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Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC)

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Fundamentals Of Accounting
Every Individual performs some kind of economic activity. All the economic activities are run for an individual benefit and may create social benefit, an i.e. benefit for the public at large. For e.g.,...
Consignment Meaning & Features
Meaning & Features Of Consignment Meaning: Consignment means the transaction of sending goods by one person (called CONSIGNOR) to another (called CONSIGNEE) who is to sell those goods on behalf of...
Bonus Issue
Bonus means Issue of Shares by a Company without any consideration. Bonus Issue: It is an additional dividend given to the shareholders that can be in cash or in the form of stock. When companies have...

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Dhanu | 2 days ago

sin(180+180)=sin 180= 0

Pa Kumar Kumar | 2 days ago



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Swetha Gunta | 1 day ago

"Add sugar to coffee"check for this online and you will find out that sin is +ve in first quadrant and cos is -ve in second quadrant. Therefore sin90 =1 ; cos 180 = -1. Ans: 0.

Rajendra Lokhande | 12 hrs ago

1 + (-1) = 0.

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Prince Tyagi | 1 day ago

Rs. 250 per hour.


Manjeet Singh | 10 hrs ago

Rs. 100 per hour, Rs. 1500 per month.


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Chandra Sekhar | 1 day ago

Rs. 3000 per month.


Mihir D Rajapurohit | 12 hrs ago

It depends from faculty it would cost between Rs 4000-5000.


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Ravi Kumar Gupta | 1 day ago

(-1/3) sox3x + (1/4 sin4x).

Rajendra Lokhande | 12 hrs ago

-(cos3x)/3 + (sin4x)/4 + C.

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