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Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Lessons

Incorporation of a Company
What are the four stages of formation of a company? There are four stages in the formation of a company: STAGE I- Promotion of a company STAGE II- Registration and incorporation of a company STAGE III-...

Prashanth Reddy | 30 Mar

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Fundamentals Of Accounting
Every Individual performs some kind of economic activity. All the economic activities are run for an individual benefit and may create social benefit, an i.e. benefit for the public at large. For e.g.,...

Prashanth Reddy | 30 Mar

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Consignment Meaning & Features
Meaning & Features Of Consignment Meaning: Consignment means the transaction of sending goods by one person (called CONSIGNOR) to another (called CONSIGNEE) who is to sell those goods on behalf of...

Prashanth Reddy | 30 Mar

7 0

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Sakshi Goel | 1 day ago


Yogesh Pilar | 1 day ago


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Amarnath Reddy | 2 days ago

Rs. 100 per hour.

Pankaj Kumar | 1 day ago

Rs. 600/hr.


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Atul Sharma | 1 day ago

In 90 = 1 and Sec 180=-1, So sin90 + Sec 180 = 0.

Yogesh Pilar | 1 day ago



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Sonali Adhikary | 2 days ago

I am an BE(IT) MBA(Finance). Experienced 10+ yrs.. So I teach economics for 11/12 ideally if you are teaching economics you need to give all basics and also need to relate with few more subjects.. Fees vary location wise and experience wise ideally 1.5hr for each class and weekly 2 classes should be sufficient and fees in the range Rs. 500-600/hr.

Ketan Kokil | 2 days ago

Rs. 8000 yearly, 1000 Rs monthly.


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Pailla Sravani Reddy | 12 Apr

To get through your medical exam, you need to have a good understanding of all the topics in all subjects. In Biology, 60 percent of the things are facts which you need to remember and the rest 40 percent, say for example genetics and all is application. In physics and chemistry, there are few things which you need to mug up, but most part is application of facts. So, in any subject, remember facts and get a clear understanding of the topic, so that you can apply that to solve any given question. Regular practice of model papers and analysis of the results after test is very important. Find out the mistakes and try not to repeat in the next test. Keeping these things in mind, you can plan your schedule for each subject and each topic.


Tejas Academy Centre | 13 Apr

Here are 5 powerful study tips for medical entrance test preparations: Managing your time. It goes without saying that any challenging exam needs you to focus on optimum time management. Scheduling your priorities is essential as this is the only way you can remain on track as you prepare for the most important exam of your life. You must realise that each second of your life matters while you prepare for your medical entrance exams as any reputed medical entrance test coaching center in India will tell you. No studying from suggestion notes. When you clear the medical exam and study in a medical school, you are basically prepared to handle the lives of other human beings. This makes it a strong reason for you to study well and get your basics right. Like entrance exams in other fields, there are no shortcuts here. All India Medical Entrances expect students to thoroughly revise NCERT text books of biology and chemistry in order to grasp the basics. Previous test papers will give you a strong clue. As far as the paper pattern goes, there is no significant change every year. By solving test papers of earlier years, you can get a clear idea about the pattern to expect. Also, it is necessary to know how to identify changing trends in the past and prepare accordingly. Eliminating fear and stress is the first step to success. One of the major prerequisites for medical entrance test preparations is to completely eliminate fear as this is a major obstacle. With the help of techniques such as meditation and yoga, you should face your fears and continue practicing topics you are not confident about. Anxiety will take you nowhere. Even if you are the brightest student writing the medical entrance that year, you may not succeed if you suffer from anxiety. It takes but some minor adjustments in your outlook to convert anxiety into excitement and positive thinking. Eliminating nervousness and anxiety will also help you focus clearly during your medical entrance test preparation.

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