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Trends in .Net Platform
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written...

Cms | 19 Apr

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Overview on Auto IT and use in selenium webdriver
AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting languages designed for automating the windows GUI and general scripting. It used a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movements and window/control manipulation...
Read CSV data using ODBC Connection
Codes to read the CSV data using ODBC Connection- Input File: File's Encoding format should be ANSI as below class Student{ public string CollegeId { get; set; } public string AdmissionDate {...

Revan | 22 Mar

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Deepak Vijayan | 11 May

Programming knowledge can be learned but priorly you can start doing logical/reasoning and once u have fair bit of knowledge on it you can start choosing any programming language.

Madhavendra Dutt | 6 days ago

Banhi, before being expert in any technology you need to understand its basics; I would suggest first learn Object Oriented Design then go for any .NET language, gradually you will master it.


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Satish | 24 Feb

Since you have posted this question in .NET Training category, let me answer you in the .NET programming language. You have several String manipulation functions provided by the .NET framework. For this particular scenario, String.Replace is the best method which accepts 2 parameters, and has the following syntax: string.Replace("string_to_search","string_to_replace") Let's see an example below: string abc = "All the lazy foxes jump over the lazy dogs." Now in this string let's replace the word "the" with "my" So the piece of code is a single line as listed below to achieve our requirement. string manipulatedString = abc.Replace("the","my"); Now the manipulatedString contains, the following text: "All my lazy foxes jump over my lazy dogs." Please not here that the replace method accepts 2 parameters and returns a string. This is the signature of the Replace method.

Vetri Chelvan | 14 Mar

Good Day Kavya. In my understanding you have doubt to replace "ALL" to "BALL" in one sentence. we have option in .NET. string.Replace Method. we need to pass 3 parameter for the method. first one is for an entire sentence, second one for which string(word) you need to change it, third one is which word you need to replace. For EX: String.Replace("I AM A DOCTOR","DOCTOR","LAWYER"). Output will be "I AM LAWYER"


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Vetri Chelvan | 17 Mar

It's based on what paper you are going to select it. Few papers are need to be need some physical device. I would say Rs. 7000 to 10,000 is average fee.

Nagarajan | 19 Mar

It is around Rs. 5000 based on your project requirement.


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Rohit Kumar Srivastava | 30/11/2016

Hi, first you have to decide which technology you want to make a career. Want to be DBA, ASP .NET DEVELOPER JAVA DEVELOPER or any thing else. In these day angular Js, Jquery, Javascript and MVC is on boom. So, my suggestion you have to go with these technology. First research on these and decide where you wanna to go. If angular Jquery or MVC then you can contact me.

Ameba School Of Programming | 30/11/2016

Hi dear, You don't need to be graduate or have a degree to be in IT job. All you need is knowledge. Get trained from a good training institute in one of the IT technologies like .net - windows applications, PHP - web development and design, Android applications, iOS - iphone app development. Start practicing anyone of the above and you will definitely get a good job or would be able to work as a freelancer. Thank You.


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Shyam Chawda | 30/09/2016

beta just starts with some logical reasoning sums online or go with books of R S Agrwal , daily spent 1-2 hours with this extra study


Padmavathy Rengaiyan | 01/10/2016

Dont Hurry... Refresh your mind with the basics of maths already you learned. Start work out puzzles and. try to solve logical questions. for Englsih learn 2 to 3 words per day and read good english novels.

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