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Electromagnetic Spectrum
ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM An electromagnetic wave is not a single wavelength radiation, but a mixture of various wavelength or frequencies.All the frequencies have the same speed (=C) the speed of light.If...

Nidhi T. | 2 days ago

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Java An Introduction
Java- An introduction Java technology is both a programming language and a platform. The Java Programming Language The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by...
How to Solve Capital Adjustment Question in Admission of Partner- 12th Accounts CBSE
Generally capital adjustment are divided into two major part: 1. When new partner capital is given in the question: The new partner capital is given then capitals are to be adjusted as per new ratio and...

Gyanam | 2 days ago

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Nishant Choudhary | 3 days ago

The value of sin(360) is Zero.


Jharana | 2 days ago

The value of sin(360) is 0.


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Sp Chaturvedi | 10 May



Ajay Kumar | 10 May


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Amey Kashyap | 2 days ago

Maths is all about questions. There is no such thing as theory in maths. All you need to do is questions. Though all the questions are based on some theory but you can benefit the most by solving lots and lots of question. Seems like you solve wrongly in paper. I will suggest you to go through NCERT and solve all the questions from main book, exemplar and if possible then K C Sinha. Hope it helps.

Acquilin John | 2 days ago

1) Understand where you went wrong. 2) See if you can try to relearn the concepts. 3) Practice some more. 4) Ask doubts. This is important! Ask your tutor or teacher whatever doubts you have. No doubt is silly. 5) Take short chapter tests. 6) Check your answers and see the ideal solution 7) Do this for multiple chapters 8) Take a test of many chapters combined 9) Once you are sure of concepts and have practiced sufficiently, take some speed tests to improve your speed of solving problems. 10) Take tests and analyze your performance. 11) Take this seriously as your future lies with you and you alone. Good luck!

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Kundan Kumar | 06 May

I think for hourly it should be Rs. 600 to 800 minimum and monthly for 3 days in week it will be around Rs. 7000.


Sweta Sharma | 6 days ago

Rs 1000 hourly. For monthly depends upon the number of classes taken.

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J.Shiva Kumar | 4 days ago


Sourav Kalyan | 3 days ago

3cos3x - 4sin4x.

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