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IELTS - Mistakes people make during Speaking module
This is something all IELTS aspirants should read and understand so they can avoid making these mistakes like this during an IELTS speaking test. Sometimes an Indian candidate is more or less conversant...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 22/12/2016

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Building Vocabulary - Condition and Changes
It is important to build ones vocabulary when learning to speak English. Keep a record of new words that you come across or learn and review them from time to time and try to use them. Read up as much...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 22/12/2016

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How to score high in IELTS speaking?
The IELTS speaking module is designed to test your ability to produce english sentences when you are asked a question. HAving said that it is important that you practice to answer questions and form YOUR...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 22/12/2016

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Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 3 days ago

I neither smoke nor drink. Best way to put neither/either before the worlds that are different in both the sentences. Neither nor can't come together.


Shalini Tiwari | 2 days ago

The first one. Meaning delivered is the same of course. but that's not how we say it (the second one). We don't use neither-nor consecutively. I neither (action/activity1) nor (action/activity2).


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Anuradha Ramchandran | 4 days ago

English is a language, which is commonly known as "window on the world". It is also known as link language.

Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 3 days ago

Good Question sir. It is a Language.


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Quantum Educational | 4 days ago

Accent is of utmost requirement to talk as Native speaker. Native speakers of a language are comfortable using its idiomatic expressions and can speak fluently. First of all choose the language, as in British English, american English or which ever language you want to talk in. Next step is to learn the basics of particular language, now that can be done by watching movies and all. And at last try to implement or practice it while conversing. All the Best.

Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 3 days ago

You have to be a native speaker first from your own perspective. Think See Speak in English. If you get that, you can speak like a native speaker after putting your 100% efforts for 6 months under a trainer's observation. Practice! Knowledge, Right Attitude earns you fluency.


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Prince Varghese | 3 days ago

Listen, read as much as you can and speak what you know with out fear it is doesn't matter about grammar whether it is right or not because it is not our mother tongue. Just realize practice makes perfect.

Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 3 days ago

Yes, It is possible with right guidance and plenty of efforts. If you are ready spending time on learning and practice; hire a personal trainer for English Language and work on.


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Teamlease-iijt Professional Training Center | 3 days ago

It all depends on the following 1. Teacher 2. Institute 3.Type of course 4. Kind of groups 5. Kind of teaching techniques used if all the above are of high quality you will certainly achieve your objective.

Stanford English Academy | 2 days ago

Dear Ezhilarasi, I would say, to be able speak English fluently is require many factors : 1. Your English spoken ability. 2. Exposure in English speaking. Considering the above 2 factors, if practice enough you may be able to speak English fluently within a short time.

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