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Solution to a differential equation asked In engineering CET exam
Solve the diff eqn dy/y + dx/x =0 Let's rearrange by shifting x components to right hand side dy / y = - dx  /x. ( variable seperable eqn ) Integrating both sides ∫ 1/y dy = - ∫ 1/x dx  =...
Strain Energy Stored Due To Axial Loading
Let us assume a member with uniform cross section A and of lenth l, be subjected to external axial load W as shown in the figure. As the load is gradually applied the load is incresed from 0 to W, due...

Raviteja | 1 day ago

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Solution to a integration problem
∫ x^4 / ( x² + 1 ) dx As the degree of numerator is higher than that of the denominator, let's divide x^4 by ( x² + 1 ). = ∫ x² - 1 + 1/(x² + 1 ) dx  = ∫...

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Priya Kumar | 3 days ago

Its depend on logic and mainly your practice. So, its not a question. You have to learn about it.

Rakesh Kumar | 18 hrs ago

It depends on types of programming languages.


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Jyotsana Insan | 2 days ago


Rakesh Kumar | 2 days ago



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Pankaj Kumar | 1 day ago

Quartic equation.

Ashish Kumbhar | 1 day ago

It's not Ferraries Solution Its Ferraries Method, method to find quartic function solution.


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Vijay Mudgal | 6 days ago

My suggestion is that you must enhance your knowledge and experience first for few years and with that you must continue your education. After that if you feel that you have enough knowledge that start your business.

Rakesh Kumar | 2 days ago

First you have to be expert in a particular field.


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Madhusudhan Kuttan | 25 Jan

There is no vertical test in calculus but in functions and relations, the vertical line test determines the inverse of a function exists.


Government | 31 Jan

You refer a book.

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