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Solution to a integration problem
∫ 1/(1 - e× ) dx  Let's add and subtract e× in the numerator = ∫ {( 1 - e× )  + e× } / (1 - e× ) dx  = ∫ [ { (1 - e× ) / ( 1 - e×...
Solution to a trigonometric problem requested by one student
∫ sin 4x cos 2x dx       as we don't have any ready made formulae for product of function in integration, let's split it into sum or difference. sin A cos B = 1/2 {sin (A + B ) + sin...
Proof of integration of sin x
∫ sin x dx   let's use integration by parts Let u = sin x  ∴   du = cos x dx        and       dv = dx   ∴     v...

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M G Raghu Raman | 2 days ago

Speed is a scalar quantity which does not involve the direction, Whereas velocity is a vector quantity that definitely specifies direction.

Squaretrack | 1 day ago

Speed is a scalar qty and Velocity is a vector quantity. Also Velocity is defined as displacement per time.


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Veer Verma | 17 Jan

A set of numbers which represent row and column.


Gagan Aggarwal | 4 days ago

Rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows ad columns. For example, the dimensions of the matrix below are 1 3 because there are one row and three columns. [ 1 9 13 ].


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Dr S Mukherjee | 3 days ago

DEFINITION. A function f is even if the graph of f is symmetric with respect to the y-axis. Algebraically, f is even if and only if f(-x) = f(x) for all x in the domain of f. A function f is odd if the graph of f is symmetric with respect to the origin.

R Chandrasekhar Naidu | 2 days ago

Hi, In simple terms, an odd function has a value - f(x) when x is less than 0 where f(x) being the output value for X greater than 0. Even function has a value f(x) for values greater than 0 as well as values less than 0.

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Yogesh Kumar | 1 day ago

Learn things step by step, have patients to learn new thing because new things take time to understand, but if you keep patients big things will become easy for you. If you have concentration problem then try to avoid those things which distract u from studying and surround yourself with studious students and trust your teacher always.


Manveen Kaur | 19 hrs ago

Let's try to make it more interesting for you. So you do not like to study a specific subject or you hate studying?


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Pandey Abhishek | 1 day ago

Because ice being a solid matter consumes less space as force of attraction between the molecules of solid is more.

Sudipto Maity | 22 hrs ago

Water is unusual in that its maximum density occurs as a liquid, rather than as a solid. This means ice floats on water. Density is the mass per unit volume of a material. For all substances, density changes with temperature. The mass of material does not change, but the volume or space that it occupies either increases or decreases with temperature. The vibration of molecules increases as temperature rises and they absorb more energy. For most substances, this increases the space between molecules, making warmer liquids less dense than cooler solids. However, this effect is offset in water by hydrogen bonding. In liquid water, hydrogen bonds connect each water molecule to approximately 3.4 other water molecules. When water freezes into ice, it crystallizes into a rigid lattice that increases the space between molecules, with each molecule hydrogen bonded to 4 other molecules.

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