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Solution to a integration problem
∫ 1/(1 - e× ) dx  Let's add and subtract e× in the numerator = ∫ {( 1 - e× )  + e× } / (1 - e× ) dx  = ∫ [ { (1 - e× ) / ( 1 - e×...
Solution to a trigonometric problem requested by one student
∫ sin 4x cos 2x dx       as we don't have any ready made formulae for product of function in integration, let's split it into sum or difference. sin A cos B = 1/2 {sin (A + B ) + sin...
Problem on limits
Let's solve a problem on limits Find limit:    x→0  (1 - cos2x ) /(x²) On direct substitution we get 1 - 1/0 = 0/0 which is in indeterminate form Let's substitute (1 - cos 2x )...

Sumeru Coaching Centre | 30 mins ago

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RANJIT KUMAR | 2 days ago

Speed is path dependent quantity and scalar but velocity is path independent it depends only initial and final position.


RANJIT KUMAR | 2 days ago

It is a vector.


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Veer Verma | 5 days ago

A set of numbers which represent row and column.


Gagan Aggarwal | 2 days ago

Rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows ad columns. For example, the dimensions of the matrix below are 1 3 because there are one row and three columns. [ 1 9 13 ].


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Heena Kathuria | 3 days ago

If we define a function f (x) where x is integer , if f (x) = f (- x) it means function is symmetric and if f ( x ) = - f (- x) it means function is anti- symmetric. Symmetric functions are even and anti-symmetric functions are odd.

Dr S Mukherjee | 1 day ago

DEFINITION. A function f is even if the graph of f is symmetric with respect to the y-axis. Algebraically, f is even if and only if f(-x) = f(x) for all x in the domain of f. A function f is odd if the graph of f is symmetric with respect to the origin.

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Kanupriya Mittal | 2 days ago

Science and Maths is fun, try to learn fundamentals and concepts rather then try to just solving the questions. Relate them to things in everyday life and see your interest will start to develop in the subjects.

IntellAct Academy | 2 days ago

We can help you. We have a program to make studies interesting, if you find it boring.

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Jaganshyam Kusuma | 08 Jan

That depends on your experience, ability to impress student. Contact your nearby teachers check how much they are charging. If you charge more then you should know how and why you are different from other teachers.

Vasudevan Victory | 4 days ago

Depends may be Rs. 3000 for individual coaching.

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