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Spoken English

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Ajay Kumar | 4 days ago

i have been trying to read news paper for a long time but i have not see any improvement himself except fluency in reading


Kannan | 3 days ago

Try to talk in front of mirror.u can prepare with your own interesting Topic.This will improve your confidence level and this will eliminate your Stage fear!!!!


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Ekta Mehrotra | 21 Oct

The Best way to learn English is to read Novels and make sure to have a dictionary with you so that if you are unable to understand the words or phrases you can check the meaning in the dictionary. If you read novel everyday so will surely get used to English.

Campusuk | 2 days ago

first u start speaking english whether its right or wrong , identify the mistakes , go for english training classes ask your trainer to correct your mistakes.


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Sumita Prakash | 4 days ago

Hello Saranya, The answer to your query is simple. You need to practice, practice and practice. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself.It may sound funny to you, but it helps. Hold an imaginary conversation with a friend regarding your daily activity or pick up an topic and hold this imaginary conversation for a minute or so. I also hold English Conversation classes over the phone. You could contact me on my mobile to avail this service.

Arka Banerjee | 23 hrs ago

increase your vocabulary so that you are not short of words. you have to know commonly used terms and have quick thinking of translating o word of your native language to an english term instantly. Dont be nervous when speaking a foreingn language i.e english.speak in a medium tempo in order to give yourself time to think about your next choice of word and dont hurry through o sentence. your pronunciations must be heard clearly. fluency depends also on grammar so try to be gramatically error free


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Ramesh Sadhwani | 4 days ago

You will require a few sessions on spoken English where tutors like myself can help you learn how to gain confidence and clarity in speaking. Even those who never took English as a subject can learn how to speak. Please feel free to contact me to discuss without any commitment.


Priyanka Sharma | 4 days ago

Try to catch the keywords, you'll surely understand more that 50%. To overcome hesitation, there is a tip..practice speaking on small, simple subjects and record yourself. Next time when to speak in front of others you will feel the difference. Wish you luck in learning the language!


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Arka Banerjee | 23 hrs ago

You Have to know the ascent in which you want to speak. i. e american , european. you have to be good at vocabulary in order to speak fluently in your prefered ascent

Sayujya | 7 hrs ago

The best way is to start listening to more native English. Watching movies listening to English songs and all will help you in acquiring the right flow and tone of the language. English, apart from all Indian languages is a tone based language. same things will be pronounced differently at different circumstances. So if you have to get used to the native slang, start following some native stuffs. If you are a singer, you can also try singing English songs, that will help you acquire the slang and the smooth flow of syllables when you speak.

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