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Solution to a differential equation asked In engineering CET exam
Solve the diff eqn dy/y + dx/x =0 Let's rearrange by shifting x components to right hand side dy / y = - dx  /x. ( variable seperable eqn ) Integrating both sides ∫ 1/y dy = - ∫ 1/x dx  =...
Vedic Mathematics for Multiplication of two 2-digited numbers
  Vedic Mathematics is a very powerful tool for us to get quick calculations For Multiplication of two 2-digited numbers, we can follow FOIL technique. If you want to multiply 74×36(let's present...

Naimish Kumar Panda | 23 hrs ago

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Vedic Mathematics for Multiplication of two 2-digited special numbers
In case of two 2-digited numbers whose digits in 10's place are same and sum of the digits in unit places is 10 For example:-  38 and 32  (10's place digits are equal and 8+2=10) 38×32...

Naimish Kumar Panda | 23 hrs ago

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Nilakshi Shravane | 19 hrs ago

1/3 cos3x -1/3sin3x

Sumeet Kour | 17 hrs ago

I feel if you are asking this question, then you have problem with integrating trig. identities. So, I give you basic idea for integrating trigonometric identities just you know the differentiation of those identities. Like what to differentiate to get sinx. Answer is differentiate cosx with - sign to get sin and if its sin ax then in integration we need to divide. Similarly to get cos apply same logic thus sin3x+cos5x = -(1/3)cos3x+(1/5)sin5x. I hope you understand logic. If not you can ask help.


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Piyush Mishra | 3 days ago

No, they are sitting with full of cash and spare time. So they will come and teach you and will give you some pocket money also. Is this what you want buddy.


Thirumal Konatham | 2 days ago

Yes, of course and there is no need to add travelling expenses. Just the fees us to teach you.


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Chanchal Barman | 2 days ago

Rectangular array of numbers, which are arranged in row and column wise.

Mani Kandan | 1 day ago

Matrix is a form that a number of elements arrange in rows and columns.


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Shreyan Chattaraj | 19 hrs ago

Rs. 400.

Sumeet Chugh | 13 hrs ago

Rs. 2500.


What is the actual tuition fee for class xii biology for CBSE?

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Vaishali Tripathi | 15 hrs ago

It depends upon the teacher and the quality he / she provides basically from Rs. 350 per hour to Rs. 800 per hour.

Sumeet Chugh | 13 hrs ago

Rs. 3000.

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