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Solution to a trigonometric problem requested by one student
∫ sin 4x cos 2x dx       as we don't have any ready made formulae for product of function in integration, let's split it into sum or difference. sin A cos B = 1/2 {sin (A + B ) + sin...

Sumeru Coaching Centre | 2 days ago

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Solution to a trigonometric problem using Weierstrass substitution
Let us solve one problem using Weierstrass substitution ∫ 1/(1 + cos x + sin x) dx     applying Weierstrass substitution t= tan x/2 , sin x = 2 t/(1 + t²), cos x= 1 - t²)/ (1 +...
How to integrate 1/sin x
∫ 1/sin x dx       ( multiply numerator and denominator by sin x ) = ∫1• sin x / sinx • sinx dx  = ∫ sin x/ sin² x dx  = ∫ sin x / (1-cos²...

Sumeru Coaching Centre | 6 days ago

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Amit Kumar | 09 Jan

It is basically the arrangement of element in row and column. Element can be expression, number, symbol.

Shubham Gupta | 6 days ago

Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, etc arranged in rows and columns.


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Ranjeet Khoje | 10 hrs ago

Velocity is displacement per unit time.

Ashish Kumar | 3 hrs ago

Speed is scaler quantities, and velocity is vector quantities.

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Kumaresan A | 07 Jan

Rs. 200 per hour.

Jaganshyam Kusuma | 08 Jan

That depends on your experience, ability to impress student. Contact your nearby teachers check how much they are charging. If you charge more then you should know how and why you are different from other teachers.


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Shubham Gupta | 6 days ago

Odd function are those function whose sign changes when sign of variable changes. example:- f(-x) = -f(x). Even function are those function whose value are definite when sign of variable changes. example- f(x) = f(-x).


Ganesh Nakirekanti | 4 days ago

If a function is symmetrical about Y-AXIS it is a even function. Otherwise odd. Mathematically if F(-x)=F(x) is a even function. if F(-x)=-F(x) is a odd function


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Vivek Kumar | 2 days ago

Water is the only liquid that becomes less dense as a solid. Density refers to the mass of a material per unit of volume, and density does change along with temperature. Even though the mass remains constant, the space or volume that it takes up also changes with temperature. As temperatures go up, so does the vibration of the material's molecules, leading to this drop in density. If someone sets ice in water or leaves it exposed to air, it starts melting sooner in the water, assuming that the water and air both have identical temperatures. The liquid water has molecules more tightly packed than those in the air, giving a higher level of contact with the ice and a swifter heat transfer rate. Add that to the fact that liquid water has a higher rate of heat transfer, and the explanation becomes clear.

Akshita Mishra | 1 hr ago

When water is freezed, the molecules of water form a structure such that the the volume occupied is increased. Density is mass upon volume. Now please note that mass of the water remains constant. Form formula of density and the knowledge of constant mass, we deduce that density is inversely proprtional to volume. Therefore, as the volume of water in it's solid form increases, its density decreases. Hence, ice floats of water as we know the lower density fluid floats over higher density fluid.

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