, when they speak they struggle. Give them a piece of paper and ask them to write 5-7 lines, they will write it nicely. Make them talk about the topic for 2 minutes, they will make errors. Now teach them Tenses and basic grammar, followed by new article reading session. You will improve the quality of teaching and your students will have Better Practical Learning.

Urvi Shah | 2 days ago

Hello Amsa, I would suggest you can give them short stories for reading and then you can ask them to present it in front of the class but give them only 5 to mins for preparation, you know like impromptu speech. The other option is you can give extempore topics to your students for speaking exercises. Then you can give current topics for presentations. You can have jam sessions, like group discussion. You can also give role play cues to the students. All these activities can help them in speaking.


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Yeshaswi | 4 days ago

Speaking requires lot of reading and listening. You probably know that even in your own language reading is regarded as important because it can be entertaining and educational, can open up new worlds and enrich your life, and can improve hand-eye co-ordination and enhance social skills. But for learning a foreign language, in this case English, reading in that language has additional important benefits that can help you learn the language faster and more completely. Are you overwhelmed by the reading materials that are available? Without spending a penny, you can read printed texts (books, magazines, newspapers at the library), online materials (websites and blogs), and ebooks (on your mobile devices). Think about what you like to read in your native language. Can you find these written materials in English? There are two important things in deciding what to read:It should interest you, so that the reading is fun and not boring. It should be at a level that is not too difficult for you. There are some types of reading material to try: books (including children's books and  graded readers) newspapers online news articles (try EC's  easy news) online blogs about topics that interest you (search for "top 10 blog" lists by topic) letters (personal and commercial) transcripts (of some online videos) and sub-titles on films short stories (try  these  on EC) Poetry. Proverbs. Cartoons and  jokes. Recipes for cooking. Advertisements and Brochures.


Shridhar Viswanathan | 3 days ago

Learning English is a continuous & regular process. You can improve your English by reading English newspaper, listening to English News.Speaking to others in English. Do not worry about your mistakes and continue to speak as much as possible. This will give you confidence. Try use new words you learn each day.

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