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Basic Concepts Of Income Tax
Q: What is Tax ? Ans : It is an Amount which is payable by a person to the government so that govt can meet out of its certain expenses for which directly there are no charges. For Example: Defense, hospitals,...

CA Prashanth Reddy | 2 days ago

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Fundamentals Of Accounting
Every Individual performs some kind of economic activity. All the economic activities are run for an individual benefit and may create social benefit, an i.e. benefit for the public at large. For eg, A...

CA Prashanth Reddy | 2 days ago

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Types of Financing
Bridge Financing: Bridge finance refers to loans taken by a company normally from commercial banks for a short period because of pending disbursement of loans sanctioned by financial institutions. The...

CA Prashanth Reddy | 2 days ago

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Lalan Kumar | 4 days ago


Alok Dwivedi | 1 day ago

o find the exact value of sin 360 degrees follow the following steps: sin(360) can also be written as: = sin(2180) Now applying the identity sin 2 ? = 2 sin ? cos ? = 2sin(180)cos(180) = 20(-1) = 0 Hope this helps:)


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Ajay Kumar | 10 May


Lalan Kumar | 2 days ago


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Suman Deshpande | 1 day ago

Which board/Std/exam? Have you lost a year? Or is this in your 1st term exam? Maths needs a lot of hard work. You need to make sure that you are clear with the concepts in each chapter. Read your text book including all the solved examples and make sure that you understand everything. If you find that difficult, get your school teacher or a tutor to explain it to you. Then solve every alternate sum in your text book (for ICSE/ISC text bopoks) and every single sum in your textbook (for NCERT text). If you don't get the answer, make sure you ask someone who can help you. DON"T LEAVE ANYTHING UNSOLVED! Also, as you;re working, mark with an asterisk in your text book all the sums that you find difficult so that you can re-solve them once more when you're revising for your exam.

Madhavkishor Chaudhary | 1 day ago

First of all try to solve small problems and then slowly-slowly solve bigger one


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Madhavkishor Chaudhary | 1 day ago

sin360=0 & cos360=1 ---> 0+1=1


Ashish | 19 hrs ago


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Kundan Kumar | 06 May

I think for hourly it should be Rs. 600 to 800 minimum and monthly for 3 days in week it will be around Rs. 7000.


Sweta Sharma | 18 May

Rs 1000 hourly. For monthly depends upon the number of classes taken.

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